Monday, April 29, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend filled with wonderful reads. Can't wait to see what you're recommending today.

Last week was a whirlwind of activity and if you don't know by now, then it's because I couldn't find you to let you know that CHANCES ARE is out! Yippee! Woohoo!

I uploaded it on Tuesday, thinking I would have at least a day to prepare an announcement. By that afternoon, it was already up for sale on several sites. So I was scrambling around trying to get the word out. Hopefully you've heard about it already but just in case you haven't, here are the buy sites:

Barnes and Noble

Right now it's only in eBook but I'm putting the finishing touches on the paperback and you should be able to order it soon. I'll announce it here as soon as it's available for purchase.

Thank you all for giving Jake and Angela's story such a wonderful reception. I hope you enjoy the book. If you do, would love it if you would leave a review on your favorite review site.

This week is all about Ella. MIDNIGHT SECRETS, the first book in the Wildefire series releases tomorrow. I can't wait for you to read Savannah and Zach's story and meet the people of Midnight, Alabama. Be sure to come to the release day party tomorrow. Lots of fun and prizes to be had! We'll start around 10:00 CST and close down shop around 4:00. Here's the link: Ella Grace

Also I'm over at USA Today's Happy Ever After site talking to the wonderful Joyce Lamb about the Wilefire series, why I'm writing under a different name for this series, and my favorite Southern foods. Hope you'll come by and check it out here USA Today Interviews Ella Grace/Christy Reece

I'll be at Riverina Romance on Wednesday and Just Romantic Suspense on Saturday and Sunday. There will be giveaways at both sites so be sure to stop by and say hey. I'll stop back by and let you know the links as soon as I get them.

I've not had a chance to read much lately but did want to tell you that I've started a new Last Chance Rescue book. Working title is RUNNING ON EMPTY. I don't necessarily know if this will be the first one in the trilogy but so far, I'm loving it. And I adore my new hero, Declan Steele. Can't wait for you to meet him, Scottish accent and all. I'm teaming him up with Sabrina Fox, who has more secrets than I ever anticipated. These two have a fascinating history!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed to the post office to mail out books and prizes. And since I'm headed there anyway, how about a giveaway here? Be the first person to say: I WANT MIDNIGHT SECRETS and you'll win a signed copy!

Hope everyone has a spectacular week. Now, tell us what we should be reading!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


CHANCES ARE is here!

Finally! At last! Woohoo!

I know this book has been a long time coming and I sincerely appreciate the patience and support from my wonderful readers.

To refresh your memory, CHANCES ARE is the story of Angela Delvecchio, LCR’s researcher/receptionist and Jake Mallory, a new LCR operative. You’ll also get a glimpse of some of your favorite LCR couples from past books and you’ll meet some new operatives who I hope will intrigue you enough to want to read their story.

If you’d like a paperback copy, too, that will be available soon. I’ll announce it here as soon as it’s available for purchase.

You can buy CHANCES ARE at the following online sites:

Barnes and Noble

Kobo is coming soon!

Thank you so much for buying and reading my books. It’s my sincerest hope that you enjoy this newest addition to the Last Chance Rescue series!

She is his dream come true. He is her nightmare.

Angela Delvecchio has always dreamed of being an LCR field operative. As LCR’s main researcher, she’s helped rescue victims, but always from the sidelines. Until now. Last Chance Rescue has been asked to assist the authorities in apprehending a serial killer terrorizing London. Angela knows this is her time and her mission.

After the murder of his wife, Jake Mallory stopped believing in anything good. Now, as an operative for Last Chance Rescue, he's found a new purpose but he’ll never let his guard down again. The beautiful and much too vulnerable Angela is a temptation like no other—one he dare not take. Hearing that she's going to be an operative is a surprise but Jake is stunned to learn her first assignment will be to bait and trap the Red Rose killer. Assigned to be her partner, Jake knows he wouldn’t have it any other way. He failed the last woman he cared about…he won’t fail Angela.

