Monday, July 29, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Can't wait to hear about the books you loved last week.

I'm coming along with NOTHING TO LOSE and was excited to reach 25,000 words. I promised on my Facebook page that I would share a scene as soon as I reached that benchmark so stay tuned for a link to read the first scene!

Update: Here's the link to the excerpt. Hope you enjoy! NOTHING TO LOSE

We're just a little less than two months away from the release of MIDNIGHT LIES. I'm thrilled that early readers are loving Quinn and Samantha's love story. And I noticed that my publisher will be giving away 50 advanced copies on Goodreads. Sign-up begins Thursday, August 1. I'll pop on and give you a link as soon as it's live.

Also on Thursday, I'll be celebrating the UK release of SWEET JUSTICE! So be sure to come by for a chance to win a signed copy. I love Honor and Seth's story and the new cover is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to hold it in my hands!

No recommends from me today. In between 'business stuff', my main focus is writing, writing, writing. I want to get this book to out to you asap!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week. Be sure to leave your recommends and I'll come back in just a few hours to give you a link to the excerpt of NOTHING TO LOSE!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend. Can't wait to hear what great books you read last week.

As you know, I attended the RWA Conference in Atlanta last week and what a fabulous week it was. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and attending wonderful workshops were the highlights. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much.

I returned home, excited about so many things, including what lies ahead. Can't wait to share more with you!

Since the conference and other goings on occupied me from morning till night, I didn't have a chance to read anything. However, I did collect some amazing looking books and can't wait to dive in to them.

This week I'm making lots of different plans and writing, writing, writing. NOTHING TO LOSE is coming on strong. I've just met Grey Justice (I refer to him as the Noah McCall of the new series) and he is everything I wanted to him be and so much more. I cannot wait until you meet him, along with Nick Gallagher, who stole my heart five minutes after I met him. Sigh. :)

Sorry about another short post but hopefully you'll forgive me knowing that I'm concentrating on getting a new book out to you asap!

Have a great week all. And now, tell us what we should be reading!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Did you read something great? Can't wait to hear about it.

Today's post is a short one. I'm packing for RWA Nationals...leaving tomorrow morning. Don't forget if you're going to be there to stop by my table at the literacy signing Wednesday night and say hey. I'll have chocolate and books! Here are the details: Literacy Signing

I always get so energized and excited about the conference. A thousand or more people who love the written word all together in one place. Such fun!

Last week I mentioned that I was reading Kill Shot by Liliana Hart and was loving it. Well I finished it over the weekend and let me just say it was one of the best romantic suspense books I've read in a while. I love this author's writing style and her characters are wonderful. I highly recommend this book to all romantic suspense lovers.

Okay, that's it for me. Clothes to pack, nails to paint, and words to write. Still working on and thoroughly enjoying NOTHING TO LOSE. Can't wait till I can share some snippets with you.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Now, tell us what we should be reading!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and in the U.S., a fantastic Independence Day. And thanks to those who commented on the blog about your favorite way to celebrate the 4th. Congrats to Laurie for winning the following: NO CHANCE, SECOND CHANCE, LAST CHANCE, a digital download of CHANCES ARE, a signed copy of Ella Grace's MIDNIGHT SECRETS, $15 Amazon gift card, and surprises! Yay, Laurie! Will contact you soon for prize delivery.

My family had planned our usual 4th get together but postponed it because of rain. We're still hoping we can get together but every single day, we've had rain. I think we might need to get together and start building an ark!

Since I couldn't be with my family, I spent most of the holiday with my new characters. NOTHING TO LOSE is coming along very well. And I'm almost to the point that when I read over what I've written, I don't sob. LOL As you might guess, this book is not a comedy. However, I do see an HEA on the horizon. But you know how I love to torture my characters. :)

I didn't read a lot last week, but did start a new book yesterday and am already enthralled. I think it was a book that someone recommended on my Facebook page--Kill Shot by Liliana Hart. Anyone read it? It starts off with an incredibly evil villain (which you know I love) and then introduces a tough but vulnerable heroine and a super sexy hero. Sigh... I can't wait to get back to it.

