Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hi All-

Is it sunny in your world? It's blazingly beautiful here. Going up to 90 today. Wow! It's iced tea and lemonade weather. Yay!

I just wanted to drop in and say hi before I'm officially offline for a few days. I'm going to spend some quality time with my strong, silent hero and his ladylove. Hoping to get some major writing done!

Thanks again to those who have sent me messages, emails or written such wonderful reviews about LAST CHANCE. I'm so thrilled people are enjoying McKenna and Lucas's book! If you've not had a CHANCE to read LAST CHANCE yet, when you do, I hope you love it too!

Also, I still have a blog up at the Romantic Times website. It doesn't say it yet, but I will be giving away two copies of LAST CHANCE. Would love to have you come by and comment on your most romantic read.

Here's the link:

Okay, that's it for me until Recommend Monday. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, filled with all of your favorite things. And for all the Mom's out there, thank you for making the world so much more rich and beautiful! Hope you have your most special Mother's Day yet!

See everyone back here Monday!


Mary G said...

Hi Christy
I went to comment at RT & got this message:

You are not authorized to post comments.

I signed on this time without the 7digit # they ask for as it's not marked as "must fill in" & it worked this time.

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Mary! I'll head over there now and say hi!

Jackie P said...

Christy, it says I am a member but I don't know how and I asked for password to be sent and it never does. Sorry, I tried.

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Jackie. Not sure what the problem is but you're a SWEETheart for trying!