Sunday, May 17, 2015

Finally an Update!

Hello Everyone!

So very sorry it's taken me so long to update you on what's going on. I do have a really good excuse though because I have been writing, writing, writing! Yay!

There's a long story behind the book I'm writing now and I'll try to give you the lowdown when I have more time. However, I've given myself a deadline and I must keep to it. So, here's the skinny. A new LCR Elite book is coming your way very soon. I had planned to write Eli Slater's book, Whatever It Takes, the 2nd Grey Justice book, and then write Justin Kelly and Riley Ingram's book, Running Scared, the 2nd book in the LCR Elite series. However, my muse had other ideas. So, within the next month or so, you'll be seeing Chance Encounter, An LCR Elite Novel, featuring Kacie Dane and Dominic Sinclair.

I know, I know. Where did these characters come from? Beats me! :) However, I am so happy they're here. The plan now is to release Chance Encounter, then the 2nd Grey Justice, Whatever It Takes, and then Running Scared, which will be the 3rd LCR Elite. I am going to work hard on getting all three of these books out this year. Keep good thoughts for me, please!

Thank you so much for your patience. I'll be sharing the cover of Chance Encounter with you soon. It's a bit of a different kind of story than the normal LCR book, and you'll see that difference in the cover. However, I adore the cover and hope you do, too. So stay tuned for that.

Thanks so much to all those who've emailed me over the past couple of months wanting to know what I'm working on. Again, I'm sorry in the delay of getting this information to you, but when the muse says step to it, I have to obey.

Hope to share more good news with you very soon.

Till then,

Happy Reading!