Monday, July 19, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your weekend? I know some of you went on vacation or you're still on vacation. If you get a CHANCE, tell us what fun things you're doing!

My week was filled with writing on SWEET JUSTICE, polishing up the synopsis for it and getting ready for the RWA conference. Synopsis was sent on Thursday, writing continues and I'm finding myself way behind on getting ready for conference. When one works in their PJs or sweats for much of the year, going out and shopping for clothes is always a bit of a shock. Why can't all clothes feel as good as pajamas? And shoes with heels? Oh my poor feet!

However, I'm powering on, looking for things that fit, are comfortable and won't make me have to take out a loan. What a challenge!

In between all of this, I did get to finish two books. Yay! I finished Marie Force's Fatal Affair and loved it! Great mystery and wonderful characters. This is the first book in a series, with the same main characters, Sam and Nick. Marie said that Fatal Justice will be out in January and I'm really looking forward to it.

Also, finished Karen Rose's newest one, Silent Scream. Oh my. Sooooo good! Absolutely loved David and Olivia. And can Rose create a nasty villain? Yikes! Karen has posted a epilogue on her website for Silent Scream. I read it last night and guess what, I cried. LOL Imagine that! It was so SWEET!

Forgot to mention that I'm now officially back on Twitter. I admit that Facebook is a more comfortable venue for me, but I need to branch out. Many people love Twitter and I am determined to give it more of a CHANCE this time. You can follow me at

This week, I'll be packing for conference and writing more on SWEET JUSTICE. Have to say, Seth Cavanaugh has got my heart locked up tight. What a man! I cannot wait for you to meet him. And Honor? She is so sharp and savvy. I am so impressed with her. I love this couple together. They have a wonderful chemistry and sparks are flying. Such fun!

I'll be headed to Orlando Tuesday, July 27 and if you're going to conference, I hope to meet you there. Or if you're in the Orlando area on Wednesday, July 28, there's a wonderful opportunity for you to meet hundreds of your favorite authors. The RWA Literacy signing will be at the Dolphin Hotel from 5:30 - 7:30. Here's the link for more information:

If you come for the signing, be sure to stop by my table. Would love to meet you!

Okay, that's it for me. What about you? What wonderful books are you recommending? What's going on in your world?

Happy Monday!


Crystal (cmac) said...

Happy Monday everyone!

We survived family pictures yesterday! We went to Mt. Rushmore and a park called Bear Country. The kids loved it!

Last week I reread Pamela Clare's Hard Evidence. Just like the other two or three times it was wonderful. I had to reread it because of a scene Pamela was talking about. One reader was seriously confused about it that is for sure! I still love Julian. I'll have to read unlawful contact this week. I can't leave Marc out in the cold. lol
I also read Come The Spring by Julie Garwood. It was good too. Last but not least I read Dee Davis Dark Deceptions and I'm almost done with her Dangerous Desires. I am now officially hooked on Dee! Thanks to recommend Monday for the push to check her out!!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Christy what a bummer this time last year I lived about an hour from Orlando! If I could I would be there for sure!! Good luck with Seth and Honor this week! I'm in love with him just because you are! I can't wait to meet him!

Shelly Estes said...

Lets see, I read Double Play (Jill Shalvis) Fantasy Lover (Sherilyn Kenyon), Out of Control (Shannon McKenna, My Sister is a Werewolf, (Kathy Love) and a couple of others that I can't recall off the top of my head.

Kara C said...

Hi all!
I missed last week and it seems I've read so many good books!I stayed up way too late last night and finished Fatal Affair, but it was definitely worth it. Highly recommended to all you romantic suspense lovers out there. Also really like The Sweet Gum Tree (thank you, Anne, for the recommend) by Katherine Allred. To mix things up I also read the new Linda Castillo book, Pray for Silence. That was a bit like reading a Criminal Minds episode. :) I went back and read Summer of Two Wishes so I could 'get ready' for Julia London's new book One Season of Sunshine. Both were great. Right now I am reading Shannon McKenna's new book Fade to Midnight (Kevin's story) and Robin Wells' Still the One. I'll let you know next week, but right now I'm enjoying them both.
Those aren't even all I read, but my highest recommends. Believe it or not, I've actually had time for a few other things - working with some great kids this summer,and am also trying to get two of us packed and out the door next week for separate trips. THAT's a challenge! Christy, I think we should start a trend - pj's at conferences! Today is 'closet day', when I try to find enough 'nice clothes' in my closet to get me through my trip. My son has taken any chance of getting new clothes away - his trip requires a suit and tie, among other things. Hope everyone has a great week.

Crystal (cmac) said...

I just finished Dee Davis book Dangerous Desires. I really like these books! I can't wait until August for the next one!

Linda said...

