Monday, September 3, 2012

Recommend Monday

Happy Monday All (and for those in the U.S.) Happy Labor Day!

Did you have a good week and weekend? Get lots of reading done?

My week was...well, I'm going to quote John Steinbeck, with a little addition: The best laid plans of mice and men and romance writers. I had planned to finish the first draft of CHANCES ARE. However, revisions came for MIDNIGHT SECRETS, which meant Jake and Angela had to step out of the way while I went back to Midnight and Zach and Savannah. But there's definitely a silver lining to this. My editor said: "Sweet, sexy, emotional and suspenseful, MIDNIGHT SECRETS is an utterly engaging read--a riveting first book to introduce the Midnight/Wilde sisters series." So a big YAY on that! I can't wait for you guys to meet Zach, Savannah and the residents of Midnight.

So I'm now in the midst of some minor revisions but once I'm finished, hopefully by next week, I'll get back with Jake and Angela and finish up their story. And of course, I have Quinn and Samantha waiting in the wings in MIDNIGHT LIES. Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure!

Also, I heard from my wonderful UK editor at Headline Publishing Group. They're going to be releasing all nine LCR books in their Eternal line early next year. Which means that UK readers will finally be able to get the LCR books in eBook form.  Headline will also be publishing my Ella Grace books in the UK at the same time they come out here in the U.S. So excited to be reaching new readers as both Christy Reece and Ella Grace!

Been kind of a busy week and weekend, so no new romance reading for me. I have started a fascinating non-fiction book, American Sniper by Chris Kyle, who is a former Navy SEAL. I've read the first couple of chapters and am mesmerized and enthralled already.

Okay, that's it for me. Again, I apologize for not being as attentive as I need to be on this blog. Writing is taking up all available time right now but hopefully once the books are out, you'll love them so much, you'll forgive my inattention. And just a reminder that though I'm not able to comment immediately, Monday is the heaviest traffic for my website, which means the books you're reading and recommending are being seen by lots of people. So please, keep up the recommendations for all your fellow readers out there!

Have a great week everyone. Stay safe and read something marvelous.

Now, tell us what great books you read last week!


krisgils33 said...

Hi Christy!
I'll be curious to hear how you end up liking the American Sniper book. I checked it out and it seems the reviewers who didn't like it enjoyed the beginnning, but not the end. I'd much rather have you writing than replying to my comments. haha! I do hope you get some down time, but I'm super excited for your new books to be done and in my hands!! We just got back from our cruise and, sadly, I read very little while on vacation. I just finished reading Gina Maxwell's Seducing Cinderella and it was a cute story from a first time author. I know Gina a bit from The Romance Man's blog and she is funny and sweet and the book is pretty good, so I would recommend it. Have a great week.

Kara C said...

Hey Christy!
Congratulations on all the great news! I'd love to hear what you think when you finish the Sniper book. I recently read Fearless, about SEAL Adam Brown. He grew up not far from me, and his story is a great one.
My favorite recently read book is Carolina Home by Virginia Kantra. I'm reading Gone Girl right now, and it is fascinating.

Alison said...

Hey Christy!
Congrats on the great news! Everyone needs to read your books :-)

I have a couple recs this week...Blame it on Texas by Christie Craig. Love her stuff so fun and sexy! I also read and loved the latest in Bella Andre's Sullivan series...Let Me Be The One is my fav so far of this series.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!

KC said...

So I finally Read Fifty Shades darker and Fifty shades freed. I liked them not- what I expected but sometimes that can be a good thing.
I am currently reading Close enough to touch by Victoria Dahl, and liking it so far.

Have a Great Labor Day!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Everyone! I'm a week late, but I'm here!

Kris, a cruise sounds so wonderful. Hope you had a good time. And Seducing Cinderella does sound cute. Will have to check it out!

Kara, I had to put American Sniper aside to work on revisions but I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Also ordered No Easy Day and look forward to that one too. And I'm looking forward to reading Gone Girl. Heard so much about this book!

Allison, isn't Christie Craig wonderful. Not only is she a great writer but she's a fabulous inspirational speaker. I love being around her. I'm so behind on Bella's series but want to get them all at once and glom them someday. Haven't glommed an author a long time. (:

KC, 50 Shades surprised me too. I didn't expect to enjoy it but I did. Love those kinds of surprises.

Thanks for the congrats on the good news. I have lots of fun stuff ahead but very little time to get it done. Will be excited to get all of these stories out to you guys, though.

Be sure to come by for Recommend Monday today. I'm announcing the winner of the National Buy A Book Day contest. And I have a recommend too!