Monday, January 25, 2016

New Release!


The second book in the Grey Justice Series is now available in both eBook and paperback! 
I sincerely hope you enjoy the newest addition to the Grey Justice books. Kathleen and Eli’s story was a challenge to write and I’m thrilled with what early readers are saying. 

John wrote: “WHATEVER IT TAKES gives readers a story of suspense and romance and in true Christy Reece style, a breathtaking ending. A must read earning a ranking of 5-stars.”

Alima wrote: “I am a sucker for the underdog and the fallen rising with a vengeance to beat the odds, and of women who overcome their fears and betrayal to come out the other side with courage and integrity. For this alone Eli Slater will be one of most favorite fictional characters and along with Kathleen, one of my courageous couples of fiction times!”  

Lisa wrote: “Whatever It Takes is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.”


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Next up is another LCR Elite book, Running Scared. Justin and Riley are dodging bullets and trying their best not to fall in love. Here’s hoping they dodge well and fall head over heels quickly. Can’t wait for you to read their love story.

Happy Reading!

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