Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two SWEET Chances to Chat!

Good Thursday Everyone!

Hope you're having a stupendous week. I'm still feeling a bit hung over after all the partying here on Tuesday but yesterday I did some writing, which helped to unclutter my brain!

I'm at two places today talking about the SWEET books. Marie Force's blog, Romance and Oreos is featuring SWEET JUSTICE. Come on over and chat about Seth, Honor and the uber-evil Alden Pike. I'm giving away two copies of SWEET JUSTICE! Here's the link:

Also today, I'm over at the Romance at Random website talking about unsinkable heroines and SWEET REVENGE. Come on by and comment for a chance to win a book! Here's the link:

Joyce Lamb was scheduled to be here today to blog and make an exciting announcement for all romance readers but we're delaying it one more day. Be sure to stop in tomorrow and chat with Joyce. Not only is she a fabulous romantic suspense author, she has an exciting day job you'll want to hear more about. And she's giving away two copies of her fabulous books!

Also, be sure to come back on Monday for our regular Recommend Monday.

Have a fantastic day everyone. Hope to see many of you on the R&O and Romance at Random sites!


Gail said...

I have been to both sites and left comments for you in both places. I hope you like them,and they convey how much I like your books.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Gail, thanks so much for stopping by both sites today. Your comments were so kind and I sincerely appreciate them.

Be sure to stop back by here tomorrow so you can chat with the fabulous Joyce Lamb!