Monday, December 21, 2020

Thank you and Relentless giveaway winner

 Hello Wonderful Readers!

First, thank you so much for the lovely notes, emails, and reviews of Relentless. I'm thrilled so many readers are enjoying Liam and Aubrey's love story. Thank you so much for buying the book and telling others about it and the OZ series!

Next up in the series is Heartless, which will bring Olivia Gates back to OZ. Since she's an LCR Elite Operative, you'll probably see several old friends from the Last Chance Rescue gang show up, too. Lots of surprises are in store for this one! Stay tuned!

Again, I sincerely appreciate you, readers. I know this has been a difficult year and it's my wish that 2021 is your best year ever!

Congratulations to Joanne Pezzuti, winner of the $100 Amazon gift card!

All best wishes for the remainder of the year to you and yours. Stay safe and well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!