Angela thought going undercover as an exotic dancer would be the toughest part of the job and Jake thought keeping his hands off his partner would be his biggest challenge. They were both wrong. Taught to expect the unexpected, Angela faces events she never anticipated and Jake must allow the unthinkable. Now it’s a fight for survival because evil has more than one face and to stay alive, death may be the only option.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend filled with wonderful reads. Can't wait to hear about them!

Last week was crazy busy and this week is shaping up to be even crazier. Good times, though!

Thank you for the incredible response to my LCR Street Team! I was so humbled by all the responses and am thrilled to have so many of you on the team. Can't wait to get started with all the fun stuff!

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to be at several blogs over the next couple of weeks. Today, I'm at Under the Covers Book blog. I'm chatting about MIDNIGHT SECRETS, but there's some CHANCES ARE love, too. Hope you'll come over and comment for a chance to win a signed copy of MIDNIGHT SECRETS. Here's the link: Under the Covers

I'll also be over at Book Monster Reviews and Literal Addiction this week. As soon as I have the day and link, I'll pop back on and let you know.-->

I'm also over at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on Wednesday. Will post the link when I have it.

With the release of MIDNIGHT SECRETS on April 30, I've got lots and lots of busy work happening on the next few weeks. I hope you'll join me on Tuesday, 4/30, for the release day party on my Ella Grace site. Lots of giveaways and fun for all!

And after the frenzy of release day passes, I'll want to be curling up with a good book. So tell us, what we should be reading!

Have a great week everyone. And don't forget to come see me at Under the Covers!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a spectacular weekend, including some great reads. Can't wait to hear what you're recommending today.

I'm still in the midst of preparing CHANCES ARE for your reading pleasure. :) Since we're several days from being able to get this out to you, I posted the first chapter so you'll be ready for it when you can finally read the whole thing. Here's the link: CHANCES ARE excerpt

Would any of you be interested in developing a Street Team for LCR? Than you, Lisa (A Tasty Read) for mentioning it to me! While I'm a newbie about stuff like this, I would love to develop one if we have some interest. From my understanding, team members would read and then post a review on a favorite review site and also talk it up in their social media venues. In exchange, members would receive the book early, get special LCR swag, and exclusive insights or excerpts of upcoming books.

For those of you who are already on an author's street team, does this sound about right? I really hope to write between 3 and 5 more LCR books before ending the series, however that all depends upon how the sales of CHANCES ARE goes. Getting the word out would be so helpful. So if you're interested at all, please email me at I will probably cut it off at certain number. Once I see where we are, we'll develop some kind of email list so we can communicate.

Please let me know via email by Wednesday if you would be interested. One disclaimer: Please don't feel obligated or pressured to do this. I know you all have very busy lives. Having you buy and read my books is my privilege and so very appreciated!

Now, since I've been immersed in readying CHANCES ARE, I haven't had the opportunity to read anything additional. However, I do have a question for you. Out of all the books you've read, what is the one that you've reread the most? For me it would have to be Linda Howard's MacKenzie's Mountain. I adore Wolf and Mary!

With the upcoming release of MIDNIGHT SECRETS on the 30th, I'm going to be visiting several blog spots. Later this week, I'll pop back on and give you a list of places and times to look for Ella. I'll be answering lots of fun and unusual questions and giving away books. Stay tuned!

Okay, I'm off to hunker down in my office and get some work done. Now, tell us what we should be reading and what you've reread the most.

Happy Monday to all!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday Everyone!

Just posted the first chapter here. CHANCES ARE excerpt

Hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a spectacular weekend. Our weather here in Alabama was/is glorious--mid seventies and blue skies. Flowering trees of various colors line roadways and highways like a colorful parade. How I love Spring! Of course the pollen is everywhere too but I try to ignore that. Wish my sinuses could ignore it. Time for the Claritin!

