Monday, May 2, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Wow, where do I start? Amongst the usual book news and such, I sometimes have an interesting tidbit of something or the other, but today it seems I could write a book. First, how was your week and weekend? Did you do anything fun you want to share with us? What about great reads? What books did you devour that you can't wait for others to know about? Please share!

Last week was a very scary time around here. As most of you know, the South was ravaged by tornadoes on Wednesday. Several states were devastated and my home state was one of the hardest hit. The last I heard, we had over 250 dead in Alabama alone. Many people lost their lives, their loved ones, their homes and everything they had. My family and I were so fortunate to have escaped any damage and my heart and prayers go out to those devastated families. If you are interested in helping these victims, here's the link to the American Red Cross.

Then, of course, on Friday, was the lovely wedding of William and Kate. What a beautiful bride, hero-handsome groom and absolutely perfect wedding. My romantic heart pitter-patted in delight at the sheer happiness the couple exuded. I wish them every happiness.

And then, of course, the news yesterday, that one of the most reviled men in the world had finally been killed. While it seems odd, strange and sad to be happy that a man is dead, evil has been met with justice. And, for the first time, when typing SWEET JUSTICE, I'm not talking about my book. (:

God bless our US Military, especially the Navy Seals and most especially Seal Team Six! And God bless the USA!

Now, back to the wonderful world of books. As you know, Pamela Clare's Breaking Point comes out tomorrow. I've read this book and it is a highly recommended read. I adored Zach and Natalie and I know you will too. Tomorrow, I'll post links to excerpts, but wanted to give you a heads up to 'Buy This Book'!

On Wednesday, May 4, I have a special guest for you. Lexi George will be visiting here. Her debut novel, Demon Hunting in Dixie, came out last Tuesday. It's a hilarious paranormal romance and if you've not had a chance to read it, I encourage you to grab a copy. Lexi will be giving away a copy, so be sure to come by and comment for a chance to win!

Last week, just when the storms were hitting, I was finishing up revisions for SWEET REVENGE. Glad to say I got them off! And, only a few moments ago, the Fed Ex. man dropped off page proofs for SWEET JUSTICE. However, I'm running behind on SWEET REWARD, so in between all these SWEETs, I am blessed with work!

Since today is my birthday and I'm feeling euphoric and a bit giddy, (I've heard that's common when one reaches certain advanced ages) I'd like to offer one person a signed copy of NO CHANCE and LAST CHANCE. The first person who comments on this blog with the words "I want these books!' wins!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed back into my writing cave to cover myself in SWEETs! If I left out any exciting or breaking news, please forgive me. There's just been so much going on, it's hard to keep up.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday. Can't wait to hear what books you're recommending this week!


Crystal said...

Happy Monday everyone! What a truly amazing day for Americans. My heart goes out to everyone who lost family or friends on 9/11 today must be terribly bittersweet for you all. Super sweet for justice finally being served for their innocent lives lost, but at the same time I bet it is hard remembering the loss. I would just like to say that the men and woman of our military ROCK! Yes the Seal team 6 is the ones who delivered the message, but the entire armed forces had a message ready to personally hand deliver. lol

First and most importantly!!!Tomorrow is the release of Pamela Clare's Breaking Point. This is a MUST! Rush out, push through the crowd, skip your morning coffee, wear your pajamas, don't worry about brushing your hair or your teeth just GET to the store at all cost to pick it up kind of book! The absolute best book of the year so far! It is way up at the top of my best book ever list. It is edge of your seat suspense from the very first page. I read it then immediately reread it. You getting my drift here? lol
Also great books that I've recently read are
The Chief
The Hawk
The Ranger the Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty. Ronlyn recommended these awhile back. I can't wait until the next one comes out!
My Best Friends Baby by Mallory Kane and Never too Hot by Bella Andre were both good books as well.
When I started this I figured I would have a long list but the only other ones I can think of were not in my opinion recommend worthy so... if I think of something else I'll come back and add. Have a great day everyone!

Crystal said...

OHHH HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christy!! Hope hubby has fabulous things planned for you!

Mary G said...

Happy Birthday Christy!!
Hope you have an awesome day.

Hope said...

Happy Happy Birthday Christy....I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Gotta love the FedEx man (and the UPS man), they bring the most marvelous presents by way of books :)

I also agree with Pamela Clare's Breaking Point. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Such great chemistry those two have, and I love a heroine with some grit and backbone.

I just finished the 2nd Guardian Angelo book by Roxanne St. Claire, and I am loving this series, and the family. Uncle Nino is just.....well wonderful. I wish I had one of him!!

I also finished Rachel Gibson's Any Man of Mine, and while this wasn't my favorite of the hockey series, it was still a good, quick read. I was sad to hear it was the last in the series, at least for a long while.

I also dipped in to the historical world last week, picking up Pamela Clare's Surrender. I LOVED this book, and I am not afraid to say, RONLYN YOU WERE RIGHT (again). One of the reasons I don't like historicals is all the fluff and lace for lack of better description. This one was rough and ready and the hero and heroine rocked. A must try for those who don't normally like historicals, like me!!!

Finally, I am so proud to be an American today. It was so tragic years ago for those who lost loved ones, and in the years since, all of the military family and friends we have lost. BUT, we finally got him and I know I breath a little better knowing that my son will grow up in a world without that leader in it.

Have a wonderful week my good friend would say.....HOO YAH (or however you spell that lol)

Mary G said...

Hi all
Yes it would take Osama to knock Kate & William off the front page of the newspaper. Hope he's enjoying his 77 year old virgin or was that 77 virgins they were promised if they died for the cause (that was in an editorial cartoon in our paper years ago). Obama speech gave me chills last night.