I'm going on a major writing binge this week. Next week I'll be at the RWA National Convention in Atlanta and I know I won't be able to write as much as I want. Will any of you be at the conference? If so, I hope you'll say hey if you see me. Would love to meet you!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed back to Kennedy and Nick in NTL. Can't wait to see what they're up to now!

Have a great week all! Now...tell us what we should be reading!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America and Happy LAST CHANCE Release Day in the UK!

Hey Everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful week and if you're in the United States, a fabulous Independence Day!

Since today is such a special day, celebrating America's birthday and the release of LAST CHANCE in the UK, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Before we get to that, take a look at this gorgeous cover. Is it any wonder that McKenna fell in love with Lucas Kane? Sigh...

The sixth novel in New York Times bestselling author Christy Reece's addictive Last Chance Rescue series of sexy suspense and thrilling adventure.

McKenna Sloan saved Lucas Kane's life and then vanished. Lucas moved mountains trying to find her again, and finally McKenna relented - for one fleeting night. The truth is, McKenna's life is all about the dark, deception-filled world of Last Chance Rescue, and for her, there's no hope of love or Lucas. But fate, and Lucas's determination, soon change everything. A kidnapped young woman, a lure to out a killer and the fierce need to bring a criminal to justice combine for one explosive event. For a woman who specializes in staying away from relationships and staying in the heart of danger, this is the most impossible mission of all. Because the odds are deadly, and the passion won't die.

So let's celebrate America's birthday and LAST CHANCE's release with a giveaway! And with such a large prize, will have to make it for U.S. residents only.

Prize includes: a signed copy of NO CHANCE, SECOND CHANCE, and LAST CHANCE, a signed copy of Ella Grace's MIDNIGHT SECRETS, a digital download of CHANCES ARE, a $15 Amazon gift card, and some surprises!

How to win? Just tell me your favorite way to celebrate America's birthday and your email address. Winner will be announced here on Recommend Monday, July 8. Please don't forget to leave your email address so I can get in touch with you!

Have a fabulous 4th everyone!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome Naima Simone!

I'm so excited to welcome Naima Simone to the blog. Naima is one of the loveliest young ladies I've ever known. Anyone in her presence more than a minute will immediately feel better. She brings joy.

And Naima also write fabulous romance. Not only does she write deliciously steamy romance for Elora's Cave, she got a new romantic suspense series from Entangle Publishing. I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of Secrets and Sins: Gabriel, which released last week. What a fabulous, emotional, and suspenseful story! I was thrilled to give a quote for it. And what about the cover? Oh my!

So please give a very warm welcome to one of my favorite people, Naima Simone!

Thou Shalt Not…

Thank you so much, Christy, for letting me visit with you and your readers today! I’m so excited as you are one of my absolute favorite romantic suspense authors. You’re right up there with Ella Grace! :-D

So as the granddaughter and daughter of pastors—does that make me a PK² ?—I spent a looot of time in church while growing up. And most of it was spent trying to avoid my mother’s “Death Stare” beamed from the choir stand all the way to the back of the church where I sat. The woman possessed a sixth sense when it came to my whispering, note-passing shenanigans! She was downright scary. Because I was young, much of the messages went totally over my head…except when Grandpop or Daddy started talking about “the bad stuff” people did.


A hush would fall over the church...well aside from the low, knowing murmurings of “Mmhmm” and “Say it, Pastor”. The sudden quiet, whispering and sidelong glances clued me in that whatever Grandpop and Daddy were talking about, it was goooood. Cain did what to his brother? So what exactly did David do with Bathsheba? Solomon had how many wives??


