Monday, May 9, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous week and weekend! Did you do anything exciting for Mother's Day? Go somewhere fun, get a fabulous gift or treated extra special for your special day?

I went to see my mom and she's doing wonderfully well. She's even walking short distances without a cane. What an inspiration! Thank you all again for your good wishes and prayers. They're working!

Thank you also for the wonderful birthday wishes, cards and gifts. I can't tell you how much they meant to me. I sincerely, without a doubt, no question about it, have the bestest, kindest and SWEETest readers in the world!

Last week, in between birthday celebrations, I worked on page proofs for SWEET JUSTICE and also spent some time with Jared and Mia from SWEET REWARD. Deadline for their book is in June and today we're going to have a very direct face to face meeting about the importance of cooperation if they're to achieve their HEA on time. Wish me luck!

What do you think about the new website design? Doesn't it look cleaner? How's the navigation for you? Are you finding what you're looking for easily? There are a few glitches (the SWEET JUSTICE countdown clock isn't working), and a few date issues and such, but for the most part, we're almost there. Be sure to let me know if there's something else you'd like to see that would be helpful.

Regarding the new covers. SWEET JUSTICE cover is almost set, there's still some tweaking being done with SWEET REVENGE and I'm hoping to see something on SWEET REWARD within the next few weeks. Yay! And, as you can see, all three can be pre-ordered in various places. Double Yay!

I'm running behind on sending prizes out, so if you're one of the many who've won something here or on Facebook within the last couple of weeks, please be patient. They'll be sent soon. Promise!

The Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes opened last week and if you've not been to the site, there are some incredible things up for bid. The set of six books in the Last Chance Rescue series is up for bid, along with many many other awesome items. Here's the link for the LCR series.

Don't forget that our monthly LCR discussion, counting down to the release of SWEET JUSTICE, continues on May 24 with a discussion of RUN TO ME. If you've not had a chance to visit with Ethan and Shea lately, or haven't read their story, be sure to do so before the discussion. Lots of fun facts and major spoilers to be revealed!

So what fabulous reads are you recommending this week? I'm in the midst of reading Cherry Adair's Hush. And wow oh wow, what a wild, fun ride so far!

Okay, I'm headed back to my writing cave for the final polish to Seth and Honor's book and my meeting with Jared and Mia. Will check back soon to see what great reads you're recommending.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Christi said...

I just finished HUSH on was sooo good. Cried through so much of the end! I have a book order coming in today so I don't know what I am going to read next...

I spent Mother's Day reading THE GEEK JOB on my Kindle at the bookstore. It was a fun little read for the afternoon and was so relaxing for me!

Good luck with all the writing and proof work this week, Christy! smiles...

krisgils33 said...

Morning all! Happy day after Mother's Day. We had an all day dance competition yesterday, so my butt is really dragging at work today and that venti Starbucks has not come close to kicking in. The good news is that my daughter did AWESOME (actually the entire dance company did). Her group numbers all did well and one of them took the overall spot. Casey's solo received a bunch of awards, including overall first place in the age group! I am one proud momma!!

My recommends from last week are When You Dare, Lori Foster and Live Wire, Lora Leigh. Both are excellent reads.

Elke said...

Hi Everyone,
Christy - congratulations for the new website design. I especially like the new colouring and the navigation is quite easy -the books can be found in the right order which is important IMO .
I read "Dead Ringer" by Mary Burton and then discoverded that "I`m watching you" comes first and there were spoilers in the second book. But nonetheless I enjoyed reading both books. I am waiting for the third book to be delivered.
I also got "Breaking Point" at the very date of its release and started it right away- it was thrilling an I could not put it down .I loved Zack and Natalie and it was great to see more of Julian, Marc and Gabe.I hope there will be more I-Team books.

I am just finishing " Senseless" by Mary Burton and "Mercyless" is already waiting on my TBR shelf. Also great books ( recommended here - so thanks Ladies !).

Have a great week everyone!

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

Love the new website Christy!!

This weekend I started reading the Steele Street series by Tara Janzen and I am loving them so far. I'm currently reading and enjoying the 3rd book in the series...Crazy Wild.

I also read Face of Danger by Roxanne St. Claire and loved it and Breaking Point...AMAZING! I also read Marie Force's Maid for Love last week as well and really liked it, such a good story!

Anyway...that's enough outta me for now! Have a good week everyone!