Hard to believe it's April 8. This year has flown by. I'm hoping with warmer weather, things will slow down a bit. Last week I put the final touches on CHANCES ARE. Now I need to finish up the dedication and acknowledgements. Once that's done--sometime this week--I'll send it for formatting. We're closer than ever and I can't wait to get Jake's and Angela's story into your hands!

And speaking of more LCR, I wanted to share the UK covers for NO CHANCE and SECOND CHANCE. I love these LCR guys with their T-shirts! And Gabe with a tattoo? Swoon... :)

I think the dark clouds behind Cole, with the sun peeking out is wonderful imagery for his story, don't you? Sometimes I still feel guilty for everything I put that poor guy through. 

NO CHANCE is scheduled for release in the UK on May 9 and SECOND CHANCE will be released June 6.

Switching personalities and being Ella Grace for a moment, I was excited to learn that both MIDNIGHT SECRETS and MIDNIGHT LIES will be in audio! Can't wait to hear the stories read with a Southern accent.

Once CHANCES ARE and MIDNIGHT SECRETS have been released and I have a little breathing room, I'm considering doing something different with Recommend Monday. I love hearing your recommends but we've really slowed down the last year or so. I want Recommend Monday to be helpful to readers looking for their next great read. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment here or send me an email at I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, I wanted to mention and apologize to those who might have tried to sign up for my Christy Reece or Ella Grace newsletter last week. There was a major glitch and anyone who tried to sign up got a message saying something like they couldn't be on the list and might be blacklisted. So sorry about that. No one has ever been blacklisted from getting my newsletters! That was a ridiculous message. Anyway, I've switched companies and everything should now be fine.

Since polishing CHANCES ARE has taken the majority of my time the last few weeks, I've not read anything. However, I'm now in the mood for something fabulous. So in addition to your recommends, please tell us the last book you simply could not put down. Any genre will do. I think the last book I read like that was JT Geissinger's Edge of Oblivion. Has anyone read it? It's paranormal, which isn't my usual read, but I was blown away not only by the storyline but also by the beauty of the writing. It's the first book in the series and one I would highly recommend. Even if you're not a paranormal reader, I think you would enjoy it.

Okay, that's it for me. Got some writing to do and then I think I'll take a walk and have a chat with some new, very intriguing characters.

Have a fabulous week everyone. Now, tell us what we should be reading!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Sorry I'm late today. It's tax time in the Reece household. Combine that with 4 hungry fur-kids and a couple of deadlines and you've got yourself a sit-com in the making. LOL Think Roseanne with a sprinkling of I Love Lucy and that's us this morning.

However, I do want to know how your Easter weekend went. Did you hide eggs and have a family get-together? We all gathered at my Mom's house and hubby hid eggs and played his own version of Let's Make a Deal with the kiddies. I'm not sure who had the most fun. :)

I'm in the midst of copyedits for CHANCES ARE. So excited that it's all coming together so well. I still don't know when it'll be up for purchase. I still have some things to do on my end before I send it to be formatted. But it won't be much longer. The instant it's released, I'll send out an announcement here, on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and anywhere else I can get the word out. Also, a special newsletter announcement will go out listing all the buy buttons. Can't wait for you to read Angela and Jake's story. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Be sure to check out the CHANCES ARE excerpt that's right below this post. It's the very beginning of the book. And if you'd like to read a small excerpt of Jake and Angela's first kiss, it's on the LCR Facebook page. Here's the link: First kiss excerpt

No recommends from me this week. I'm giving total concentration to CHANCES ARE. However, once it's finished, I want to get back to reading. Can't wait to see what you're recommending this week. And while you're recommending, be sure to tell us what books you're looking forward to reading once they're released. I think tomorrow is a big release day for lots of authors. Do you have anything on your 'must buy' list?

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed to my writing cave for some intensive time with Angela and Jake.

Have a great week everyone! Now, tell us what we should be reading!