Monday, February 6, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good weekend and in between Super Bowl parties found time to read an awesome book or two.

Last week was an interesting one for me. I did my first television interview! I must admit, I was very nervous. Taking a shy introvert and putting her in front of a camera can be an interesting, risky venture. Will she freeze up, look terrified and not speak? Or will she say something incredibly inappropriate and ruin her career? LOL Thankfully the lovely woman who interviewed me put me at such ease, the event went very well. I haven't seen the segment yet...I think it's supposed to air around Valentine's Day. When I can, I'll share a link with you.

On Saturday, I went to a mini conference called Murder in the Magic City. It was put on by The Sisters in Crime, a mystery writers' organization. I spent the day with many incredibly gifted and entertaining authors. I particularly enjoyed listening to the keynote speakers, Erica Spindler and Carolyn Haines. Very interesting and talented ladies!

Yesterday wasn't such a good one as we spent half the day in the emergency room. My poor, sweet hubby has a kidney stone and was in quite a bit of pain. And though the stubborn stone is still there, he has some meds now to ease the pain until the momentous occasion happens. (:

This week I'm all about the writing. Savannah and Zach are becoming embroiled in a little mystery, falling in love all over again and things seem to be going their way. But me, evil author that I am, will soon be throwing a major twist in their new found relationship. I can only hope we survive the fall-out!

Since I'm still reading books for the Rita contest and can't reveal them, I have no new recommends today. However, I'm anxious to hear what you read and loved. Adding to my TBR list is a weekly pleasure!

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Book Talk Romanc said...

I have an awesome husband. He put the super bowl on dvr and watched chick flicks on Lifetime movie channel yesterday. All this after cooking an awesome breakfast and nursing me through an awful migraine. I'm so blessed to be married to my real life hero!
I have been reading a series by Maya Banks The Kelly Group International (KGI). Her next one will be out in July. So there is my week end and my reading adventure!

Book Talk Romanc said...

Let me amend this.....He watched chick flicks with ME!! LOL need another cup of coffee!!!!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Jeannie! You do have an awesome husband! Marrying your real life hero is what dreams and romances are made of. So happy you found your own HEA!

Betty Hamilton said...

I had a "Maya Banks" week-end. I am finishing up the third book of her Highlander trilogy, Never Love A Highlander. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the McCabe brothers and their fiesty women.

krisgils33 said...

Hi Christy,
Sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

I'm sure you rocked your television interview. I've given speeches in front of hundreds lots of times and I still get really nervous. I doubt I will ever feel comfortable in that realm.

I got some good news last week. My agency got the official word that they are cutting way back on travel budgets, so not only do I not have to go to Singapore next month (which was at a really bad time for the dance competition season), but I'm sure I will now be traveling less. Yay!

I'm on the third book in the True trilogy by Joyce Lamb. Mild paranormal and I'm really enjoying the stories.

Alison said...

Hi Christy! I’m sorry your hubby is under the weather…hope he gets well soon:)

I watched some of the Super Bowl, this year I wasn’t really into it, but I was curious about what Madonna’s half-time show would be like. I thought she did a good job.

I’m still bingeing on Kristen Ashley...This past week I read At Peace and Golden Trail from her Burg series and her latest Law Man from her Dream Man series. I enjoyed all of them, but Law Man was my favorite of the past week. Mitch is AMAZING!

I just started Marie Force’s Fatal Flaw this morning…enjoying the little bit I’ve read. Hopefully today flies by so I can get home and get back to it.

Happy reading everyone!

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone....I actually have some recommends this week. I have had a pretty rough month so far with recommends, but I knew once Cindy Gerard's book came out, my hum-drum-ness would be at an end. And I was right. I loved Last Man Standing the last in the BOI series. A must read.

I also read Elizabeth Naughton's Wait for Me. A really great story about second chances.

I read my first Annie Solomon book, Blackout. Really good read as well.

I haven't started a new book yet, I haven't decided what to move on to next. I did buy a Kristen Ashley book because Alison has been so in love with her. Maybe I will start there.

Have a great week everyone. I hope the hubster gets to feeling better Christy.

Alison said...

Hope - What Kristen Ashley book did you buy?

oklanannie said...

Morning all!

Christy, hopefully your hubby's "momentous moment" will occur soon. My brother-in-law suffered the same not too long ago and he said it was by far the worst pain he's ever experienced. And this from the same man who fell off an electrical pole and had to learn to walk again about 20 years ago.

Like Alison, I'm still bingeing on Kristen Ashley's books as well. Just finished "Law Man" and thought it was by far her best yet.

