Monday, September 13, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

What a lovely September morning here in Alabama. The nights have cooled down considerably and though the days are still warm, the humidity is almost non-existent. Wish it could stay like this forever! How's the weather in your part of the world?

This week looks to be a super busy one. SWEET REVENGE revisions are almost done. Yes, it does seem like this has been going on for a looooooooong time, but the light at the end of that long revision tunnel is finally in sight. After I send them off, I'm taking a few days to regroup. Cars need servicing, fur-kids need bathing and husband needs me to say something to him other than, "Can't, I'm on deadline." (:

Thanks for all the additional recommends last week. As I mentioned, I'm wanting to read something absolutely fabulous during the few days I'm off, so if something else comes to mind, feel free to make the suggestion.

What about your great reads last week? What are you recommending that we run out and buy this week?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


oklanannie said...

Good September morning to one and all! It's a fabulously beautiful day here in Oklahoma enticing me to be outside. Fall is my favorite time of year with its colors and smells.

I'm very excited with news that Susan Elizabeth Phillips will visit Tulsa, OK on January 20, promoting the much anticipated "Teddy's story" in her new book "Call Me Irresistible." She is one of my all-time favorite authors.

Discovered a new author, Susan Sey, and read her debut book, "Money, Honey" this week. A little suspense but focus is on the romantic relationship. Both main characters carry very interesting baggage. There is sizzling chemistry and lots of witty dialogue. Very enjoyable read and I recommend it to you.

I also read the first book in Elizabeth Hoyt's new historical Maiden Lane series, "Wicked Intentions." Very good intro into the new series.

Hope everyone has a great week!

krisgils33 said...

I'm at a conference in Atlanta, but I'm skipping out to visit with my Bama boys. I only lived there 2 years, but made some really great friends who I still miss!

Last week I read The Heat is On by Jill Shalvis (very cute) and Jeanne Adams Dark and Deadly and Dark and Dangerous (both were very good).

Have a great week all!

Ronlyn said...

Good Morning all!
I'm trying to remember what I read earlier this week...I know I read one book that was "ok". Not on of my favorites, so that was a bummer.
I'm almost done with Beverly Barton's "Cold Hearted" which is great! Each time I think I've got the bad guy pegged something happens to make me think that maybe I *don't* have it figured out. hmmm.... Loving it. Thanks for the Beverly rec Mary least I think it was Mary that was touting BB to me.
Hope you have a fantastic week and you hit that light before too long.

Hope said...

Good morning everyone. I hope you are having as much of a beautiful fall day where you are as I am. I love this time of year. Christy, I hope you enjoy some of your down time...You deserve it.

I finished Bella Andre's Never To Hot. I really loved this series and can't wait for the next one to come out. This would be on the top of my list for you Christy for some off time reading.

Other than that, I re-read the A-Tac series by Dee Davis and then re-read Last Chance by Christy.

I kind of had a deal with my husband not to buy any new books until my TBR pile was gone, it had grown to almost 30 books. Thankfully, I am down to my last 3...there are several new ones I am anxious to get.

Have a GREAT week Reeces girlies.

Luci said...

Hi Christy and all :)

Had a very busy day - making my first decisions on new job so i am bit tense wanting to make the right ones.

I love BB Ronlyn and am looking forward to reading her latest Don't Cry. Which reminds me - i'd better go and order it! Cold Hearted was great even though i had an issue with the way the romance developed. Tell me what you think then. The suspense was her usual great though - she gets you to suspect everyone at some point or another.

I am reading Leslie Parrish's Pitch Black and i am very glad i finally picked up this series. I am eyeing the first in her new series Cold Sight too. The last in her Black CATs trilogy - Fade To Black is next for me.

Before this i finished Erin McCarthy's Hot Finish - looking forward to The Chase now.

Since these couple of months have been slow reading months for me i still have a few good books to get to in my piles: ELoisa James' A Kiss at Midnight, Tessa Dare's Stud Club trilogy, Suzanne Brockmann's Hot Pursuit among others.

I also have Elizabeth Jennings' latest on the way and am eyeing the Maya Banks book you suggested last week. Her erotica books are over my price range but this new series of her seems more in my style and within my budget. Plus its getting very good reviews.

