Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Quick Shout-out From the Writing Cave

Hello Everyone! Hope your 2017 has started off on a good note. I'm hunkered down in my writing cave, chiseling out words on Jonah Slater's book, Too Far Gone. This man could teach stubborn to a mule! But I've got a heroine who is determined to get through to him. Wish us luck!

My plans this year include releasing two Grey Justice books, Too Far Gone and A Matter of Justice. Unless a new character pops up, and you know that's always possible, my plan is to end the series with the fourth book. But again, that is subject to change. After that, I may write another LCR Elite book before ending that series and going for something a little different. It really depends upon what the muse says--she's definitely running the show these days. I have two or three exciting new series ideas and once she sets her mind on one, watch out!

I'm shooting for an early spring release for Too Far Gone and a late summer release for A Matter of Justice. Make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter so you won't miss any new release news.

Wishing you all good things for this new year and beyond.

Happy Reading!