Monday, August 3, 2015

The Scoop

I've been getting lots of emails and private messages asking various questions about my writing and what's up next. Here are answers to those questions, however, if you have a question I don't cover here, feel free to ask me in the comments section or send an email to

Q) What are you working on now?

Christy: I'm currently writing Whatever It Takes, the second book in the Grey Justice series. This book is Eli Slater's. The heroine, Kathleen Callahan, isn't a character that Grey Justice readers have met yet. I think you're going to like her.

Q) When will Whatever It Takes be released?

Christy: My plan is to release it this fall. I don't yet know which month but as soon as I'm reasonably sure of a date, I promise I'll post an update and let you know.

Q) When will Riley and Justin's book be released?

Christy: As soon as Whatever It Takes is out, I'll get back to work on Running Scared, which is Riley and Justin's book. I have several chapters written already and since both characters are constantly talking to me, it's my hope that once I settle down to finish it, they'll be just as cooperative. I would like to say it will be released before the end of the year but don't want to make that promise. However, that's what I'm shooting for. Keep good thoughts for me!

Q) What's after Running Scared? And will Aidan Thorne ever get his book?

Christy: After Running Scared, I plan to write and release the 3rd Grey Justice book, Too Far Gone, which is Jonah Slater's book. Then I'll write and release Running Wild, the fourth LCR Elite book, which is Aidan's story. After those two are released, I'll write and release A Matter of Justice, the fourth and final Grey Justice book, which is Grey and Irelyn's story.

Q) What's next after that?

Christy: I'm not completely sure. I do have an idea for another romantic suspense series but it's mushy and gooey at this point. With the books I still the need to write and release in both the LCR Elite and Grey Justice series, I don't believe I'll be writing and releasing anything more until at least 2017. However, my muse often surprises me, as she did with Chance Encounter, so we shall see!

Hope this answers your most burning questions. Will come back later and answer questions if you have more.

Hope you're having a great summer!

Happy Reading!