Monday, August 2, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday!

Wow, what an exciting week I've had. Seeing so many wonderful authors together in one place was so inspiring! Can't wait to tell you some of the highlights. However, I'm still at Disney, taking a few days with friends and having a blast! When I get home, we'll talk!

How was your week and weekend? Did you do anything fabulous? Read anything so wonderful you can't wait to share? If so, please do share!

I haven't had the CHANCE to read this week. And now that I met with my editor and received my revisions for SWEET REVENGE, might be a few more weeks before I'm able to jump into another book. After the revisions are done and Jamie and Dylan are settled once more into their happy ever after, I'll need to get back to Seth and Honor and their SWEET JUSTICE. I left them at a precarious moment and I can't wait to see what they've been up to!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week and that you take some time to find a shady spot to curl up with a great read!

Happy Monday all!


krisgils33 said...

So glad you're getting a chance at a bit of R&R, but selfish me wants you to get back to work soon!!

Last week I read Shattered by Karen Robards (really good), Up Close and Personal by Carla Cassidy (really good, but I get so distracted when there are the end the villian was being "bagged and tagged" and then in the next chapter he was cooling his heels in jail awaiting trial) and Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London (good, but some of the actions by the characters were annoying).

Ronlyn said...

So wish I'd been there with you guys! Such fun!
This week I read Shannon Butcher's No Regrets, No Control and just finished No Escape last night. Very good new to me author. I really enjoyed all 3. I just started Nina Bruhns Shoot to Thrill last night and am hoping to have it done by the time it's due back at the library later this week. LOL

Aly said...

Christy, I am so glad you had a blast at RWA and are getting a bit of a vacation! Of course I am jealous of you as well ;)

This weekend hubby was home and that means I actually got a CHANCE to read!

I read Love is a Four Legged-Word and Home is Where the Bark is both by Kandy Shepherd. They were good fun reads!

Right now I am reading Desperate Deeds (#3 in the A-Tac series) by Dee Davis. I am only about 1/3 of the way through but it is good so far!

Kris - Shattered is one that I want to read. I just never seem to get to it! Will try and move it to the top now!

Ronlyn - I love the Shannon Butcher books :) The Nina Bruhns are good as well! Enjoy!

Today, I am unlucky enough to have a kid with some stomach thing but at least that means I get to work from home in my pajamas! LOL!

Hope everyone has a great week and gets a CHANCE for some SWEET reads.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Happy Monday everyone!
Christy- I hope you enjoy all that Mickey mouse has to offer and much more! You deserve some down time. Even if we do want to to be slave drivers and make you work all the time lol!

Last week I read Ransom and Sizzle by Julie Garwood. Both were good reads. I also had time (while patiently waiting on No Regrets to make it to my mail box.)to reread Rescue Me and Return to Me. As always they were GREAT!! They just keep getting better and better!!

No Regrets FINALLY arrived on Saturday. KK should be proud I didn't give in to temptation and start the second book. lol So I will be reading Delta Force all week.

Ronlyn I really enjoyed Nina Bruhn's Shoot to Thrill. I liked all three books!

Aly I hope your little one gets better soon! Enjoy your day in the PJ'S!!!! That is about everyday for me lol! I guess that is a bonus of being a stay at home mom. Kids don't care if mom lounges around in her jammies. :)

Hope said...

Good Morning everyone - glad you are having a great time in Orlando Christy. I have seen lots of pics, looks like everyone is having a blast.

This week I finished the SEAL series by Mary Margret Daughtridge. They were good, the third was my favorite. Almost like it took her a while to get in touch with the characters. Again, though, these are not books about what seals do, so no action at all, just about the seals love lives, which, to me, was a major bummer. I love the action as well as the romance.

I am in the just now finishing Tempted by Lori Foster. Good read, kind of get the same story through all three stories which get kind of wearing, but she is such a great author.

My next book will be Desperate Deeds by Dee Davis. I have loved the first two books in the series and can't wait to see what comes next. Does anyone know if this is the last book in the series of A-Tac? I seriously hope not.