If someone dropped it in a room full of people, all the chatter would probably die down so everyone could try and catch the titillating details of who did the deed, just how sinful it was and if they were caught. The word causes a shudder to ripple down people’s spines. Stirs images of lascivious activity in their imaginations. Clenches their stomachs in anxiety or fear. It’s a lovely, terrible, delicious word…

We have a tendency to create a hierarchy of sin. Adultery is not as heinous as murder. Lying isn’t as terrible as stealing. But sin doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It always affects others. It spills over, tainting, altering…even killing…

In my new romantic suspense Secrets and Sins: Gabriel released from Entangled Publishing, Gabriel Devlin and his three best friends became guardians of a dark secret because of a terrible sin. This transgression changed their lives, altered who they once were to the men they matured into. After receiving an anonymous letter, Leah Bannon, a private investigator and Gabriel’s friend, decides to open the cold case revolving around the disappearance of her uncle. Now, in spite of his growing—and resented—attraction toward her, Gabriel has to keep her from discovering the truth and protecting a pact made decades earlier.

Are you tempted yet? How about this? On top of the big giveaway at the end of the tour, I’m also offering up a separate $10 Amazon Gift Card for this stop! Just leave a comment naming one of the 7 Deadly Sins and your email address, and I’ll randomly choose a winner.

Also, don’t forget through July 24th you have a chance to enter a giveaway for a $30 Amazon Gift Card and a “Boston Strong” swag pack! Just go HERE to enter the Rafflecopter on the HOME page!

Secrets and Sins: Gabriel
“Emotional, suspenseful, and sexy, with wonderful characters…”—Christy Reece, New York Times Bestselling Author

Twenty years ago, Leah Bannon’s beloved Uncle Richard vanished without a trace. Leah, now a private investigator, begins to suspect it was murder. When she reopens the cold case, Gabriel Devlin—-the man she loves but can never have—-inexplicably stands in her way.

Only four people know the truth about Richard’s mysterious disappearance—-Gabriel and three childhood friends...who have all sworn to take that secret to the grave. But a hidden enemy wants those shocking secrets brought to light...even if he has to kill to make it happen.

After experiencing an unimaginable loss two years ago, Gabriel refuses to put himself through the pain of loving someone who could be gone in an instant. But as he thwarts Leah’s investigation at every turn—-both to keep his friends’ pact, and to keep her safe from danger—-the sexy PI makes it impossible for him to protect his secrets. Or his heart...

Naima Simone is a multi-published author in contemporary and erotic romance. She’s a member of RWA’s Southern Magic chapter, mother of the Dynamic Duo, lover of everything Vin Diesel and wife to the fabulous husband who tolerates this affair. Come visit Naima on her website, Facebook, Twitter  and Goodreads.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fun weekend, enhanced with some really great reads.

If you didn't get the chance yet, be sure to read my post before this one to see what's going on in my writing life. I also addressed several questions I've received about the future of LCR. If it doesn't answer all your questions, you know you can always ask.

I haven't mentioned this here yet, but I am going to be at the RWA conference in Atlanta, which begins two weeks from Wednesday. (Anyone else surprised that it's already July?!) I'll be at the literacy signing on Wednesday night, so if you're there, I hope you'll come by and say hey. Would love to meet you. I'll have chocolate! Oh, and books too. :)

Since I've got myself scheduled so tightly with three different series, I'm not going to be online very much the next few months. However Recommend Monday is a must, so you'll always hear from me then. Also, stayed tuned for a 4th of July announcement and a special giveaway you won't want to miss!

Tomorrow I have a special guest visiting on the blog. Naima Simone is one of my Southern Magic chaptermates and is one of the loveliest and most vibrant people I know. She has a new romantic suspense series with Entangled Publishing and the first book, Secrets and Sins: Gabriel came out last week. I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy of the book and loved it! I hope you'll make a point of coming by tomorrow and learning more about Naima and her wonderful books.

Since I've been concentrating on writing, I've not had a lot of time to read lately. However, I have been listening to Ella Grace's MIDNIGHT SECRETS on audio and am surprised by how much I am enjoying it considering I know everything that's going to happen. Other than one particular voice, the narrator is doing a great job. I especially love the way she reads Aunt Gibby. If you have the book on Kindle, you can purchase the audio for $3.99, which is what I did. Works great on my phone!

Okay, that's it for me. I hope you'll come back tomorrow and chat with Naima. And don't forget to come by on July 4 for a fun giveaway.

Have a great Monday all. Now, tell us what we should be reading!