Monday, February 20, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a spectacular weekend and you're energized for a new week. My weekend was super busy but fun. We're preparing for two (possibly three) new fur-kids! My mom lives in a very rural area and innocent little creatures are always being abandoned. My darling hubby, who has the softest heart, was determined to take care of them. So our family is growing. Yay!

Is it springtime where you live? Looks like it is here. Tulip and dogwood trees are blooming everywhere and crocus and tulips are popping up all over the place. Considering our lack of cold weather, I'm thinking that Old Man Winter must have decided to take a break for 2012. (I'm hoping he doesn't decide to come back for a visit!) With this kind of weather, it's hard not to want to go outside and dance in the street. LOL My neighbors wouldn't appreciate that so I'll hold back.

Things are percolating along with Zach and Savannah. They're wary of each other and doing their best to ignore the sizzle and steam that's only a caress away. Right now, they're embroiled in a mystery and have only each other to trust. Makes for some interesting scenes!

I'm still in the midst of reading Rita contest books, so I have no recommends today. However, I'm on the last book so I'm anxious to see what you guys are recommending. Might have to do a bit of book shopping soon!

This week, I'll be writing, writing, writing. I'm going to New York for a small conference in early March which means the writing will slow down considerably until I get back. Must make hay while the sun shines!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my television interview last week. Considering my nerves, it turned out better than I thought. If you didn't get a chance to see it, here's the link:

I did get the news last week that we sold the first two books in my new series to a publisher in the UK. So even though we have no official title or release date, it's very exciting to know the series will be available there, too!

Next Monday, we'll have a guest blog from one of our regular commenters, Crystal Scott, who's going to be blogging about auto-buy authors. Very excited about this post and so appreciate Crystal taking time from her busy schedule to guest blog for me.

If you're interested in writing a Recommend Monday guest blog, email me at and let's chat!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm going to take a quick walk with Zach and Savannah. Can't wait to see what they're up to today.

Happy Monday all! Now tell us what great books you read last week!


Tanya said...

Morning Everyone. This week I am reading Shadow's Stand by Sarah McCarty. It is book 5 in her Hell's Eight Series. I love this series. I discovered this series with a random buy at the store. Happy Reading Everyone.

Alison said...

Hi Christy! I’m so excited Zach and Savannah are coming along…can’t wait to meet them!

I had good weekend, got lots of reading in and got to see a cute movie with the hubby. Every year around Valentine’s Day I twist his arm into seeing a chick flick, this year it was This Means War. We both really liked it…lots of laughs and action!

I’m still obsessed with Kristen Ashley…I read The Gamble and Lady Luck this week. They are the 1st and 3rd books in her Colorado Mountain series and loved them.

Thanks to a recommendation from Anne…I read Ride with Me by Ruthie Knox. It was a great, fun read! I never imagined cyclists being hot, but Tom IS! Loved how Tom and Lexi pushed each other.

Early this morning I finished Wait for Me by Elisabeth Naughton…WOW! Loved it! I’ll definitely be checking out her other books.

Not sure what I’ll read next, but I have a TBR a mile high so I’m sure I’ll find something 

Have a good week everyone!

Nancy said...

I rediscovered Elizabeth Hoyt last week. I read the first 3 books in her latest series. The first one and the third one are excellent. The hero in the third book is one of the best I've read in a long time.

oklanannie said...

Happy President's Day to all!

This week has been a continuation of my Kristen Ashley binge. I finished "Golden Trail" -- the third book in her "The 'Burg" series. It was my favorite of the three.

In between, I've been hopping all over the place reading some Kindle Freebies. "Leather, Lace & Rock-N-Roll" by Mia Dymond, "Free Falling" by Debra Webb, a short and fun "opposites attract" theme. "Blue Grass State of Mind" (can't remember the author) with an interesting storyline but so many robotic sentences that it's hard to enjoy.

