Monday, January 31, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good week and weekend. Did you read anything wonderful? If so, please share!

Last week was a productive one for me. Jamie and Dylan cooperated quite nicely and SWEET REVENGE is hopping along. Can't wait to see what these two have planned for me this week!

Since back cover blurbs, covers and excerpts will be coming in the next few months, I'm going to make some necessary changes to my website. Of course, the SWEET books need to be front and center. However, when a new reader visits my website, I want to make sure they know about the first six books in the series. I'll be talking with my website designer on Wednesday, so if anyone has suggestions for changes, feel free to let me know. You can post here or email me at I may not be able to incorporate all ideas, (changes can get pricey) but I would love to hear your suggestions.

In between writing and making website changes, I'm also enjoying some great books. Once again, I'm judging in the Rita contest and have really enjoyed the entries I received. I wish I could tell you what they are, but since no one can know who read the entries, I can't. However, I will say this, 2010 was a great year for some wonderful books! LOL. Yes, I know that's not terribly informative!

Also, since I have the SWEETest readers in the world, I'm doing a giveaway for the month of February. One random commenter will win a $25 gift card to Books-A-Million. I'll draw at the end of the month, so be sure to comment each Monday (today) and throughout the month of February for a CHANCE to win!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm one month from deadline and need to hunker down. Hopefully Dylan and Jamie will be cooperative once again.

Can't wait to see what books you're recommending!

There's more snow coming to much of the nation this week. Stay warm and safe. Heck, stay home and read a great book!


Ronlyn said...

Happy Monday Christy!
For website ideas: I always like when an author has a tab that says "BOOKS". It's right there, in your face, no searching or guessing and trying to figure out which trilogy or series the book I'm looking for may be listed under.
What can I say, subtlty is not my strong suit. LOL.
I read a couple different books this week, heavy suspense with Cynthia Eden and Lisa Gardner...and something else that's not coming to me right now, as well as doing some reasearch. My mind is a fog at the moment.
How D&J continue to cooperate!

Alison said...

Good Morning!

I agree with Ronlyn...a books link or tab is great on author websites. I don't like to have to look to hard for books in a series and the order they should be read in.

This week I read Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis which I really enjoyed it was such a fun book. I also read The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton...HOT! Loved Mick! Right now I'm re-reading See Jane Score.

Hope everyone has a good week!

krisgils33 said...

Hey Christy! It's good to "see" you! Can't wait for revisions to be done and we'll be that much closer to the book!! YAY!!

Last week I read Shiloh Walker's The Missing. Very intense with some disturbing subject matter, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. She's a new-to-me author and I've been enjoying her writing style.

I started Loose Ends by Tara Janzen and I'm loving it!! I'm going to miss those Steele Street boys!!!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi all!
Christy you seem to be very busy with the next deadline coming , judging for the Rita contest and changing your website - so I think its great that you still take the time for Recommend Monday.

I agree with Ronlyn and Ali - its important to find the books quickly and if the books are part of a series it should be mentioned which is the right order ore whether they can be read independently.

Last week I read "Ain´t she sweet" by SEP and i absolutely loved this book. I was also delightet to see that the quotations at the beginning of the chapters were from some of my favourite books by Georgette Heyer and I actually recognized nearly every scene the quotations came from.
Has anyone here read books by G.Heyer and if so did you like them?
Especially "these old shades" or "the Grand Sophie" are absolutely great ( oh I think I mentioned that earlier already , sorry - I got carried away).

Have a great week everyone!

Mary G said...

Hi All

Christy, I like the book tab. You can have "current" & "coming soon" as drop down menus under books or just have separate tabs in the banner.

I read:

Beleive In Me - Laure Moore. Loved it as much as Remember Me.

Against The Fire - Kat Martin. Book 2 in the series & I enjoyed it as well.

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. - Lisa Kleypas. Lovely words. I won this one but I don't think I would have bought the hardcover at $20 CDN for just over 200 pages.

Daedly Fear - Cynthia Eden OMG awesome rom. susp. So hot.

Just started Deadly Heat by Cynthia

Mary G said...

Kris - The Missing is one of my fave books ever. One where I closed the book & just sighed when I was done. Fragile & Broken are jsut as awesome if you haven't read them yet.

Mary G said...

Stupid Question:

Lisa Gardner & Karen Rose -
rom susp. or just susp.?

Hope said...

Hello everyone (except Kris, I am not speaking to her at the moment...she is rubbing my nose in the fact that she got the book before me, therefore she is on my list.)

I agree with Ronlyn (seems to happen a lot lately), a books tab, and making sure you know what books are in a series and what comes first is a huge thing for me. Lots of books don't list they are a series and it get frustrating to realize you are reading out of order.

I finished a book last week that I won't recommend, cause it didn't work for me, but it was a series book, so it was a must read to keep the world balanced and books in order.

I am currently almost finished with The Pretender by Celeste Bradley the first in the Liar's Club books. Ronlyn has been after me for a while to read this is soooooo good AND a historical to boot. It is a romantic suspense in the 1800's a bunch of spy' great. LOVE IT!!!

Alison, you are going to love that series with See Jane Score. It is one of my reread series often.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Crhisty! Sounds like some exciting changes are coming to your website!! I'm going to agree with Ronlyn also on the BOOK tab! That really helps people like me who want to "easily" see the order of a series.
Last week I read the 3rd and 4th Wallflower books by Lisa Kleypas. I've really enjoyed this series.
There are a couple books that I've read but don't remember mentioning them. I read Fatal Justice by Marie Force last week I believe, but anyway it is a very good continuing story of Fatal Affair. I'm loving the series I think Marie is doing a fabulous job.
I also read Cain's Reckoning #1 in the Hell's Eight series. I enjoyed this book a great deal. Lots of turmoil, grief and other emotional stuff. lol
Have a great week everyone and stay warm!

Ronlyn said...

I LOVE when people agree with me. :-)

Mary G said...

Caine's Reckoning - first book I ever picked up because of the cover. I bought it even though it was a historical. I thought it was sooo hot, probable the first erotic book I read. I loved the rest in the series although the last 2 are in my TBR pile.

True funny: I met Sarah McCarty in Cincy. I shook my finger at her like I was mad. I said, "You made my buy a book for the cover. You made me read historicals again". She said with this little smile, "You're welcome!"

She says she has the big poster of Caine'e Reckoning cover in her office. I would not get anything done. LOL.

krisgils33 said...

Mary G-
I started with Fragile and Broken. I was about 30 pages into Fragile (my first Shiloh Walker read) and I went ahead and ordered Broken. I'm really liking her stuff!

Dearest Hope-
you are so pretty today!!!

Mary G said...

Oh great Kris. You probably mentioned that & I forgot. Glad you enjoyed.

CrystalGB said...

I am reading Prelude to a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle. It has been good so far.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Mary if I had Cain's Reckoning book cover blown up I would be drooling all the time. YUMMY!!

Shelly Estes said...

Didn't get much reading done this week, but I did read Snow Bound by Larissa Ione and Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy. Can't wait to hear more about Dylan & Jamie!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey all, thanks for the great book recommends and the ideas on my website. I agree with you about the book tab. That's a definite must. If you think of anything else, be sure to let me know!

Special note to Elke. Ain't She Sweet is awesome, isn't it? One of my favorite SEP books.

We're in the midst of a major rain here in the South but I know there's lots of snow and ice elsewhere. Everyone stay safe, wherever you are!

Okay, I'm headed back to West Virginia, where Jamie and Dylan are about to come to an agreement of sorts. We'll see if that lasts!