Monday, July 2, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

So sorry I'm late on the blog. I've been having major Internet troubles for the past week and then yesterday, I lost it completely. I now have a temporary fix but who knows how long it will last. Isn't technology wonderful, as long as it works?

How was your week and weekend? Do anything fun, read anything fabulous, watch any great movies? Here's your place to share or brag.

Wasn't it a scorcher of a weekend? I think the highest temperature we reached was 104 but man on man, that's just way too hot for me. I stayed inside and was so grateful for the air conditioning. I know some of you were in the storm's path and I hope you'll check in and and let us know you're safe. Others had hotter weather than we did in Alabama and some even lost power. Can't imagine how miserable that was. Hope everyone is cool and safe this Monday.

Last week I did a bit of writing, reading, and more catch up work. Angela and Jake went quiet on me for a couple of days and I was about to panic. Thankfully it looks like they're back and we're ready to roll again. Whew!

Nothing new on the reading front. I am rereading several of my LCR books to get me back into an LCR frame of mind. So, if you haven't read the series, it's one I highly recommend. (:

Okay, that's it for me. I figure I'd better not push my luck with this Internet issue. I'll try to pop back on later this week and say hey. Stay cool and safe. And for those in the US, have an absolutely fabulous 4th of July!

Now, tell us what great books we should be reading.


Hope said...

OOpsie....I posted my comment on last weeks RM. Here it is again heehee

Good morning all....I am soooo excited that Angela gets her own story. I am really happy she started talking to you Christy, I have a feeling about her...

This past week hasn't been a great book week for me. I haven't read or finished one that I would recommend. I decided to go back to a tried and true series, so I went back to Karen Rose, trying to get caught up on that series.

As for TV, I just finished the 3rd season of the Tudors. I love this show, history, drama, much fun.

We are getting ready for our big karate trip. Jordan and I will be gone for 12 days, heading first to El Paso then on to Vegas. I sincerely despise packing, so I am not looking forward to packing for 2 weeks.

As to the heat, I know a lot of the country is scorching but we have had a mild summer so far in Southern Oregon. Over the weekend, it didn't get over 80.

Have a lovely week everyone!!

oklanannie said...

I've been under the weather from two spider bites last week that have caused more grief than I expected. I don't think my left arm will ever be the same! Haven't been out of the house for 4days. I'm making a jaunt to find flavored water today though. Too hot to do much else, so a good book with a cool glass of water this afternoon is what the doctor ordered!

Christy, hope you get your computer related problems taken care of soon without too much more trouble. Those types of problems are certainly irritating - especially when you're trying to accomplish so much.

I finished Mariah Stewart's latest in the Chesapeake Diaries series, "Home for the Summer." I was a little disappointed in it -- too much filler and not enough solid storyline.

Also, read Elizabeth Hoyt's "Thief of Shadows." Another excellent addition to the already fabulous Maiden Lane historical series. I absolutely have enjoyed each and every book in this series. Highly recommend to those who enjoy historical romance.

Happy Reading and Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate in the good ole USofA!!

Sam said...

I read Kristen Ashley's "For You" this past week. I am a major KA fan. This book, however, was long on the details. And that's saying a lot, as I love details. I never skim over a book, I'm always compelled, good, bad, and ugly, to read the complete book. I found myself tempted to skim. It was still a good read, though not my favorite.

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise summer?! One hundred seven degrees was one of our highs last week. The older I get, the more grumpy I get during the summer months.

I've hooked another family member with the Rescue series. I'm wanting more Christy, fast, my way, like Burger King!

Book Talk Romanc said...

I spent this last week end being pampered by my hubby. My birthday was yesterday but I spent the week end reading. Of course now I have to play catch up on all the last minute details for the conference. Please keep prayers and good thought coming my away.
I read Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor series. This series will make you laugh, but not cry. It is wonderful light hearted reading. Go to her web site to get the order you need to read them in cause I don't remember. I am currently reading Stephanie Tyler Hold series. Well I will when I have a few minutes or need to decompress this week. I am waiting for Maya Banks new KGI book that is due out tomorrow. For those who read Whispers in the Dark, this is the follow up on the sister. Christy hope your internet woos go away very soon. I am need an LCR fix so will proably re-read the series after the conference. Have a great week everyone.

Linda said...

Last week seemed to be a month long for me..from Wednesday until Saturday when I got home from work I put 850 miles on my car and never left the state of Illinois!
I knew from the start that I would be having short bursts of down time so choose my books accordingly. I read two anthologies: Sandra Browns Thriller 3- the majority of the stories were really good there were a few that I just did not connect with as is the case with some groups. I also read Lori Foster's Love Bites- that one is really good. Re-read Cindy Gerrard's Desert Heat and started Twisted.