I finished up Shiloh Walker's, "If You See Her" from her Ash Trilogy. It was another stunner and although part of the mystery was resolved, we're still left hanging on the original murderer's identity. Thank Goodness we get the third book in March to hopefully end my misery. I can't figure this one out and it's driving me crazy. LOL! The mark of a really good suspense - and oh, the romance is really good, too!

Off to read Marie Force's "Fatal Flaw" and catch up with Sam and Nick.

I caught the little hint that your next book is going to be a "second chance" at love storyline -- my favorite!! Can't wait to hear more clues.

krisgils33 said...

OMG, I totally forgot about Last Man Standing. Thanks for the reminder, Hope!!! It was an awesome!!!!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,
Christy I hope your hubby will get rid of that nasty kidney stone very soon, I know from my Dad that the pain is horrible.

Last week was a good reading week for me. As many others I truly enjoyed Cindy Gerards "Last Man Standing" ( I am glad that we will meet the boys again in Cindys new series).
I also read Shiloh Walkers "If You See Her" - great suspense and I loved to see how Hope finally found the courage to man up against Joe and fell in love with Remy. (Annie - I have´nt figured out who the bad guy is either, but I have a suspicion - I am glad the final book comes out in March and I have not to wait too long ).

I also read and highly recommend Mary Burtons new book "Before She Dies" .

Have a great week everyone !

Gail Nichols said...

I am reading "The Soldier" by Grace Burrowes her books are very romantic. I have a feeling I will need a kleenex before I am through:)

KC said...

Christy- I hope the hubby feels better soon. I can't wait to hear more about the new book.
I have been reading the new series by Donna Kauffman- Sugar Rush and Sweet Stuff both good though I liked the second a little better. Also read Lovers Leap- the newest from Emily March, The new one from JoAnn Ross- On Lavendar Lane -both were good. I read and loved Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey, I can't wait to read the next two. Also read Giving Chase by Lauren Dane it was good and I will for sure be getting the second one. Well I think that is all my list. I finally got out of my reading slump.

Elizabeth said...

I have some recommends for you. The trilogy, Treading Water, Marking Time and Starting Over by Marie Force is a definite recommend. It was wonderful. I was so not ready for the Epilog on the last book.

Also read The Secret of the Lost Summer by Carla Neggers. I loved it.

Happy reading everyone and have a good week.

Crystal said...

Jeannie what an amazing husband! Wow tell him I am impressed with his unselfishness!! Hope your migraine is better!

Christy I hope your hubby is feeling better and the big moment isn't as painful as it sometimes is.

Last week I had a GREAT reading week!! First I read something that I know several people have suggested in the past. I'm a little slow, but with Jackie's gentle demanding nudge I read
Wild Card by Lora Leigh I really liked the book and can't wait to read the next one.
Also I have been patiently waiting for Cindy Gerards Last Man Standing. I hate that there won't be anymore in this series, but luckily Mike will be getting his book!! Love this series!
I have started Sarah McCarty's Shadow's Stand I've been excited about it as well.

Have a great week everyone!

Kara C said...

Hey Christy!
Long time no blog for me. LOL! It has been an unbelievably up and down ride around here lately. Either the downward turns have let up, or I'm learning to hold on tighter as I am at least able to find time to spend a bit with friends and READ.
I read Kathleen Long's Chasing Rainbows. It's unlike my usual read, but I really enjoyed it. Oh, and of course the latest Fatal book by Marie Force, Fatal Flaw. Love me some Sam and Nick!
Hope the hubster is feeling better very soon.
Your mini conference sounds like so much fun! And, you, evil author, better be careful. Your characters seem to find a way to get back at you. LOL!

Christy Reece said...

Absolutely loved everyone's recommendations! Looks like many of you have come out of your reading slumps. Don't you love it when that happens? It usually means you read something so fabulous, you're reenergized and ready for more!

Thanks for the good wishes for my hubby. Poor guy is still waiting on the 'big' event. ):

Special note to:

Kris: Congrats on traveling less! Though I was often envious of all the wonderful and exotic places you travel to, I know being on the go so much must be exhausting.

Anne: LOL I wondered if anyone would pick up that subtle message of a reunion romance.

Kara: Glad to see you back here! LOL I think I may have been too kind to these characters. It's time for some payback of my own. (insert evil laugh)

Jeannie, Betty, Elizabeth: Welcome to Recommend Monday! Hope you'll come back each week!

Hope everyone has a great week. I'm headed back to my fictional little town to stir up some major trouble. (:

Hope said...

Alison, it is the one with the martini on the front, Mystery Man?? Or something like that