Monday, March 21, 2011

Recommend Monday and Happy Spring!

Good Monday All!

Is it springtime where you are? It's lovely here. Flowers are blooming, the cherry blossoms and dogwood blossoms are competing to see who can have the most blooms and bumble bees are practically salivating with all of the juicy choices they have before them. I do love Spring!

How was your week and weekend? Do anything fabulously fun or read something so wonderful you couldn't wait to share it with us? If so, let us know so we can rush out and get them before they're all gone!

I have a recommend for you today, a bit self-serving but sincere. SWEET JUSTICE by Christy Reece. (: I'm in the midst of copyedits and I'd forgotten how much I love this book! Okay, so the villain is uber creepy, freaky and altogether eeky (sounds like he's from the Addam's family) but justice does prevail. And Honor and Seth are so much fun. Brave, courageous and just really good people and their heat index is off-the-charts steamy! I might possibly have an excerpt for you later this week, so stay tuned!

Has anyone seen the cover for SWEET REVENGE? I haven't posted it yet because it's not the final version. If you click on to the buy sites from my website, you'll see it. Let me know what you think!

Good news! Found out that SWEET REWARD is going to release this year! So mark your calendars for December 27 because Jared and Mia will be in stores that day. Yay!

I just now finalized my plans for the RT Convention in LA. Kept waiting for those pesky too-high prices to drop, which didn't happen, so I bit the bullet. Anyone else going to be at RT? If so, be sure to come by for the signing on Saturday, April 9. I'll have chocolate...and oh yeah, books to sell too. (:

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 26. We'll start our Last Chance Rescue books discussion that day with RETURN TO ME. So if you've been thinking about an LCR reread, that's a good place to start. I'll share backstory, surprises and there will be giveaways!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed back to the land of Seth and Honor. I've read through this book three times since I started on the copyedits and the last time, I managed to not sob. Yay, I'm getting tougher!

Hope everyone has a super week! Now, tell us what books you loved last week!


Luci said...

Don't tease Christy! Cannot wait to read the SWEET books!

In Malta the weather is not 'springy' at all!

I have a recommend today. I am in the third book of Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series and i am loving the series. The Chief is my favourite but the following two are very good too. CAnnot wait for The Viper - out later on this year.

Ronlyn said...

This weekend was quite wonderful Spring-time weather. I managed to escape my sick guys (man-sick x3!!!) to do a bit of gardening outside, which was sooo wonderful. I love being outside and gardening. Someday I plan to get a large greenhouse and try to keep it running/producing for 6 months. We'll see.
This week I read Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series, which was a great, fun contemp series. I needed that with all the man-sick and mini-man-sick I was dealing with. Yuck.

I've got tons to do today, so I've got to scoot. Happy Monday!

Alison said...

Happy Monday All!

I can't wait to read the SWEET books!!

The weekend went by way too fast! I went to the UBS this weekend and picked up way too many books!

This weekend I read One Night Stand by Cindy Kirk, A Creed in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller and The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe. I enjoyed all three of them...they were fun, easy reads.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Jackie P said...

Love all the exciting news about the sweet books. So looking forward to them. Been on another historical kick with Lorraine Heath, loved them. Just picked up Jill Mansell's Millies Fling which is turning into lots of fun(and by the way.. it is a freebie on kindle). Looking forward to tomorrow so I can grab Suzanne Brockmann's Breaking The Rules, love Izzy!

Tara said...

Hi all, Happy Monday!

We were teased with Spring weather this weekend and enjoyed every second of it.

I am so excited for the new Sweet books and the Sweet re-visit!

Ronlyn, Man sickX1 makes me a bit crazy. Man sick X3, Wow! I can't imagine. Your garden sounds great, I have always wanted to give one a whirl, but have yet to try.

Per all the suggestions here, I flew through the Mackenzie books by Linda Howard. I loved them! Thank you all for your suggestions to read this series.

Alison, I am so jealous of your UBS trip. I love UBS and they closed the one in our town a few years ago. I am glad you found some great books!

This week I am taking Julie James A Lot Like Love and my Kindle which is full of TBR books on our trip.

Well I need to fit 5 days of work into 3 so I can really take off Thursday and Friday so I have to run.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for all the great book suggestions!

Mary G said...

Hi All
Hopefully Spring is close.
I read 2 of Julia London’s: Summer Of Two Wishes and A Light at Winter’s End. Very ‘turmoilish’ but I enjoyed them very much. Finishing One Scream Away by Kate Brady. I had to put it down because I’m basically a wimp and was freaked out reading it even during the day.

Elke said...

Hi All,
I am glad spring is finally coming although the nights are still cold here - I had to scrape the ice from my car windows this morning, but later it was sunny and getting warmer.

Christy - its great that all three Sweet books are released this year - I can´t wait for the first excerpt.

Ronlyn I hope your three men are better soon.

Last week I read " Hidden Away" by Maya Banks and I think this series gets better with each book - I love the Kelly Family and I hope the next book will tell Donovans story.

I also read " Love me to death" by Shannon K. Butcher and I was thrilled - the villain was one of the scariest I ever read of and I had a hard time to put the book down. .

Jackie I am looking forward to "Breaking the rules" as well but I have to wait till the end of the week - amazon announced the delivery for the 25th - grrr. But I am sure it is worth the waiting.

Have a nice week everyone.

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone...We have been busy this past week and this weekend with the Oregon state FFA convention, which we I was busy being slave wife. Decided today I wasn't going to go to the last session so I stopped answering my phone ~evil laugh~

I have a few recommends from last week. I read Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Fire. I still have 2 more to go to get ready for Izzy.

I also read A Creed in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller and I really loved it. I have loved all of her Creed and McKettrick books.

I finished the 3rd "cowboy" book in Kat Martin's trilogy...Against the Law. I loved all three books, but the third one was for sure my favorite.

Have a great week everyone!!!

krisgils33 said...

I'm so excited that the books will be coming out soon!!! It has been waaaaayyyy too long! :-)

Last week I read Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin and I really enjoyed it.

I flew out to SanFran today and on the plane I read about 1/2 of Beth Ciotta's Out of Eden. It's a really cute story so far. I have the one that comes after it tucked in my suitcase for the trip home.

Linda said...

I can't fall asleep tonight! The body is willing, but the mind won't quit whirling! :)

I like the cover Christy and absolutely can not wait to read the books!

The few weeks, I have read, Pamela Palmer's Rapture Untamed and Hunger Untamed. Lora Leigh's Live Wire and Styx's Storm. Shannon K Butcher's Living On The Edge and Maya Banks' Hidden Away.

I enjoyed them all!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Luci said...

Elke, re the Kelly series by Maya Banks. Donovan's book is not the one out next. I believe she has a few books to go before she gets to his. The next book is Rio's and I read somewhere that the one after that is Nathan's although I don't remember where I read that.

Christy Reece said...

Hey everyone, thanks for all the great recommends! Don't hesitate to come back and add more. Sorry I can't respond to every post this time. Got to finish up SWEET JUSTICE this week, get ready for any revisions to SWEET REVENGE and start on SWEET REWARD. Yes, I do have a SWEET job!

Thank you all for the good wishes and good luck karma on the upcoming books. I know they've been a long time coming, but I do want to make them worth your while!

Enjoy your week and I'll pop back in a couple of days with more SWEET news!

Luci said...


sorry I made a mistake. Nathan's book is out next - February 2012

then Rio's book - august 2012