Hope everyone has stayed safe with the heat and continues to keep cool. Happy reading.

KC said...

It is also way too hot here. I live out west so thankfully to power loss for us. But still way to hot and dry. We have 6 wildfires burning over the past week or so. Scary!

I had some luck in my reading last week.
Shades of Desire by Virna DePaul, this was a new to me author.
Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair, also new to me author. For this book I was in the mood for something different, but also something HOT. I don't recommend this if you don't like the super hot sex scenes, also had some BDSM, but nothing over the top.
Finally I read No one left to tell by Karen Rose. You really can't go wrong with one of KR's books. They are always awesome.With super evil villains, with a twist at the end. Love her books!

krisgils33 said...

Hi there,
We finally got our power back on late this afternoon after losing it Friday night around 11 pm. It has been over 100 every day, so we spent alot of time at various stores and the movies. Brave was quite excellent and Madagascar 3 was funny. I read a couple of books, but neither impressed me all that much. Now I'm going to focus on getting ready for dance Nationals in Atlantic City in a couple weeks. Oh, and Christy, thanks for the recommend on the LCR books...I'll give them a try. *snicker*

Marta said...

Hi Christy,

It's been in the 90's in FL but with a lot of humidity which makes it feel hotter.

Last week I read The Boarding House by Sharon Sala. I think this is the first book I've cried so much. Although this is only a work of fiction, it's a realization that girls/boys like Ellie exist in the real world. Highly recommend (with a box of tissue near by)

Stay cool & take care!!

Marta M.

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I had a great weekend visiting with my in-laws up in MN. I hoped it would be cooler up there, but no luck :(

I have one rec this week...At Last by Jill Shalvis. Love her stuff!

Happy reading everyone!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope, it's good to hear from you no matter where you post! Glad you're happy about Angela's story. Wow, she's a bit more complex than I anticipated. (:

Love Karen Rose's books. I haven't read her newest. Am saving that for a special occasion.

Sigh, I hate packing too, but it's the unpacking I really despise. It means I have to do laundry, which I hate.

Safe travels for you and Jordan. Have fun!

Christy Reece said...

Anne, I hope your spider bites are much better. That sounds so painful! You definitely deserve a cool, flavored glass of water and a good book. Hope you found both. (:

Happy Independence Day to you, too!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Sam! Thanks so much for recommending my series to your family. So very much appreciated!!!

LOL I think the heat makes all of us a little grumpy. It's just hard to keep a smile on your face when it feels like you're melting. Hope you find a cool place to read a great book. (:

Christy Reece said...

Jeannie, belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you were treated like a queen. Good for you!

Good thoughts and prayers coming your way for your conference. Sounds like you are prepared.

Thanks for the awesome recommends. And thanks for your plans to reread the LCR series. Hope you enjoy them again!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Linda, so glad you made it home safely. Traveling that distance makes for very long days. Thanks for the recommends. Short stories are great when your time is limited.

Stay cool and happy reading to you, too!

Christy Reece said...

Hey KC! Thanks for all the recommends! Yikes on the wildfires. Hope you guys get some rain to help out. And you're so right, you can never go wrong with a Karen Rose book! (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kris, it's good to hear from you. I worried when I saw that nasty weather coming your way on Friday. Can't imagine not having air conditioning in this heat. I'm glad there were good movies to keep you entertained and cool. And yay for getting your power back!

LOL You're welcome for the LCR recommendation. (;

Christy Reece said...

Hi Marta! Oh the humidity. Isn't that horrendous. The moment you walk outside, you're immediately covered in that uncomfortable dampness. And don't get me started on what it does to my hair! (:

Thanks for the recommend. I don't think I've read a Sharon Sala book that I didn't need a box of tissues. Haven't heard of this one but will be on the lookout for it so I can have it when I feel I need a good cry. Two of my favorites of her books are Out of the Dark and Sweet Baby. Wonderful reads!

Stay cool!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Wow, when I think of Minnesota, I always think of cool weather. Sorry you got no relief from the heat but glad your visit with your in-laws was a good one.

Thanks for the recommend. Jill Shalvis is another author you can never go wrong with!

Audrey Estes said...

Hi! First off, let me say I am a huge fan of the LCR series. I am currently on "Sweet Revenge" and am trying to savor this one and the one after since the next ones haven't come out yet!!!!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you so much, Audrey! I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my books. Hope you enjoy SWEET REVENGE and SWEET REWARD. Stay tuned for more LCR later this year and next. Thanks for reading!