Hope said...

Happy Monday all (insert sarcasm here). It was a very busy weekend here in the Frost home. Jordan and I traveled to Vancouver for a karate tournament (where he took a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd place YAY). Came home yesterday to a clean house (including laundry) and a new ice cream maker for Mother's Day. FABULOUS!!!

I didn't get a ton read last week as we were in prep mode. I read and LOVED Lori Foster's new book, When you Dare. If you haven't read this one, it is a must read. This series is going to be great.

I also finished the 2nd Guardian Angelo's book and I am very much looking forward to Vivi's book, which is next.

I am currently reading Marie Force's Maid for Love. I am really liking it so far.

Have a great week everyone, good luck Christy on your edits.

Unknown said...

Hi all...
I had a lazy weekend. Had lunch with my sister's minus one at my parent's house for Mother's Day. We picked up some chicken from Culver's which was really good. Tim fixed my back brakes so I can be a safe driver again.

I am still reading Beverly Barton's new book. I really think I don't want to finish because if they don't get a ghost writer we may never know what happened to the Powell Agency founding members before they became the people they are now. Grrrrrrrrr.

I guess I will have to settle for Dancing with The Stars tonight. Go Team Hines!

Happy reading all!

Terri said...

Love the new site.

I just read The Phoenix Charm by Helen Scott Taylor and I really liked it. I fell in love with the Hero from the very start.

Candi M. said...

In Beverly Barton's memory I'm re-reading a few of hers. AFTER DARK is currently one I'm reading.
I love the new site Christy!

Mary G said...

I don't want to think about counting down to SWEETNESS.

Mother's Day was great. My grandpa took us all out for dinner so nobody had to cook. It was fun.

I'm reading Hush by Cherry Adair. I don't remember laughing & being scared at the same time as much as with this book. Great banter. I'm loving her cargo pants with the pockets full of stuff that is saving the day LOL.

Mary G said...

Inhaled When You Dare by Lori Foster. It was fab. Can't wait for the next one. Hope she's selling it in Cincy so she can sign it for me.

Read & enjoyed:
Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin

Clay - Cheyenne McCray
Wish it was longer - for a trade paperback, but I had a discount coupon so that helped the guilt.

Heartache Falls - Emily March
I had trouble at first with this one. Not trouble reading it, just empathy for them. But of course it turned out great.

Three To Tango anthology
Past Midnight - Jasmine Haynes
Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning

Crystal said...

:::GASP::: I am late!
I had a fabulous Mother's Day! My hubster had his first day off work for awhile so we took the kids to see an alligator park.
Last week I read Laurel McKee's Countess of Scandal and Duchess of Sin. Both were very good books. I also reread Breaking Point I just had to have another dose of Zach.
Christy I absolutely LOVE the new website!! Very catchy an exciting!

Kara C said...

Hey Christy and all!
Love the new look! We had a great weekend here. FINALLY, some beautiful weather!
I have SO many books I want to read - many of them listed here. I can't seem to read fast enough. I did finish Sophie Gunn's How Sweet it Is and Lori Wilde's The True Love Quilting Club. I had a few more started, but my 'reading multiple books at one time' pattern definitely hit a FAIL this week. I had three books going - all three had main characters who work at least part time as a waitress and two were single moms. I was so confused! LOL! Slowed it down and took one at a time for a while. ;)
Right now I am reading Light at Winter's End by Julia London and Jill Sorenson's Edge of Night. So far, they are both great! Oh, and I am rereading Linda Howard's Open Season. Cracking. me. up! So good!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Christi! Oh no, you cried at the end of Hush? There is an HEA though...right? I can handle the tears as long as there are happy smiles at the end.

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing Mother's Day. Good for you!

Thanks for your good wishes! I'm slowly but surely getting there!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kris! Congrats to your daughter and her dance company! Sounds like they did fabulously well and I know you are so very proud of Casey.

Thanks for the recommends! I haven't read either of them and having been hearing great things about them. Adding them to my list!

Have a great week!

Christi said...

No problem....there is a HEA (a good one), but I pretty much will cry. It's still hits me emotionally to think about it a few days's a good book! smiles...

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Thanks so much; glad you like the new design. LOL on the order. Yes, of all the changes I made, I think this is one of the most requested. And being able to print out a book list is so nice too. And yay! The countdown clock is now working!