Hi Everyone,

The weekend sped by quickly--like it was on the autobahnen! lol

Some friends and I plan to do a return trip to Colorado in August. We are planning it around a whitewater rafting trip. We had a blast last time we were there. We drove to Aspen and toured the shops. We met a very friendly fur store owner, who encouraged us to try on outrageously expensive and some 'unique' furs. I told him I would have to pass on purchasing one, since I lived in an area that people enjoyed hunting a little too much! LOL But I must say out of all the places I have traveled; Colorado is one of the more beautiful.

I went back to paranormal, I read 'No Werewolves Allowed', the second book of a series by Cheyenne McCray, based on a half-human, half-Drow private eye named Nyx. Nyx is a tracker of paranormals. She is assisted by her a human friend, Olivia. The action is fast-paced with a sidecar of humor along for the ride!
Other than this, I am wondering about Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft books. I was browsing to check on status of upcoming books from my favorite writers and I kept getting that...'people who ordered this book also ordered this'...I checked out her website, but I am not sure....anybody have feedback???

Mary G said...

Hi Peeces

Just finished Beth Kery's Exorcising Sean's Ghost. Loved it.
Up next will be Fleet Blade by Beth Kery and Caught In The act by Joyce Lamb.

In the last few weeks i've read:
Fatal Affair by Marie Force - great rom susp.

Unbridled by Beth Williamson - great sexy sweet western

Tate , Garrett and Austin trilogy by Linda Lael Miller

From Friend to Father & Beginning with Their Baby by Tracy Wolff. Love Tracy's stuff

Money, Honey by Susan Sey - fun, sexy by a new author

Eye Of The Storm - Dee Davis - good rom. susp.
Almost Perfect - Susan Mallery -

Just loved Lisa Kleypas'
Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil & Smooth Talking Stranger & I devoured them even though they're in first person POV.

Crystal (cmac) said...

I loved Stephanie Tyler! I highly recommend her. But I haven't ever read any of Sydney Crofts books.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Wow Mary you have been busy!!

Mary G said...

Stephanie Tyler writes terrific rom. susp. She & Larissa Ione write together as Sydney Croft. I've never read them, only heard good things. I think they are paranormals.

Marie Force said...

Thanks for the kind words about Fatal Affair, Christy! I really appreciate that!!

krisgils33 said...

Christy, I'm so glad you had a good week last week! I am on the south Jersey shore and today was a beach day (and, of course, I got sunburned). Tomorrow starts the week of dance competition. Hopefully, my daughter will do well, but even if she doesn't, she will have a great time! I read the LLM's McKettrick's Garrett and Austin. They were good, but not the best. I'm now reading Hard and Fast, the new Erin McCarthy. It is very good. The first of the series, Flat Out Sexy, was so awesome. So, if you haven't started in on the series, I highly recommend it!

PS - I could live in my pj's and I wonder why, since there are so many of us out there who love our pj's, that a fad of some sort has never really caught on!!!

Aly said...

I haven't found much time to read with hubby gone. One would think that I had all this free time but it really is amazing how much he helps out when he is home!

Crystal, have you been able to find any of Dee's older books! They are great too!

Kara, I loved Fatal Affair. And I have to tell you that I don't like you much right now b/c you get to go see Christy. ::pout pout stomp stomp:: NO FAIR!

Linda, I loved Stephanie Tyler's Romantic Suspense trilogy and am anxiously awaiting the next books!

Mary, Money, Honey is on my TBR pile from the library! I can't wait to get to it!

Anyway, I read Shannon Stacey's Exclusively Yours. It was a good contemporary read that focused on more than just the main characters but wasn't too overwhelming.

And sadly...that is all! I am reading JoAnn Ross' The Homecoming right now. So far so good and I am only about 10 chapters in!

Luci said...

Checking this out Tuesday because Monday just flew by. I have a book shop and online catalogue (complete with deliveries, online payment etc) and I am in the process of switching completely online. So I am busy making sure no client that comes to the bookshop will be left uninformed as to what happened to the shop.

Crystal, you are getting me in the mood for a Hard Evidence reread. Its strange how different readers read scenes in different ways and totally different to what the author intended. I am glad I got what Pamela Clare wanted to convey though.

I finished JoAnn Ross's High Risk series and enjoyed Breakpoint. Looking forward to reading her new one The Homecoming.

I needed a quick read and Meg Cabot's Every Boy's Got One fit the description perfectly.

An now reading Susan Andersen's Skintight that an American friend sent to me (the same one i told you will be coming to the RWA Christy). I am half way through and enjoying it. She also sent me Smooth Talking Stranger and since i have the first two books in the series i will probably read the three of them back to back.

Christy Reece said...

Sorry I'm late. Did major shopping yesterday and for the first time ever, everything I needed to find, I found. Amazing! Unfortunately it wasn't on sale, but since I only shop once a year...yada, yada, yada, (:

Crystal, I woke up this morning with you on my mind. LOL Sounds like a song, doesn't it? Have you read Julie Garwood's Honour's Splendor? I can't believe I haven't recommended it to you before now. It's wonderful! And I'm so glad you're enjoying Dee Davis. Another Recommend Monday success story!

