Monday, April 9, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did you do anything special for Easter Sunday? Have any egg hunts? My Easter was a beautiful, sunny day spent with my family, delicious food and oodles of excited kids hunting eggs. We came home exhausted and full. Then hubby attacked his Easter basket (Yes, he still gets a basket!) and we had a small chocolate feast. Hubby's favorite item was a plastic elephant that bellows (which he says sounds more like a sick goat) and poops candy. Yes, we're silly! (:

Thanks again to Hope Frost for the great blog post last week on surprises in life and books. Lots of great recommendations and interesting discussion.

No new recommends from me today. Lots of writing and planning going on in my house. Starting a new series has given me an opportunity to dream and stretch. Hope to be able to share some major news with you soon, including the final titles of the books and a few snippets of dialogue. Thanks so much for your patience!

This is a critical week for Zach, Savannah and myself. So many things happening in the book right now; I cannot wait to see where my characters lead me next. Wish us luck!

That's it for me. I'm headed back to my fictional little town in Alabama. That's another controversy that my muse (Agatha) and I are having. We still can't decide on the town's name. At this time, it's Mimosa Springs. Will be interesting to see if that sticks.

Can't wait to hear what fabulous books you read last week.

Have a marvelous Monday all!


krisgils33 said...

Ahhh, Recommend second favorite stop... after Man Candy Monday. :-)

Our wonderful friends who we usually spend holidays with made a delicious roast beast. I like that they have 2 toddlers because it means we always do it at their house (less cleanup for me!!!).

This past week I read Julie James About That Night and Tactical Deceptions by JL Saint. Enjoyed both.

Have a great week all!

Christy Reece said...

LOL Roast Beast, Kris? Isn't that what the Who's had for Christmas in Whoville? I must try that some time.

Thanks for the recommends! Enjoy your week!

Book Talk Romanc said...

We had a wonderful Easter with our son and daughter in love and 4 of our grandsugars. They joined us for Easter Services. Then we had a great lunch of BB-Que Chicken, potato salad cole slaw and baked beans. Then came the eater egg hunt and lots of confetti eggs. It was a great day.

@krisgils33 I read Julie James this week. Read all 3 books really enjoyed them!

I also read Suzanne Brockman's Born to Darkness. I am not into futuristic books but I did enjoy this one the ending, however, left me a little disappointed.

I took a road trip to Odessa, Texas this week and while driving I listened to the audio book No Chance....I really loved it. So now I will tell you the funny part of that trip........get ready to really laugh!!!
Ok, so I am all set to listen to this great book by my favorite author........ I put the ear buds in place and realize they are the ones that are to big for my ears. SO I just keep pushing them in.....then I stop for gas...after I do the My Big Fat Greek Wedding thing, I take out the ear buds. I get my gas praying no one saw the BFGW scene re-enacted via my kindle and ear buds......I get back into my truck and put the buds back in my ear, I realize 2 things, for some reason I am not hearing the audio quiet as well and my left hear hurts like the dickens!! SOOOO I check it out, I take a look at the ear buds and realize the little rubber tip is......yep you guessed it.........stuck in my ear!!! I call my husband and I will give him credit for not laughing to loud.....He reminded me that my cousin who I am going to visit is married to a doctor and he can handle it. SO I get to my cousins house and tell her....she was not as kind about holding back her laughter as my husband. However considering she does not have to live with me that was understandable. So her husband comes home, she tells him, he rolls his eyes at me, gets out this thing with pointie ends on it...and pulls the darn thing out. I will give him credit for not laughing. He did present me with ear buds that fit later that evening. After a glass of wine I too was able to laugh. For some reason the doctor never did!!! So there you go Jeannie's great adventure. Have an awesome week..Chrisy happy writing!!

Christy Reece said...

Jeannie! Oh my gosh, that's the best story ever! I'm so glad you're okay but just wow. Hopefully Gabe and Skylar's story was worth the trouble. And I'm very impressed with your hubby for not laughing. He's a good man!

Ronlyn said...

Morning all!
We had a very low key Easter weekend. Well...we did go to the zoo for the "bunny bounce" for the kids on Saturday. What a mad house! And the bunny hit my house, scattering eggs all over the backyard. The little boys were in heaven!
I made the traditional ham & sweet potatoes, but otherwise we all just relaxed. It was quite nice. :-)
This weekend I read "Adam's Obsession" which is an erotica novella written by Sabrina York, which was quite fun. Otherwise my reading has been full of non fiction and work stuff. :-P Not much worth rec'ing in that bunch.

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

We had a good Easter, relaxed at the house and had waffles with strawberries for breakfast. We also got family pics taken with us and our fur-kids...that was an experience :)

Last week I read Julie James About that Night. I love her books, such great witty dialogue.

Have a good week everyone!

Christy Reece said...

LOL Ronlyn, when I saw your comment that the bunny hit your house, I was thinking one literally hit your house and splattered eggs everywhere. Was feeling quite sorry for the sweet, furry critter. I'm glad it wasn't that way. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Waffles with strawberries! Yum!

Ronlyn said...

LOL bunny splatter at the house. That'd have been messy.
Although we do have a pesky woodpecker that needs to watch itself. I scared my four year old when I went running outside yelling for the stupid bird to get off the house. :-P

ALSO, how could I forget: If you'd like to win a tiara (a really really pretty one) go to and tell her that I sent you when you enter the drawing. I've been challenged by someone else thinking they can refer more people than me....LOL.

oklanannie said...