Going to see "The Vow" this afternoon with some friends. Hearing good things about it. Hope you enjoy your walk with Zach and Savannah, Christy! Can't wait to hear more about the new family additions to the Reece household.

Book Talk Romanc said...

Ok I said the other day that I was going to read Dark is the Sky by Jessica Chambers. Well didn't get to read it. Five Grandsugars in the house all week end.
I did complete Dee Davis series (at least all she has written to date) A-Tac. The books to this point have an on going mystery. I was stunned when the team actually lost two of its members. The dynamics are great I highly recommend the series. In fact I might have heard about it through this blog.

Hopefully will get to Dark is the Sky this week.
Christy,I am currently working on chapter 4 of my book .
Happy reading and writing everyone!!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,
Congratulations to the family addition, Christy - its great you take care of abandoned animals. I hope old and new fur kids will get along well with each other.

I am very envious to hear that its already springtime in Alabama. Here the weather is really nasty sgain - stormy and rain turning to snow so the driving is a bit tricky. But bad weather meens more time for reading.

Last week I read and enjoyed "Deadly Games" by Jaycee Clark and I agree with Hope it was the best in this series and I hope the next book in this series will be out soon.
I also tried another new to me author, Leslie Tentler. "Edge of Midnight" had me hooked and I think I will have to read the other two books "Midnight Caller" and "Midnight Fear" as well.

Have a great week everyone!

KC said...

I wish we were having spring weather, we got 6 inches here yesterday. I really, really hate the snow. I hope it melts fast!
I had a very productive reading week last week. I was on a Marie Force kick so i finished up the McCarthy series- Fool for Love, Ready for love, and Falling for love. I really enjoyed this series and can't wait for the next one.I also read If you see her by Shiloh Walker, we still don't know who the bad guy is, though I have an idea waiting impatiently for the third book. I also started Jaycee Clarks series- The Kinncaids, really enjoyed it. This week I'm on to the second one. I have Wait for Me at the top of my list, but have gotten to it yet. This week, I hope.
Well thats it for me. Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Crystal said...

Hey everyone! I have been slow in the reading department lately. :( Not sure what my deal is, but occasionally this happens then I start inhaling them again.
Christy I am so excited for Zach and Savannah! And congratulations on the UK deal. That is awesome. To bad their release date wasn't tomorrow it would help me in my reading slump I know. lol
I am looking forward to hosting Recommend Monday next week!!
Tanya I enjoyed Shadow's book. Hopefully you do as well. This is a great series!!
Alison I have the Elisabeth Naughton book it I should start it.
Have a great week everyone!!

Tara said...


Congrats on the new fur-babies. We rescued a new dog right before Christmas and wow, what a difference a dog makes in a home! Have fun with three, I am sure they'll keep you busy, but are SO worth it!

I am also happy Zach and Savannah are moving forward, look forward to meeting them.

I am officially joining the Kristen Ashley club! I read Heaven and Hell, LOVED it. Am now moving to the Dream Man series starting with Mystery Man.

Lots of reading for me in the past week so here goes....The Homecoming by JoAnn Ross, Breakaway by Deirdre Martin, Dead by Midnight by Beverly Barton, Welcome to Harmony by Jodi Thomas, Secrets of Bella Terra by Christina Dodd and Hot Zone by Catherine Mann. All good enjoyable reads, some the beginning of series I look forward to following.

My non romance read was Fairy Tale Interrupted by Rosemarie Terenzio. The story written by JFK Jr's assistant. Wow, what a great read. She told her story, their story with such class and grace. I am a bit of a JFK Jr. fan, but would recommend this book highly to all.

Off to see "The Borrowers" tomorrow with my little, no nanny so it's a mom day and we are both super excited.

Thanks for the great suggestions all and have a wonderful week!

Jackie P said...

I am going to have to try Kristen Ashley book again. Elke, that really sounds like a great book you found too. Will need to check it out also.

