Monday, January 26, 2009

Yay and Busy, Busy, Busy

First of all, apologies to those who read my blog and have been wondering when I was going to post again. It's been slightly crazy around here, but I see some breathing room in a couple of days and I'm excited about that. Meaning, I can get back to work on my new book, which I am loving!

I did want to pop in and share some exciting news. The foreign rights to RESCUE ME and RETURN TO ME sold to Britta Hansen at Heyne Verlag in Germany! Don't know release dates yet but I'm absolutely thrilled!

I've been busily working on copy edits for RUN TO ME, my June 23 release, which is the third book in the Last Chance Rescue trilogy. They're due back on Thursday, so once again this blog is short and sweet. I'll come back a little later...possibly this weekend and give you an update on my new trilogy. I'm so excited about it! Two of the books include characters from my first trilogy and the third book...well, let's just say I'm getting to know the characters and so far, they're very mysterious and intriguing. My favorite kind!

Now, back to copy edits. Until next time, stay warm and keep reading!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Congrats to Kerri

Just a quick post to announce that Kerri won the autographed advanced reading copy of my debut book, RESCUE ME. Congratulations Kerri!

And she had some even better news this week. Jump on and tell us about your big news when you can, Kerri.

Thanks everyone for your great recommendations and your comments. Be sure to check back often. I'll be giving away more ARCs and other items as I get closer to the release date...APRIL 28...of RESCUE ME.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Opportunity to Share and Win

Yesterday I was sitting in my office working on page proofs for RETURN TO ME, the second book in my trilogy. I love this book, even if I did write it. The hero, Noah McCall, is the founder and head of Last Chance Rescue Enterprises. He's heroic, sexy and incredibly favorite kind of hero. Samara Lyons, the heroine, is gutsy and spirited...a perfect match for Noah. Admittedly, the book has several dark moments, but justice prevails and there's a happy ever after. My favorite kind of read.

But I digress... So yesterday, I was sitting in my office and the Fed Ex truck rumbles by my house. I'm thinking, publisher often uses I expecting anything? My line and copy edits for RUN TO ME (Ethan Bishop and Shea Malone's intensely emotional love story) are coming soon, but probably not for a week or two. So I turn away and get back to work, sure that the Fed Ex truck is delivering to one of my neighbors.

And then...he came back and stopped in front of my house!

I rushed down the stairs...admittedly after he'd pulled away since I was in my pjs...and opened the door to find a package. Oh wow, wrong size for a manuscript. What could it be? My fur kids are going crazy behind me, because of course, the door bell rang and that means excitement. The noise only adds to the anticipation as I rip into the package and...Oh My!!! Advanced reading copies of RESCUE ME!!! They're beautiful! All shiny and pretty and everything. Woohoo!

After gazing at them for at least an hour, I suddenly realized I needed to get them into the hands of readers. Oh boy! My agent suggested taking them to booksellers. So this weekend, despite the extreme shyness that often strikes me at inconvenient times, I'm heading to a few stores to give them away.

RESCUE ME, the first book in my trilogy, is truly the book of my heart. The heroine, Eden St. Claire, overcomes enormous tragedy and heartache. The hero, Jordan Montgomery, is tough and sexy, but has an underlying tenderness that makes me sigh every time I think about him. This is a story of triumph and redemption and everlasting love. What can I say? I love these characters and their story. And now, I can't wait to get it into the hands of readers.

Here's where you come in. I've been pretty preoccupied the last couple of years with writing and haven't had the opportunity to read as much as I would like. I've read a few of my favorite authors and of course, bought as many debut author's books as I could since I think we should all support each other, but my reading time has been seriously diminished. I'm writing three books this year, but once I'm through, I'm going to want to read. A lot!

So, if you would like an opportunity to win an autographed advanced reading copy of RESCUE ME, please give me a recommendation of one of your favorite books. It doesn't have to be romantic suspense or even romance. Though that is my favorite, I enjoy reading other genres too.

Making the recommendation will give all who read this blog some great book suggestions and you an opportunity to win.

Drawing will be one week from today at 5:00 PM CST. I'll announce the winner on the blog. Since I'm only giving away one copy, each person will only have their name put in once. Even if you comment several times or leave multiple book recommendations. And please, no just leaving your name. Only those who give a recommendation will have an opportunity to win. Let's get the word out about one of your favorite books!

So, come on...Leave a recommendation. We'll all benefit and one person will get my book!

Let's get started!