I've read Mary Burton's I'm Watching You and really enjoyed it. And I'm still reading Merciless. Got sidetracked and need to get back to it. It's great! And yes, Breaking Point is awesome, isn't it?

Enjoy your week, Elke!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Glad you love the new design. I'm enjoying it more and more each time I look at it.

And oh yes, the Steele Street series is awesome, isn't it? I think I've read about five or six of them. Looks like you got some major good reading in last week. I've heard so many great things about Roxanne St. Claire's new series. I have them high on my TBR pile. Really hope to be able to start them soon. And Marie Force's new series is out too, isn't it! Yay! So many good reads ahead!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope! Congrats to Jordan on his awards! And wow, coming home to a clean house, including laundry, and an ice cream maker sounds pretty darn perfect to me! (I have a serious ice cream addiction) (:

Going to get When You Dare this week, for sure!

Have a great week, Hope!

Luci said...

I am late sorry. Haven't been online at all lately - having internet problems and its extremely frustrating!

For Mother's Day we went ot my mum's house and she surprised us by getting a cook and waiters to cook for us and wash the plates and we just all relaxed it. It was super great! We are six siblings and five of us have kids so with my sister, mum and sisters in law we passed the most relaxing mother's day ever. We all loved it.

I read Sarah maclean's Eleven Scandals to Start when Trying to Win a Duke's Heart and loved it.

I also read roxanne St Claire's last two books - Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger. I enjoyed both but FoD was her best book till now together with Lucy's book in the Bulletcatchers series.

I have found out that i have gone off contemps that arent romantic suspense. Am reaing Julie James' Just Like Love and even though its okay and i have heard great things about it its not grabbing me. Same with Erin McCarthy's The Chase that I put aside for now because i couldn't get into it and she is one of my auto buys.

Luci said...

BTW, love the new website Christy!!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Sarah! A lazy weekend sounds wonderful! And I don't blame you for savoring Beverly's last book. I'm sure many of her readers are doing the same thing.

I don't watch DWTS, but hopefully your favorite wins!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Terri! Glad you like the new design!

And I'll add The Phoenix Charm to my list. I absolutely adore books where I fall in love with the hero immediately...and I especially like it when he finds a heroine worthy of him.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Candi! Beverly wrote some great books, didn't she?

Glad you love my new site! Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G! Your Mother's Day sounds like such fun. And wow, laughing and scared at the same time. I cannot wait to get more into this book! I do know about the cargo pants and figured they were going to come in handy.

Looks like you had lots of successful reading last week. Thanks for the recommends.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal. An alligator park. Wow, I'll bet that was interesting!

Thanks for the recommends on Laurel McKee. Will be on the lookout for her books. And totally understand the need to reread Breaking Point. Might have to do that myself. (:

Thanks for the kind words on the new design. Glad you like it. It was way past time for a new look.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara! Yes, yay for pretty weather! The south sure can use all we can get!

LOL Reading three books at the same time with the heroine having the same type job would be very confusing! And oh yes, Open Season is fabulous, isn't it? It's been a while since I read it but one scene stands out in my mind and that's where the puppy grabs his underwear. Hilarious!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Christi, that's one of my favorite kinds of books. Now I'm even more excited to get through deadline so I can get back to it. Thanks!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Luci! What a fabulous Mother's Day you had. That sounds like such fun. And what a wonderful gift from your mum.

Eleven Scandals to Start When Trying to Win a Duke's Heart. LOL I love that title!

I'm so psyched to get into Rocki's new trilogy and I've heard Face of Danger is absolutely spectacular.

You know, I'm the same way about reading. Sometimes I can't get into a specific type of book and find myself gravitating to one kind, sometimes for months. And then one day, I'll pick up a book I'd previously put down and I'll wonder, why on earth I hadn't read it sooner. (:

Hope you have a great week!

Mary G said...

OMG I just finished Hush last night. I had to read that part twice because I couldn't believe it. Tell me you think there will be a miracle and a sequel.

Christi said...

Cherry left a very vague hint on her FB page saying that her favorite number is 3 or maybe book 3 or 5?? I choose to think positively, or else I'll end up bawling again. ;o) smiles...

Mary G said...

Me too. I'm going to think positive. As soon as I finished I thought of you - ah, now I know what Christi means. Such an awesome book. Unexpected bad guy too.