I am on a contempary roll with Emily Giffin's books "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue".

Jackie P

krisgils33 said...

Hi all,
So excited to meet Zach and Savannah...someday soon! I just know it will be worth the long wait.

Alison was kind enough to loan me a few more Kristin Ashley's, the dream man trilogy and I absolutely loved them all. Once I got past the quirky writing style, I totally adored the stories! I started the Ruthie Knox Ride With Me late last night and so far I'm enjoying it.

Hubby and I attended his friends 50th birthday party at the Annapolis Yacht Club Sat night and I learned a valuable hubby is not fully trained after almost 21 yrs of marriage. He didn't read the invite and we got all dressed up for a party we were supposed to wear jeans or casual to. We had a great time anyway, but I'm in charge of RSVPs forevermore. :-)

Jackie A said...

Reading one of my favorite author's books from a few years back. Love Marie Force and read all her recent books, especially love the Gansett Island series and her Fatal Series. So this week I read some of her older books. Line of Scrimmage, The Fall and The Wreck. I recommend them all but I think my favorite was probably the The Wreck with Line of Scrimmage close behind. I highly recommend Marie's books!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Everyone! Sorry, I got sidetracked yesterday and didn't get to check back in.

Hi Tanya! I haven't started the Hell's Eight series yet. The SWEET Jackie P has loaned me the first one and I'm looking forward to reading it. Heard so many good things about this series.

Hi Alison! Oh, I want to see that movie. LOL We went to see Woman in Black for our Valentines outing. I might have to renegotiate next year for a good girly movie instead. Wow, I really need to try Kristen Ashely's books. Any suggestions for a the first one for a first time reader? So glad you enjoyed Wait For Me. It's definitely going on my favorites for the year so far.

Hey Nancy! I haven't had the pleasure of reading Elizabeth Hoyt but I've heard she's wonderful. Must add her to my 'must read soon' list!

Hi Oklanannie! Oh, I want to see The Vow too. How was it? I didn't realize until this past weekend that it's based on a true story. Amazing!

Hi Jeannie! I've read Dee Davis' older books but not her later romantic suspense series. Sounds like I definitely need to read them! Congrats on starting your 4th chapter. So exciting. Enjoy every moment of creating your masterpiece!

Hey Elke! I've heard that both Jaycee Clark and Leslie Tentler are fabulous. Definitely need to give these authors a try. Hope your weather warms up soon!

Hi KC! Wow, six inches of snow. Yikes! Bet it's pretty though. Great recommends! I'm holding out reading The Ash trilogy until the 3rd book releases. LOL It drives me crazy to wait to know who a killer is...even though I do love those kinds of mysteries. (:

Hey Crystal! Hope you get out of your reading slump soon. I know that's frustrating. So excited to have you blogging next week. Thanks again!

Hi Tara! You're so right about fur-kids making a difference. We already have 2. Making room for 2 or 3 more is going to take some work. However, more fur only means more love. (: Wow, what great recommends you have. You must be a fast reader! Thanks for the one on Fairytale Interrupted. I hadn't heard about this one. Enjoy your movie today!

Hey Jackie P! Thanks for the recommend. Something Borrowed was made into a movie, wasn't it?

Hi Kris! LOL on the party but I'll bet you guys looked great! Kind of reminds me of my first date with hubby. I dressed up like I was going to an elegant dinner, hubby shows up in faded jeans and a ripped flannel shirt. We definitely had different ideas of what a first date entailed. (:

Hey Jackie A! Love Marie Force! Her books are always filled with every kind of emotion.

Thanks again all for the great recommends. I'm adding several to my list and hopefully you are too. Happy Tuesday!

Alison said...

Christy - My vote if you decide to try Kristen Ashley is to start with her Dream Man series. The first book in the series is Mystery Man, followed by Wild Man, and then Law Man.

Christy Reece said...

Thanks, Alison! (: