Monday, November 7, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting you want to share? Read anything extra special you're dying to tell someone about? You're in the right place! We want to hear from you!

My weekend was fantabulous! Saturday was my chapter's annual readers appreciation luncheon. I was excited about this luncheon for many reasons. Being around avid romance readers always recharges my batteries. The wonderfully witty Victoria Dahl was the luncheon speaker and the fabulous and funny Jennifer Echols, Victoria's best friend and critique partner, was the welcome speaker. These ladies know each other so well and their speeches were wonderful. My table was filled with some of my favorite people: My mom and two of my aunts, one of my best friends, Marie, and then three very special ladies who came a long distance for the luncheon--Jackie, Gayle and Kara. I had a blast at the luncheon. Then, later that night, dinner with Jackie and her wonderful family, Gayle and Kara. We stayed up late and giggled like teenagers! (:

I didn't get a lot of reading in last week as I'd hoped. However, I did do a bit of writing and since that's my job, that's a good thing! This week, I'm going to continue to do a bit of writing, but I'm also going to be getting ready for the SWEET REWARD release. Have you noticed how quickly that date is coming up? Maybe it's because it's so close to Christmas--which always seems to come quickly once November hits. I'll be putting up an excerpt on my website, hopefully this week. If you're anxious to read part of the first chapter, you can view it on the Random House, Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites. Also, the first chapter is at the end of SWEET REVENGE. Tomorrow, I'll be posting an excerpt on my Facebook page of Mia and Jared's first meeting, so be sure to come over and take a look! Here's the link:

Also, if you're on GoodReads, I'm giving away 5 early copies of SWEET REWARD. Here's the link to enter:

Publishers Weekly had a SWEET review of SWEET REWARD if you want to take a look: I loved that the reviewer called it a romance heavy plot. (:

The Yahoo Discussion of SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. That's Central Standard Time. That gives you a week to read or reread both books. There will be major spoilers, lots of discussions of why the story went in a particular direction and don't be surprised if some of the characters drop in for a visit. So get your questions ready and let's chat about Seth, Honor, Alden, Tabitha, Dylan, Jamie, Stanford, Raphael, Giselle and Lance! And any other characters you'd like to know about. If you're not a member of the Yahoo group and would like to be involved in the discussion, shoot your email address to me at and I'll get you on the loop. Be sure to put 'Yahoo Discussion Group' in the subject line so I'll see it immediately.

Okay, that's it for me. Since I'm a little ahead of schedule, I'm going to take advantage of this absolutely gorgeous morning and take a walk. I've got some characters in my head who are interested in talking to me. Yay!

Have a great day all. And don't forget to tell us what great books you read last week!


oklanannie said...

Good Monday morning everyone!

I started last week with a new-to-me author Allison Fox and her new book "Baby It's Cold Outside" which is also the first book in her new Alaskan Nights series. The setting is a small town in Alaska. Mix in some clever grandmas, some reluctant grandsons along with a writer and her best friend who is having inheritance problems. It's really fun, light & romantic with a big splash of sizzle. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

And then I've read two ebooks by new-to-me authors that I've enjoyed. One "Flat-Out Love" by Jessica Park. Not at all what I thought it would be - can't say pleasantly surprised but thoroughly captivated. There's a bittersweet theme throughout the book because you just know there is a bad undercurrent from the beginning. In many ways, this book doesn't have the usual happy ending we like but a new beginning and that was okay. I'm glad I read it and I recommend it to others who are looking for something a little bit different.

Finally, Kim Vogel Sawyer's MY HEART REMEMBERS, is an inspirational-based book about three Irish immigrant children who lose their parents in a tenement fire and are separated when the orphan train delivers them to different homes. Years of separation and very happy reunion make this a tear-jerker. I enjoyed the message and would recommend.

