Monday, July 22, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend. Can't wait to hear what great books you read last week.

As you know, I attended the RWA Conference in Atlanta last week and what a fabulous week it was. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and attending wonderful workshops were the highlights. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much.

I returned home, excited about so many things, including what lies ahead. Can't wait to share more with you!

Since the conference and other goings on occupied me from morning till night, I didn't have a chance to read anything. However, I did collect some amazing looking books and can't wait to dive in to them.

This week I'm making lots of different plans and writing, writing, writing. NOTHING TO LOSE is coming on strong. I've just met Grey Justice (I refer to him as the Noah McCall of the new series) and he is everything I wanted to him be and so much more. I cannot wait until you meet him, along with Nick Gallagher, who stole my heart five minutes after I met him. Sigh. :)

Sorry about another short post but hopefully you'll forgive me knowing that I'm concentrating on getting a new book out to you asap!

Have a great week all. And now, tell us what we should be reading!


Sue Peace said...

I just finished Medium Well by Meg Benjamin...a really good paranormal romance!! :)

krisgils33 said...

glad you had a good time at RWA. I've been busy, busy, as always and haven't read enough! I just finished Ignited by Kaylea Cross. Really good book. I also read The Officer and the Secret by Jeanette Murray. I enjoyed that one as well. That's about it for me. Have a great week everyone!

Alison said...

Hi Christy! RWA looked like tons of fun from all the pics I saw on Facebook! Love the name Grey!!

Last week I got caught up on Ruthie Knox's Camelot series, which I really enjoyed...Along Came Trouble, Flirting with Disaster, and Making it Last.

Have a great week everyone!

Crystal said...

Good morning everyone! It's been a couple weeks since I've stopped by. Luckily I have read some great books!

First though... Christy, I am so excited to hear the RWA went well and you've got some ideas. I'm so looking forward to Grey and Nick!! They sounds great and when you say Grey is the Noah of the new series it gets me even more excited. So please write as short of RM posts as you want and write...write...write....

Okay so lately I've had good luck with books. Of course the authors are auto buys for me so I didn't expect anything, but greatness.
I read several by Donna Grant. I purposely waited to read her latest two so I could read them back to back. I LOVE this series!!
1. Midnight's Kiss
2. Midnight's Captive
(both of these are in the Dark Warrior series)I didn't know though that the Dark Kings kind of went with these as well so I also read..
1. Dark Craving
2. Night's awakening
(If you keep up with this series you'll know why I am soo excited for the next book! I have a feeling about Tristan in this series!!) :)
Another auto buy author Monica McCarty had a new release. The Hunter was another great addition to the Highland Guard series.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

oklanannie said...

Welcome home Christy! Know you were glad to get back to the hubs and fur-babies. RWA looked like tons of fun -- loved the pics!

This week I read the final book in Tarryn Fisher's "Love Me With Lies" series, THIEF. Whew, insanity plus and never ever a dull moment. A very engaging series that I would recommend to those who love a ton of angst! Good romance, as well.

We got wonderful cooling rain today so I'm thrilled. Going to take advantage and do some fun reading! Hope everyone enjoys a week full of good reads!

Jennifer V. said...

Yeah! Can't wait to read your new stuff! Everything you put out is wonderful and I'm so excited to get involved with your new cast of characters.

P.S. I have a soft spot for the name "Grey" - my son's name is Grayson and we call him "Gray" for short :)

Christy Reece said...

Hey Everyone! Wonderful recommends last week. Hope you found some good ones.

So happy to hear so many of you like the name Grey. I think you're going to love this character!

And Jennifer, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm thrilled you're looking forward to my new series!

Everyone be sure to stop by today. I reached 25,000 words on Nothing To Lose and will be sharing a link to a scene!

See you soon!