Have a great week everyone and Christy, safe travels home.

Hope said...

Crystal - who wrote no regrets? Is that the delta force series you are talking about? I love those type of books.

Christy-Leigh said...

Good Morning ladies and Hello Christy. I have just finished "Last Chance" and think I'm emotionally exhausted...LOL but in a good way! Can any of you please (and this may be an impossibility) but out of the many romantic suspense/adventure authors out there, can you advise which on is closest to Christy's writing style and talent? I am in panic mode that I'm finished with this series and need something almost as I know I will find nothing to top it. Many thanks in advance for your advice and thank you Christy so much for your phenomenal writing.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Hope
Shannon K Butcher wrote No Regrets and yes it is the Delta Force series. This is the first book by her that I've read. I'll let you know what I think. She has been highly recommended here on Mondays. This is how I've come to read her books anyway. Military/Black Ops type books are my favorite books to read. I hate that I am pretty picky about the kind of books I like. It makes finding new authors a chore sometimes lol.

Hope said...
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Hope said...

Christy-Leigh, there is a series by Cindy Gerard that is really good too. She is my second favorite to Christy. The first one is called Show No Mercy. She also has a bodyguard series too. Both I would highly recommend. Good Luck ;o)

Crystal, my favorite is the Black/Ops military books too. I find I seem to have a thing for either military hero's or cowboys lol. Have you read the series by Lora Leigh? REALLY good series, the newest one comes next month.

krisgils33 said...

we must be twins separated at faves are military/black ops and cowboys too!!

Unknown said...

Hi all!

It has been awhile since I stopped in. Busy summer and now waiting for my baby nephew to be born. (He will be a week late tomorrow. My poor sister.) As for my reading, I finished Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult, it was a book that was on my shelf forever and I am very happy I finally picked it up. Great read if you like an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes I wanted to strangle the charters, other times I was mad at the author and other times I was laughing and crying. Great book.

The book I just started is Killing my Softly by Maggie Shayne. It is the first book in her newest triology. Not sure about it yet because I am not that far into but we will have see.

Happy reading all and have a happy and safe August!

krisgils33 said...

Oops, I forgot--
I read Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl last week too. This book was funny with quirky characters and a very quick read. It was light and fun and the hero was hysterical with his insatiable need to help everyone. I highly recommend it!!!

Kara C said...

I'm putting a little gold star by your name for reading the first book first. :)
This week I was busy working and playing, so I didn't get to read as much as I usually do. I finished Killing Time by Elise Title, a mystery I just happened to find at the library one day. Right now I am reading Montana Legacy by RC Ryan and A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught which so many of you, including Christy, have recommended. Not much of a fan of historical, at least so far, this one is fantastic!
Hope, Dee Davis told me (Wow, that is SO cool to say!)there will be more titles in the A-Tac series. :)
Christy, thank you - again - for an amazing experience. It was so fun! Wish I was still there. :)

Mary G said...

Hi Christy & All
Christy - glad you had fun at the RWA thing. Saw some pics from Kara -awesome.

I used up the bookstore GCs I got for my birthday:

Deadly Fear-Cynthia Eden
Black Magic-Cherry Adair
Nauti & Wild-Jaci Burton/Lora Leigh
Into The Crossfire-Lisa Marie Rice
Shadows At Midnight-Elizabeth Jennings aka LMR. I'm almost done this one & I enjoyed it very much.

MY TBR pile is ridiculous but GCs make it guilt-free LOL.

Luci said...

I have been really enjoying reading blogs about the RWA and seeing the photos. What a great time you all had. I hope to make it to one one day :). (I dream big :)).

Christy, my friend Nancy came to meet you - she took a photo of you just for me. She is the sweetest. We met on the Susan Elizabeth Philips BB and we email each other often. she has become a really close friend even though we have never met. She is the sweetest! She told me you signed a book for me and she is sending it! Thanks so very much. Being so far away and in a way having a memento of the RWA is great!