Ronlyn said...

Luci~ I can see having an issue with the way the romance is developing. I've got probably 60-70 pages left and there's been a lot of attraction so far, but I would hesitate to say they really have much of a relationship yet. It's interesting. I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts after I finish. Right now I just want to yell at all the "cling-ons" to Leave Her ALONE! LOL. They're all getting on my nerves. I, personally, would never have to worry about the type of issues with the cling-ons because I would have booted them all the curb long ago. ;-)

Linda said...

Hello everyone,

I read Eve Silver Sins of the Soul...I am really enjoying her books.

I decided to try and hold off on reading Christine Feehan Dark Peril...but, I lost the battle on Friday. I love her Carpathian novels and this one was really good! ---Although, my favorite is still and will remain Dark Slayer.
I am looking forward to her next Carpathian novel in 2011; Dark Predator. I am 95% sure that this will finally be Zacarias...and I am 50% sure that his life mate will be Marguarita....although, Ms. Feehan is good with the curb ball! LOL

I am now starting Linda Howard's Veil of Night.

All my other fav writers---Ms. Reece---are going to make 2011 a fabulous year!

Have a good week everyone!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Happy Monday everyone!! Christy I hope you enjoy your down time! Much needed!!!

I am trying to remember what all I read last week myself... I know I read Swept Away by a Kiss by Katharine Ashe. I really enjoyed it!
I read An Affair to Remember by Karen Hawkins. It was also good. It had some really funny humor! It was about an arrogant Earl that inherited 5 small "devils own spawn" children. Very amusing!
I also reread Tiger's Eye by Karen Robards. It was a great reread!
It seems like there was one more, but obviously if I can't remember what it was then I suppose it wasn't outstanding. lol

Have a good week everyone!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey everyone! Just checking in for a few minutes. I'm winding down revisions. Hope to get them off either today or tomorrow. So very excited about this book and can't wait to share it with you. Oh, and excerpt coming soon. Yay!

Anne, how very cool that SEP is coming to Tulsa. I'm a couple of books behind on her but need to catch up. She's one of my all time favorites too.

I saw where Money, Honey received an 'A' from All About Romance. How very cool that Susan Sey got a DIK for her debut book. Will definitely be looking for this one. And it really sounds like Hoyt's new book Wicked Intentions is a must read. I'm very excited about my upcoming reading binge. If only I could read as fast as Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds, I'd be all set!

Kris, you lived in Georgia or Alabama? Hope you're having a good conference. At least you're having nice weather for it. I need to read Jill Shalvis. I know several of you have recommended her. And Jeanne Adams too. I remember my mom reading her books and telling me how much she enjoyed them.

Ronlyn, Beverly Barton is awesome, isn't she? And have to say, I really love her newest covers. They grabbed my attention immediately.

Hope, each time I get a few moments, I often find myself reading Bella Andre. She's wonderful! And though I read and loved Dee Davis's older books, I've still got her new trilogy to read and so looking forward to it.

Hope you enjoyed your reread of LAST CHANCE! McKenna makes several appearances in SWEET REVENGE and each time she does, I smile. I love her character!

Luci, hope the decisions you made on the job turns out wonderful for you. Looks as though you had some excellent luck with good reads lately and have some great ones lined up. Tessa Dare's newest trilogy is supposed to be fabulous. Enjoy!

Linda, I have Dark Slayer but haven't read it yet. I'm about five books behind on the Dark series. Really need to catch up because I love those Carpathians too! Glad you're looking forward to 2011. I am too!

Crystal, is Swept Away by a Kiss a historical? I don't think I've heard of it. Will have to look it up. And I know you've recommended several Karen Robards books. Is Tiger's Eye your favorite of hers?

Wishing everyone a fabulous rest of the week. I'm headed back to my writing cave. Will check in again later!

krisgils33 said...

Christy, I lived in Montgomery, Alabama for two years. The best part was the wonderful friends I made.

Luci said...

I forgot to say that SEP should be going to Germany in May/June next year. Am planning to go. There are a few German Seppies on the SEP BB I have made friends with and would love to meet. Plus attending a book signing by her should be great. Followed one signing she made of TID4L on the web - was really cool :)