Ready to get my day started. After a very eventful weekend shaking and rattling when 2 earthquakes (one a 4.7 and the second a 5.6) surprised us, along with a very exciting football game on Saturday, everything turned out fine. My Oklahoma State Cowboys are #2 in the nation with an undefeated record thus far -- the first time in forever!!

Hope you enjoy your week!

Ronlyn said...

Such a wonderful weekend you had Christy!!
I finished Margaret Mallory's THE GUARDIAN last night and really enjoyed it. Highlanders? How could I not?


Mary G said...

So glad you had fun with 2 of the RPs!

Mary G said...

Reading & loving:
In The Air Tonight by Stephanie Tyler

Getting ready to resd:
Bring me Home For Christmas
Against The Storm

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,
Christy. your weekend sounds fabulous - I would love to attend that readers lucheon and finally meet with you and fellow r.p.´s- but sadly thats not possible. So thanks for the internet and Recommend Monday.

Anny I am glad you are ok - I experienced a slight earthquake years ago (only 4.something) but it was very strange to feel the earth move under my feet and the furniture shaking.

Two recommends from me this week. "Hide from evil" by Jami Alden and "If you hear her" by Shiloh Walker.
Jami Aldens Beg for Mercy was one of the best books I read this year so I hoped Seans Story would be equally good and I was not dissaponted.

And "If you hear her" was very intense and kept me at the edge of my seat. The only problem is that after checking Shiloh´s website it seems that I will have to wait till the next two books are out before the identity of the murderer will be revealed. Did I mention that I hate it to wait ?

Thank god there are great books coming within the next months -counting the days till Sweet Reward comes out.

Have a wonderfull week Everyone!

Alison said...

Happy Monday All!

I was very indecisive this weekend about what to read. I finally settled on Heart of Killer by Jaci Burton and really liked it.

Have a good week everyone!

KC said...

Happy Monday!!
So I have been a readng machine this week. First let me just say I work nights at a hospital and its been really cold and snowy this week, and I had a cold so i didn;t really feel like doing anything but snuggling with a blanket and a book. So hear is my list for this week: I stated In bed with a highlander by Maya Banks last week and it was so good it got me in the mood for some historicals. Normally I'm not a big fan of historical but this books may have changed my mind. So i also read Captured by the highlander and Claimed by the highlander by Juluanne MacLean. Trackers Sin by Sarah McCarty was really good, sadly I didn't read them in order I have already read the 2nd book and this one is the 4th but what can you do? So to finish out y week I read In the air tonight, Slow Ride and Snapped which was really good I cam't wait for the next one. Okay thats it for me, hope everyone has an awesome week.

Kara C said...

Oh, Ronlyn and her Highlanders. LOL!
I am reading a few of my cheap and free reads from my kindle right now. So far they are really good. Will let you know next Monday if they deserve a spot on Recommend Monday. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of luck last week with books, although I did read an older Catherine Mann book called Grayson's Surrender that was good.

Thanks again for helping to make my birthday weekend a great one, Christy! What a great time!

Crystal said...

Hey everyone! I had a easy weekend here in the great state of Colorado. Anne I'm so glad you were okay after the earthquakes. Most of my family and friends in Missouri felt it too.
Last week was a good reading week for me with only one book that didn't make my recommend list. Here are the ones I enjoyed.

Never Love a Highlander by Maya Banks

Under Fire by Rita Henuber.... I did enjoy this book, but have issues with the ending. It was a little to sudden for me.

One Night in Scotland by Karen Hawkins. I like Karens books because several of her heroes aren't picture perfect handsome. Sometimes that is nice to read.

Then I just finished a few minutes ago Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan. This book had a sudden ending too, but this one felt more like a to be continued type ending. I am looking forward to the next one to come out.

Hope everyone has a great week! Christy I love it when your characters in your head are talking to you!! I'm so glad your weekend was a good one. I am still jealous of Jackie, Kara and Gayle but hopefully I'll make it next year! :)

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone...Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. We are busy ramping up for the karate world championships, which is a week long tournament around Christmas. So for us, that means lots of travel for training, which is good for book reading lol.