Happy Monday-after-Easter! Wonderful weekend hiding eggs with my grandbunnies and sneaking candy from unattended Easter baskets!! Now that I've had an overdose of chocolate bunnies, I plan to be good this week.

"About that Night" by Julie James is popular! I read it as well. Her books always make me laugh and the characters in this one I found particularly endearing - especially Kyle!

Hoping Agatha cooperates this week Christy, and that you, Savannah and Zach get lots accomplished! Good wishes to all for a great week!

Book Talk Romanc said...

Christy I thought it was very good of him to not laugh. However, when we talked about it last night I did see a little twitch on his lips. LOL And yes Gabe and Skylar's story was worth it. It is pretty cool to hear it after reading it.

Amy said...

We had a relaxing Easter. I read Heather Burch's "Halflings" book 1. It was good. Also read Suzanne Brockmann's "Hero Under Cover" and "Breaking the Rules".

I'll have to check out "About That Night"!

Have a great week!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

I just finished Sweet Revenge--about 5 minutes ago. So I'd definitely recommend that. :) Before that, I read The Professor by Cathy Perkins--an awesome serial killer mystery with a sexy romance thrown in.


Christy Reece said...

Ronlyn, those woodpeckers can be so destructive, but they are so cute. LOl Good luck on the tiara contest!

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten alot read with it being spring break and the Master's golf tournament is in town. Looking forward to Julie James book also.

Jackie P

Christy Reece said...

Anne, sounds like you had a lovely Easter. Sneaking candy from unattended baskets? LOL Sounds like my hubby. He confessed that as he was hiding the plastic eggs (filled with candy) he ate the candy before he hid the eggs. Poor kids found empty eggs! (:

Thanks for the good wishes. Agnes actually showed up for work today Yay!

Christy Reece said...

Jeannie, that's so sweet that hubby still wouldn't laugh at you even though he might have wanted to.

I'm so glad you enjoyed listening to the audio of NO CHANCE. I loved the narrator's voice. (:

Linda said...

This last week has been crazy at work.... between the emergencies and preparing for two different talks to school kids as well as being on call for the weekend have not had a lot of time to read but did manage two books Dee Davis' Deadly Dance and Lori Foster'S Perfect Storm. Two more days on call and then working for the weekend where I hopefully will have more time to read.

Hope said...

I am late....again, but better late than never, right? We had an awesome Easter. We went to church, had a great service, then came home to my baked ham smelling up the house (my first ever cooking it myself). Had a yummy dinner and watched our annual The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Peaceful, lovely day.

I have a few recommends from last week. I read, A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster and really liked it. Arizona and Spencer ::sigh:: some people are just stubborn.

I also finished Laura Moore's Trouble Me, the final in her Rosewood trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed Jade's book.

Finally, a new to me author, Toni Blake. I started her Destiny series with One Reckless Summer. I see great things for this series, and am glad I finally decided to take the plunge and read it. (It has been in my TBR pile for a long time).

Hope Agatha behaves for you Christy, you could always threaten to cut of the chocolate supply, that might whip her in to shape. Have a great week!!!

Mary G said...

Hi All.
Just read the last two of Shiloh's Ash series. Just superb. Looks like a have a number of awesome books to look up.

Hope said...

Has anyone heard from Elke? It doesn't look like she checked in today. ELKE....are you okay?

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,
sorry I am late .
Hope, how nice of you to worry - I am ok, was just a bit busy because Monday after the Easter weekend is a holiday here and I spent the time I normally blogg, preparing dinner with my hubby and enjoyed time with my family.

We had a nice quiet Easter weekend and I read some great books.

I read and recommend:
"Simopn says die" by Lena Diaz ( great follow up after her first book "he kills me, he kills me not")

"The only way out" by Susan Mallery ( not one of her normal contemporary romances, more in the line of romantic suspence)

And then I started Victoria Dahls series about the Donovan siblings. I am currently reading Erics book "Real Men will" and I enjoyed all three books , but liked Jamies story best.

Thats it for me.
Have a great week everyone and good luck for Zach and Savannah this week, Christy.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Amy! Glad you had a relaxing Easter. I've not heard of Heather Burch's Hafling series. Sounds interesting!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much for reading and recommending SWEET REVENGE. So glad you enjoyed it. Will definitely have to check out Cathy Perkins' The Professor. Sounds like it would be right up my alley. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie P! Didn't know you were a golf fan. Were you happy that Bubba won the Masters?

Christy Reece said...

Hi All! Sorry to be so late getting back here. Had some kind of bug to literally kick me me on my fanny but good! Couldn't get out of bed. Am about 50% better today, which is a huge improvement since I actually thought I was dying yesterday. I'm on the mend--yay for sleeping for 18 hours straight!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Linda, with your schedule, being able to read two books sounds phenomenal to me. Hope your upcoming weekend gives you lots of extra time for reading!

Christy Reece said...

LOL Hope, not as late as I am! Your Easter sounds like it was simply perfect.

Denying Agatha chocolate isn't something I would even dare to threaten. I have to stay on her good side at all cost! (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G! Thanks for the recommends! Hope you got some good ideas here for more awesome books!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Elke! Sounds like your Easter was perfect. And you got to read some great books, too!

Thanks for the good wishes on Zach and Savannah. So far they're behaving this week! (: