Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things You Probably Don't Want to Know

I've been tagged on Facebook's '25 Random Things About Myself' numerous times and feel quite guilty for not responding to each one. Therefore, in an effort to fulfill one part of that obligation, I'm posting those things here. The other part...the one where I'm supposed to tag 25 more people...won't get done. Mostly because the ones I would have tagged have already tagged me. However, if you read this post and feel that you've been 'tagged', feel free to list 25 random things about yourself!

Here goes:

1. I've lived in four different states.
2. I would love to vacation in Maine.
3. The scariest thing I've ever done was submit a manuscript.
4. The second scariest thing I've ever done was skydive. (Submitting is scarier than skydiving!)
5. The first person I called after my first sale was my husband, followed by my mom.
6. I prefer strawberry preserves on my pb&j sandwiches.
7. Last summer a lizard came to live in my office for a week and I named her Okra.
8. I am addicted to Friends' reruns.
9. I miss the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series so very much.
10. If given a choice, I prefer my popcorn with butter.
11. I would love to live on a farm with every kind of animal as a pet.
12. My favorite book of all time is The Rolling Years by Agnes Sligh Turnbull
13. I have numerous favorite numbers but 7 & 13 are my absolute favs.
14. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a psychiatrist.
15. I love hot, humid southern summers.
16. My dream vacation is a trip to Scotland and Ireland.
17. For my birthday one year, I ran a half-marathon.
18. If given a choice of switching my life with anyone else I wouldn't.
19. I love Edy's Chocolate and Blue Belle Homemade Vanilla ice creams.
20. My Mom is my role model.
21. My husband is my best friend and love of my life.
22. The weeping willow is my favorite tree.
23. I'm allergic to the weeping willow tree.
24. Worst rejection--a post card of reasons I might have been rejected, but nothing checked off.
25. Hardest thing about writing a book? The very first word.


Sharon Reece said...

Hi Christy,
Your books sound wonderful. And it was fun getting to know you just a little bit through your 25 random things. Living on a farm and having every kind of pet has always been our daughter's dream. We just moved (2 separate houses) to 15 acres. She already had every pet you could possibly imagine and some you would never dream of but she plans to add a few sheep, a cow and a few more goats before she's done.

Sharon Reece

Christy Reece said...

Hi Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by my site and your kind words.

Wow, 15 acres is a lot of potential for having all sorts of pets. How wonderful to be able to give so many animals a loving home.

Hope you stop by my site often and look for my first book on April 28!