Last week I finished:
Serendipity by Carly Phillips. This was a fun read, cute but not overly cutsy. It was a good deviation from my RS kick I have been on.

Against the Storm by Kat Martin. I think this is my favorite of the series so far.

I am currently reading a new to me author that Aly recommended to me. Jaycee Clark's Deadly Shadows. I am about half way through and I love it.

Have a great week everyone.

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hey Christy and friends!

I only have one book to recommend and that's Angel's Peak by Robyn Carr. I've gotten very slow with my reading lately and it's almost depressing! I use to read so much and now I can barely read a book a week! I did start Trial by Fire two weeks ago and need to finish that.

I will be finishing up tonight Learning to Trust by Lynne Connolly. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was going to another erotic romance with a light story line but I was so wrong and pleasantly surprised. It hits a little too close to home actually so it was emotional for me. Then, tomorrow I should be reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Everyone seems to love that book series so we shall see how that goes.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

I finally read Anne Stuart's "Shameless". I really like this series. It is more of a dark historical type and Stuart had my eyes tear up at the end with the brother. I can't wait for his book. She says she is going to get on it ASAP. I am sooo glad since I REALLY, REALLY want that book.
Christy and KK, thanks for an awesome weekend! Everyone had an awesome time. Christy has a great sense of humor and is so worth the chance to meet.

Jackie P

Christy Reece said...

Hey Anne! How very scary about the earthquakes! Glad you're okay. When I lived in Memphis, we worried about that but I haven't given it much thought since then. But now, seems like earthquakes are happening in some of the most unusual places. Spooky!

Congrats on your Cowboys being #2! I'm in denial about my own SWEET team. To quote Forrest Gump: That's all I'm going to say about that! (:

Great recommends too. I've not heard about these authors but the books sound awesome. I'm heading over to Amazon for some one click buying!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Ronlyn! It was a great time for sure.

Oh, I've not read Margaret Mallory. Need to take a look at these. Highlander books, you say? Sigh....(:

Hi Mary! Yes, so much fun! Hope we can all have a get together sometime. Wouldn't that be SWEET!

Thanks for the recommends!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Yes, thank goodness for the Internet! So glad that even if we never meet, we can all still chat and stay in touch.

Thanks for the recommends. These two books are at the very top of my TBR pile. I hope to be able to get to them soon! I've heard so many good things about them both.

I'm counting the days for SWEET REWARD, too. I love Jared and Mia and hop you guys will too. I'll let everyone know as soon as the excerpt is up on Facebook!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Heart of a Killer sounds creepy good. I'm adding that one to my 'to buy' list. Thanks for the recommend!

Wow, KC, you were definitely a reading machine last week. Great recommends! And you're right. When you don't feel well and it's cold outside, snuggling under a blanket with a good book is one of the most comforting things to do. Hope you're feeling lots better!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara! So great to see you again. Thanks for coming all that way. Glad you made it home safely! Oh, and I hear you about free reads. Sometimes you can find treasures there.

Crystal, glad your week was an easy one. Thanks for all the good recommends. Still haven't gotten Henuber's book and I need to get that done! Would have loved it if you could have been here last weekend. Hope you can come next year. Sherilyn Kenyon is the keynote will be awesome!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope! Thanks for the recommends. Deadly Shadows sounds intriguing and right up my alley. Will be checking it out!

Hey Taryn! It's frustrating when you can't read as much as you want, isn't it? I've heard a little about Fifty Shades of Grey and keep meaning to check it out. Will definitely have to do that!

Hey Jackie! It was so good to finally meet you and Gayle. I so enjoyed our time together. I don't think I've laughed that hard in years. Oh, I've been eyeing Anne Stuart's new historical series. It looks really good.

Ronlyn said...

Yes Christy, you need to check out Margaret Mallory. I've moved onto book #2 of the series and I'm really enjoying it.