I absolutely was blown away by Breaking Point. What an amazing couple. I sure did enjoy Jed in my head while I read about Zach.

I also loved Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire. It's an early one that she's modest about but the quailty of writing is the same. Fell in love with Beau Lansing, a race car driver, and the heroine was awesome too.

Now reading When You Dare by Lori Foster & enjoying it very much.

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...


Christy Reece said...

Yay, Taryn! You got them! Email me at with your mailing address.


Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

OMG....I think I'm hyperventilating! You just made my day! Thank you sooooo much!

Crystal said...

Congrats Taryn!!

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...


Mary G said...

Congrats Taryn
You'll be hooked forever.

Unknown said...

Hi all.

I read Eve by Iris Johansen this past week and it was really good. I can't wait for the final two in this trilogy to come out. The next on is going to be about Joe. Her love for the past 10 years.
After Eve I did want to go to her house and ask her why she let us hang like she has for the next three months. Oh well.

Now I am reading Beverly Barton's new book that just came out last Tuesday. For some reason I am reading really slow. Maybe because as far as I know after this book there will only be one more left.

Off the subject of books I saw Fast 5 Saturday. Great Movie. Better eye candy and it has pretty much set it up for #6.

Happy reading all

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Mary G-I already am!

krisgils33 said...

happy birthday christy! i was very happy to hear that you and all my friends down in Bama were safe and sound.

last week i read butterfly tattoo, luck be a lady, and breaking point. all very different books and each was good in its own way. i absolutely LOVED breaking point! anyone who hasn't read it yet must do so RIGHT NOW!!! :-)

this past weekend was so crazy busy, i'm looking forward to going to san fran and hopefully getting some extra rest!!!

have a great week!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Christy! I hope you have an amazing day!

I read some good books this weekend...Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson, Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Dukes Heart, by Sarah MacLean, and I got all caught up on the Brown Siblins series by Lauren Dane.

Have a great week everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sure it is one you will never forget :). Thank you so much for reminding us about Pamela Clare's new book, I had totally forgotten about it--heading over now to set up a download on my kindle.
This recommendation doesn't fall under romantic suspense exactly but I was out of reading material (gasp) and picked up Keith Thompson's "Once a Spy" at the library. I enjoyed it so much I downloaded his second "Twice a Spy" as soon as I was done. "Once a Spy" is fast moving, funny and has a dash (is that less than a pinch?) of romance. I'm still working on the second but it starts off with a bang. Pick it up, you won't regret it!!

Elke said...

Hi Everyone,
Christy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you a wonderfull day .

As to the news about the death of Osama bin Laden, I am glad he is out of the equation and as far as I know no Navy Seal was harmed during that mission.But I fear that it is not the end of the terror of Al Quaida. As one of the commenters of that news said - it is easier to kill a man than an idea .

But enough of politics.

Last week I read "Face of Danger" and I must say that one is definitely one of those books I will reread more than once. I simply love Vivi and the fact that at the age of only fifteen she made the decision to keep her horrible secret to herself in order to prevent her brother from stupid acts of revenge I thought was very brave. A really great book.

I also read Mary Burtons "Dead Ringer" and although it was more suspense than romance it was very good and I already ordered "I`m watching you" and the third one,"Dying Scream". For those who are interested in reading these books: Start with " I´m watching you" because I think there are spoilers in "Dead Ringer".

As everyone is so excited about "Breaking Point" I really hope that it will be delivered within the very next days because I can´t wait much longer.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Luci said...

Happy Birthday Christy - hope you have a SWEET day!

Crystal i love Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series - she has become an autobuy for me.

At the moment i am reading book 3 of The Guadian Angelinos series by Roxanne St Claire - Face of Danger - and its great till now.

I have Beverly Barton's Dead by Morning at me but I am so sad at her death that I am reluctant to start it because once i finish it its one of the last books of hers i will receive :(.

I have Breaking Point on pre order - hope to receive it real soon! I also just received Sarah Maclean's latest and hope to get to that real soon too. My reading pace has slowed down considerably unfortunately. Too much to do no time to read.

Elke said...

Just read the first two chapters of "Breaking Point" on Pamelas website and sat at the edge of my seat, biting my nails - wow! I will have to clear my timetable in order to not be disturbed while reading BP.

Crystal said...

Oh Elke it is that way ALL the way through it. Yes definitely clear your schedule!!

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Luci-have you read Roxanne's other series? I have them but haven't read them yet.

Elke said...

Hi Crystal, its nice to have you back on " Recommend Monday" - its been a while I think.

Crystal said...

Hi Elke
Yeah it has been awhile my Mondays just haven't been the same. :)I can't wait to here how you like Breaking Point!

Carla Swafford said...

All day long I kept think today was an important day (nothing to do with the crazy man's death). Then I was reading your blog and you reminded me.



Kara C said...

The past few days have been tremendously emotional, that is for sure! So glad you and yours came through the storm, Christy. Such devastation is hard to wrap your mind around.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I guess one positive note about the luncheon being cancelled this weekend is you don't have to endure me singing to you. ;)
I read Saving Jemma by Pamela Loewry, Linda Howard's After the Night, Kat Martin's Against the Law, and Marie Force's Maid for Love. I've just started some new books, and hopefully they'll be great reads as well.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Christy - " today it seems I could write a book." Guess that's a good thing, huh? :-)

Christy Reece said...

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! My day was most excellent!

Also, wow, great recommends yesterday too! You guys have been reading up a storm! Thank you for sharing your great reads with us!

As you can see, today I posted some Pamela Clare links. If you can, come over to my Facebook page and read an excerpt over there. Comment for a chance to win Breaking Point and an LCR book of your choice!

Hope everyone has a spectacular Tuesday! I'm headed back to my SWEET world today!

Blessings to all!