I read another historical romance One Forbidden Evening - my first one by Jo Goodman. I enjoyed it and ordered another of her books. Now I am reading Visions in Death by j D Robb. I am reading the series in order and am moving very slowly through the list but i must say each one is great.

I am receiving lots of great books so I am looking forward to some very good reading times - Jennifer Ashley, Erin McCarthy, Eloisa James, Kimberly Fisk, Elizabeth Hoyt plus the only Julia Quinn I haven't read yet - To Catch An Heiress.

Luci said...

Kara, i sometimes find Judith McNaught's books very long winding, although I have a few of them as keepers. but A Kingdom of Dreams is by far my favourite.

Linda said...

Hi Christy,

I hope you have enough fun for all of us! LOL
I read EndGame by Dee Davis and I am almost finished reading Enigma, another of her books. I have enjoyed each so much that I purchased another of her books, Eye of the Storm. Thank you so much ladies for recommending her to me.

I also found my interest grabbed by the first few pages of two paranormal books; Sins of The Heart by Eve Silver and Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl.

...I did manage to get my hands on a Stephanie Tyler book; Hold on Tight...I am still checking the neighborhood book stores for Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft books...Friday, is Barnes & Noble day, so one way or the other I will get them! LOL

Mary G said...

Hi Linda
I read Eye Of The Storm last week & really enjoyed it. Good to know the other ones are good too.

Ronlyn said...

popping back in to say, I'm REALLY liking Shoot to Thrill. REALLY. A lot!

Hope said...

Ronlyn - I loved that whole series - I wonder if there will be more to come from that one??

Christy Reece said...

Hey Everyone! I'm back (in the saddle, so to speak). Had such a great time in Orlando. Saw some of my all time favorite authors and met some new favorites. And of course, one of the biggest highlights was meeting our very own Kara and spending time with her. Yes, she is as SWEET as she seems!

I missed chatting with you all and hope next Monday to get back into the swing of things. I did get revisions for SWEET REVENGE, a bit more that I anticipated, so I need to hop into that as quickly as possible. SWEET JUSTICE is due October 1. Yikes!

Thank you all for the great recommends. Thank you, Crystal, for rereading RESCUE ME and RETURN TO ME and still enjoying it!

Thanks so much, Christy-Leigh for your kind words on my books! You are so SWEET! I don't know that I can recommend authors who are similar to my writing style, but I can recommend some of my favorite romantic suspense authors: Cindy Gerard, Pamela Clare, Roxanne St. Claire, Linda Howard, Allison Brennan, Karen Rose, Kylie Brandt, Stephanie Tyler, Nina Bruhns, Elisabeth Naughton, Dee Davis.

Everyone, feel free to add to this list. My brain is a bit fried right now and I'm sure I've left several out.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and that you're staying cool!

Christy-Leigh said...

Thank you Christy and everybody for your suggestions! I picked up the latest JD Robb and now I have lots of author suggestions to check out. Still jonesing for Christy's upcoming reads tho...
So, I'm not sure this is bad to ask about or not, and perhaps I missed this, but are the H's (and or h's) known yet for the upcoming new series? I'm sure Dylan and perhaps Raphael...? Thanks again!

Kara C said...

This is what Christy posted back in April about H/h's for all her books.
RESCUE ME - Eden St. Claire and Jordan Montgomery
RETURN TO ME - Noah McCall and Samara Lyons
RUN TO ME - Ethan Bishop and Shea Monroe
NO CHANCE - Gabe Maddox and Skylar James
SECOND CHANCE - Cole Mathison and Keeley Fairchild
LAST CHANCE - McKenna Sloan and Lucas Kane
SWEET REVENGE - Dylan Savage and ??????
SWEET JUSTICE - Honor Stone and ??????
SWEET REWARD - Mia Ryker and ???????
@ everyone - finished Kingdom of Dreams. LOVED it. :) You historical fans feel free to give me suggestions. Christy has given me a few to try out. Will be looking for them this weekend.

Glenda A Bixler Reviews said...

I just finished a great whodunit by Lauren Carr, It's Murder, My Son, first book in a new series, with a genius "dog" character named Gnarly...Reall Cool!