Monday, January 25, 2016

New Release!


The second book in the Grey Justice Series is now available in both eBook and paperback! 
I sincerely hope you enjoy the newest addition to the Grey Justice books. Kathleen and Eli’s story was a challenge to write and I’m thrilled with what early readers are saying. 

John wrote: “WHATEVER IT TAKES gives readers a story of suspense and romance and in true Christy Reece style, a breathtaking ending. A must read earning a ranking of 5-stars.”

Alima wrote: “I am a sucker for the underdog and the fallen rising with a vengeance to beat the odds, and of women who overcome their fears and betrayal to come out the other side with courage and integrity. For this alone Eli Slater will be one of most favorite fictional characters and along with Kathleen, one of my courageous couples of fiction times!”  

Lisa wrote: “Whatever It Takes is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.”


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Next up is another LCR Elite book, Running Scared. Justin and Riley are dodging bullets and trying their best not to fall in love. Here’s hoping they dodge well and fall head over heels quickly. Can’t wait for you to read their love story.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Thanks to everyone who commented. So appreciate the good wishes. I can't wait to get all these books written and out to you!

Congrats to the following winners of a signed book: Megan E., Cindy O., and Debbie Theole!

Winners, please email me at to discuss prize delivery.

Stay tuned for more news and chances to win coming soon!

And don't forget to order the next book in the Grey Justice series at its special pre-order price! Release date 1/25/16

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Books

Happy New Year!

Since we're starting off a new year, I thought I might dust off my blog a bit, give you some updates, a little news and such.

Whatever It Takes is being formatted this week and will release January 25th. I wanted to get this book out earlier, but it just wasn't happening. Since the Grey Justice books are much more of a mystery series than my Last Chance Rescue books, they require more pre-planning and plotting. Having been a 'write by the seat of my pants' kind of writer, this has been somewhat of a learning curve for me. Thankfully I've learned tons and am optimistic that the last two books in the series, Too Far Gone and A Matter of Justice won't take near as long to write. I adore the sexy and enigmatic Grey Justice and I admire what he and his people stand for. While the story lines are different from the LCR books, the characters in both series share a lot of the same noble characteristics and qualities.

Today I'll get back to work on the next LCR Elite book, Running Scared, which is Riley Ingram and Justin Kelly's story. I love these two together. They work so well as a team but have lots to learn about each other. I can't wait to uncover all of their secrets and watch their love story unfold.

Here are my upcoming book plans and what I'll be working on this year.

Running Scared, An LCR Elite Novel (Riley and Justin)
Too Far Gone, A Grey Justice Novel (Jonah and Gabriella)
Running Wild, An LCR Elite Novel (Aidan and Anna)
A Matter of Justice, A Grey Justice Novel (Grey and Irelyn)

I won't give you release dates. I can only tell you that I will write and release as many books as I can this year. Keep good thoughts that this is a good writing year for me!

After those four, I'm considering a spin-off series featuring Declan Steele, from Running On Empty. If you remember, he works for a secret government agency called EDJE (Eagle Defense Justice Equalizers). Of course Declan is married to LCR Elite Operative Sabrina Fox, so the possibility that you'll see a lot of Noah and the LCR gang is strong. Those thoughts are gooey and unformed right now, but I thought I'd give you a little insight to what might happen in the future.

2015 was a good year, with some ups and downs, and a few sideways trips, but that's life. I'm looking forward to 2016 and its bright promise.

As always, I so appreciate you reading my books and telling others about them through your reviews and social media. I also very much appreciate your emails and notes of encouragement. I save every one of them! I've always asserted that I have the very best readers in the world and that hasn't changed.

Stay tuned for more news as we move along through the year. And don't forget to pre-order Whatever It Takes at its special pre-order price!

Blessings for a wonderful year to you and yours! I'll see you back here on the 25th to share in the release day excitement.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Christmas newsletter giveaway. The winner of a $50 Amazon gift card is Patti Koenig!

And to start the new year off on a good note, comment on this blog and I'll choose 3 people at random to win a signed copy of either Nothing To Lose, Chance Encounter, or Running On Empty. (Winners' choice)

Winners announced on this blog Wednesday, January 6.