Monday, June 20, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a spectacular week and weekend and that you read some fabulous books! Can't wait to hear about them. I'm getting my stack all ready to dive into as soon as my deadlines have been met.

Last week brought some interesting things, didn't it? What do you think about the cover for SWEET REWARD? Is he dreamy or what? I must say that taking a peek at the cover every few hours has helped me write Jared's story. And doubled the enjoyment too. (:

Also, I learned that the release date for SWEET JUSTICE had to be put back a week to September 6. It's only seven days, so it's not a huge delay and I will have a giveaway on August 30 just to SWEETen your day.

Oh, and I got a peek at the new cover for SWEET REVENGE. Oh. My. Stars. A shirtless Dylan Savage! Get ready for some more sighing! And the colors are amazing, as well as the background. I think you're going to love it too!

I'm still pounding away on SWEET REWARD. Just a few days to go before I have to send it in and I'm so grateful to Jared and Mia for finally revealing themselves to me. What can I tell you about their story? Just that Jared made me cry on the first page and Mia made me laugh throughout the book. I love these two together. Hope you will too.

Also, the page proofs for SWEET REVENGE are due in NY next week, so during the day time, I'm working with Mia and Jared and at night, I'm polishing up Dylan and Jamie's book. Gotta tell you, I've been having some SWEET dreams lately. (:

I'm debating with myself about whether or not to cancel the NO CHANCE discussion tomorrow. Since I'm running out of time, I'm concerned I won't be able to devote very much attention to the responses and I love talking to you guys about the LCR characters. What do you think? Should I delay it for couple of weeks or do you want me to post the blog so we can stay on schedule? If we delay it, I'm thinking about July 12 for it and July 26 for SECOND CHANCE. That'll get us back on schedule. What do you think?

I'm leaving for NYC on Saturday and planning a little fun and R&R before the wonderful craziness of the RWA convention begins. Again, if you're going to be at the convention, be sure to say hey. I'll be wearing a name tag!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed back to Paris where Mia and Jared are in the midst of danger and they don't know it. I may have to scream at them today. Depending upon what you all tell me, I'll post a note later today and let you know if we're postponing the NO CHANCE discussion or if it's still on.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Now, tell us what you read last week that you want others to read too!


krisgils33 said...

Love the covers! Love that you're getting closer to finishing up.....getting super excited to read these soon!!! Can't wait!

We had a nice Father's Day. A trip to Krispy Kreme, the afternoon at the pool with some friends, and then an impromptu pizza party at our house. It was a very relaxing day!!

My reading has been very slow going of late, just too busy. I am reading Jill Shalvis The Sweetest Thing and, so far, it is really good. Unfortunately, the other two books I managed to read last week aren't worth mentioning.

Luci said...

Have loads of fun at the RWA Christy!! Some day I really wish to attend one, plus New York is on my to visit list - someday soon i hope!

Had a good Father's Day between a meal at my mum's then afternoon tea with hid dad :).

I am still testing out my Kindle so I have read a few historical romances on it. Read Grace Burrowes' The Heir and am reading The Soldier. It anyone likes historicals she's a good author. Also read Courntey milan's short story Unlocked.

Finished Cindy Gerard's Whisper No Secrets - this was in paperback.

Have Beverly Barton's and Karen Rose's latest in paperback so will start those soon as they are two of my favourite authors.

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

Love the book covers! Can't wait to read them!

I had a nice relaxing weekend. Went to the movies on Sat and saw the Green Ryan Reynolds. I also had a nice chat with my Dad on Sunday.

I read my first Karen Rose book a week or so ago, so I have been catching up on her backlist this week. I'm up to You Can't Hide. I'm loving her books...I can't put them down!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Tara said...

Christy have a great time at RWA, so glad you are planning some NYC fun time before the event also. I love NYC!

Had a great Father's Day weekend here. Not too much reading, but I did read SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margaret Daughtridge and enjoyed it.

Have a great week everyone and Christy can't wait for an RWA/NYC update.

Elke said...

Hi Everyone,
Christy the cover is yummy but I am a bit disappointed about the delay for SWEET JUSTICE, because we just booked our holidays starting the 3rd of September, so I wont be home when SJ comes out - bad timing, grr- I will have to order a Kindle after all.

Its fine with me to postpone the NO Chance discussion till July.

Last week I read Trouble in
Paradise by Jill Shalvis - it was really funny and although the story was a bit unrealistic, I enjoyed reading it.

After finishing a reread of one of Kylie Brants Mindhunter books I plan to start with Susan Donovans "The Night She Got Lucky" and then the next one " Not That Kind Of Girl".

Happy Reading Everyone and Christy- have fun in NYC !

Crystal said...

Hey Christy! I absolutely LOVE the covers and I can't wait to see Dylans new look!
I am completely okay with putting the LCR discussion off a couple weeks. What ever is best for you I can definitely work with. I would rather have the discussion when you can sit down an enjoy it with us.
I hope you have a fabulous time in NY! Don't work to hard while your there.
We had a great weekend at the beach for Father's Day. We had some great family time with Shatavia before she goes back to Missouri.
I read a couple books last week, but I didn't like them therefore I don't want you all to suffer through them. :)
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Hope said...

Happy Monday all...our summers are usually pretty busy with all of the karate tournaments and FFA obligations. Last weekend we took 4 days and went to Vancouver for karate, this weekend we will be gone to Northern Oregon for an Ag teacher conference. Lots of reading time in travel, so I don't mind so much.

Last week I read all 4 of the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. I had put these off for a long time now, and now that I have read them, I kick myself. I loved them all, but I have to say I have a soft spot for Emma and Jack!!

I am back to reading Marliss Melton's SEAL series. I read them out of order, accidentally, so I finished 3&4 last week.

I downloaded Jami Alden's book that everyone recommended the last few weeks, and can't wait to start that. Have a great week everyone.

Jackie P said...

Have fun in NY! Covers are great. Read Shannon Stacey's trilogy and loved them.

Mary G said...

Hi Christy and all

Christy, your covers are beautiful.

I'm still in the same two books as last week. They're good, I just haven't had time for leisure reading - lots of required readng instead.

I'll catch up in a few weeks when I'm off work.