Wish you still lived in Florida. Would love to meet you. I can hardly believe that I get to see Kara. Really hope to meet all of you someday!

I can't wait for you to meet Seth either. He was ominously silent yesterday but I'm hoping it's because he's not into shopping. (:

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Shelly! That's quite a list and those are just the ones you remembered. Good for you!

Hope you have a great week and have good luck on your reading this week too!

Jackie P said...

Just got back from vacation yesterday. Had fun but had to rearrange somethings after the first day. Didn't get alot of reading done. I picked up Robyn Kaye's "Breakfast In Bed" it is going to be a winner. I also grabbed S. Walkers "Broken" and it looks like it is another good recommend.

Stephanie Tyler is a must! And I have to get Marie Force's new one that I KEEP hearing GREAT things about.

Mary G. I want that Beth Kery book but were you only able to get it as an E-book.
Oh, Kara while we were on vacation I thought of you and Anne. We went down Sweetgum Tree Rd. :)

Christy Reece said...

Kara, wow. You read that much and did all those other things too? Amazing!

Oh, I vote for PJ conference. In fact, if I ever get to have a 'get together' for us all, it's going to be a PJ weekend! Wouldn't that be fun!

I feel your pain on going through your closet. Oddly enough, my closet has some sort of problem and has shrunk all of my clothes. I hate closets like that!

Can't wait to see you next week!

Hope said...

Hello Ladies, I know it isn't Monday, but I was on a plane all day on Monday and still wanted to tell you the great books I read while I was in Vegas.

I finished Susan Mallery's 2nd book in the Fools Gold series "Almost Perfect" - pretty good, fast read

I also finished Dee Davis' "Dangerous Desires" I loved this book, I have loved the series. I can't wait until August.

Finally I read Lori Foster's "Jude's Law" & "Murphy's Law". I am new to Lori, only read 3 or 4 of her books, but I truly do love her style.

As to Stephanie Tyler, I LOVED her trilogy. I would highly recommend her.

I haven't decided what I will read next, I am still a little tired and have to catch up on housework, so might not get much read ;o)

BTW, we went to Vegas for my son's world championships in karate and he took 1st in kata and weapons - I am a PROUD momma.

Have a great week everyone.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Linda, your Colorado trip sounds fabulous! I've never been there but hope to be able to visit some day. I'm sure the photos I've seen (which are gorgeous) can't begin to do it justice.

We have lots of Stephanie Tyler fans here. And I know Stephanie is a co-writer of Sydney Croft, so I don't think you could go wrong with these books either. Hope you give them a try!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Mary, wow! You have been on a reading frenzy. That's fabulous!

Thanks for the recommends. Making a note of several of them.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Marie, you're very welcome. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Sam and Nick in Fatal Justice!

See you next week in Orlando!

Jane said...

I read Margaret Mallory's "Knight of Passion." Have fun in Orlando, Christy.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kris, glad you had the chance to read a bit on your vacation. Best of luck to your daughter!

I am so ready to have pajamas announced as acceptable apparel everywhere. Let's start our own fad!

Enjoy your week, Kris!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Aly, as busy as your are, I'm impressed you get to read at all.

I've heard JoAnn Ross's new book is really good. Need to put that on my 'to buy' list.

Enjoy your week. Hope it's not too hectic!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Luci! Sounds like you are one busy lady. Is Skin Tight your first Susan Andersen read? If so, I could give you a list of my faves! She's fabulous!

Smooth Talking Stranger. Is that Lisa Kleypas? I need to move those up higher on my stack. Everyone keeps talking about how wonderful they are!

Have a fabulous week, Luci. Hope the transition at work goes smoothly.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Everyone, again! Sorry I've been so lax this week. I usually only run errands once a week but had to do more stuff yesterday. Hopefully, I'm home to stay for a while.

Jackie, welcome home from vacation! Did you have a great time? Missed you!

Hey Hope! Welcome back from Vegas! And congrats to your son. How very cool! Glad you got some good reading in. Looks like the recommends were sound ones. Yay!

Yesterday, I was at my hair dressers and she told me something I loved! She said that she often comes to my blog for recommendations. She doesn't comment but she reads and prints out the recommended reads. How cool is that? Lots of people might come and visit but not say a word, but your recommendations are being read and are helping people find great books to read. So keep them coming!

Okay, need to get back to work. Seth and Honor are glaring at each other. Gotta see what that's all about!

Kara C said...

That is pretty cool! I know I've got a closet FULL of books, many recommended here (not that I could be classified as one who "might come and visit but not say a word". LOL
Glaring, huh?

Crystal (cmac) said...

No I haven't read any of Dee Davis's earlier books. I'll have to see if I can find some in one of the stores here. For some reason the library doesn't have a lot of the recommended books. grrr lol

Honour's Splender huh. Well that will be on my new list for the library. They do seem to have most of Julie Garwood and Judith McNaughts books.