Monday, October 15, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good week and weekend. Looking forward to hearing about all the great books you read last week. Remember the contest for the Kindle giveaway ends 12/31 and a recommend from you each week is another entry in the contest. (Only one entry per week)

Last week wasn't the best for me. Blossom, my fur angel, who has been with me from the very first word I typed, went blind. It happened overnight and we were devastated. We took her to the opthamologist and learned she has diabetes. In a way, we were relieved because that is a treatable disease. However, the blindness continues. We're checking this week if she's healthy enough for eye surgery. So hoping we can get her sight back. Would certainly appreciate good thoughts and prayers that we get good news!

On a happier note, things are heating up in Midnight, Alabama with MIDNIGHT LIES. I am loving this story. If you didn't get a chance to read last Friday's Midnight Tales, be sure to check it out. It features a photo of the Wilde mansion and has a short excerpt from MIDNIGHT SECRETS. Click on the mansion for more. Here's the link: A Midnight Tale

Great news for my UK readers! I noticed that the first six LCR books are up for pre-order on Amazon. Here's the link: RESCUE ME for UK readers The other titles can be found there also. Looks like RESCUE ME releases in January, RETURN TO ME in February, etc. I can't wait to see the new covers!

MIDNIGHT SECRETS is also available for pre-order in the UK but only the paperback so far. As soon as it goes up for Kindle, I'll let you know. Be warned, it's still showing a March 26 release date and not the new one of April 30. Here's the UK buy link: MIDNIGHT SECRETS for UK readers

With the family issues that came up last week, along with a 10/31 deadline for MIDNIGHT LIES and copyedits coming this week for MIDNIGHT SECRETS, there is a strong possibility that CHANCES ARE won't be ready to release this year. I really want to get Jake and Angela's story to you but I also want it to be LCR worthy. I'll let you know as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience. I can't wait for you to meet Angela and Jake!

Okay, that's it for me. Got lots of writing to do. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a wonderful week. Now tell us what we should be reading!


Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I'm sorry to hear Blossom isn't feeling well. I'll definitely be sending healing thoughts her way.

Last week I read some great books. Intimate Enemies by Joan Swan and Dirty by Megan Hart.

I'm continuing to work my way through Judith McNaught's backlist and I read and LOVED Somthing Wonderful. I think this is my favorite so far.

I also re-read Stephanie Lauren's Devil's Bride. I love those Cynsters :)

Have a good week everyone!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christy,

So sorry to hear about Blossom. Will send hopeful best thoughts to her.

Finished Whitney, My Love and almost finished with Until You. I haven't read historical romance in years and now I wonder why. I completely loved these books. I also have never read anything by Judith McNaught! Where have I been!. I have several other books by her on my TBR shelf and will get to them in due time.

In fact, I have quite a few books on that shelf. So many books, so little time.

Have a great week everyone.

Linda said...

Hey Christy,
So glad to here that Blossom is doing well with her insulin and hope that the cardiologist will tell you she can have the surgery for her eyes. Here is something that will hopefully intrigue you. had a visitor to the clinics back yard where I feed the squirrels and other wild life that hangs out. A red tail hawk! So far the squirrels have avoided the bird.
As to what I red last week- I read The Witness by Nora Roberts. It was a very good book and yes it was the first book of hers that I have read. I also read Cherry Adair's new TFLAC novel Ice Cold over the weekend. If you like hot men and action this is a must read.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Thanks for the good wishes for Blossom. So happy you enjoyed Something Wonderful. It's one of my favorites, too. Don't forget McNaught's wonderful contemporaries, if you haven't read them. My favorites are Someone to Watch Over Me, Paradise, Perfect and Double Standards.

Oh I love Lauren's Devil's Bride. Another Cynster book I loved was A Secret Love. I think I swooned a couple of times while reading that one. (:

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your Blossom..

I've read lots lately. One was a first. It was from a man writing romantic suspense - The Thief by V.R. Marks. It was very good.

Read the Rev it Up the 3rd book in Julie Ann Walker's series - love it.

Very funny book - Tarzan and Janine by Elle James

Debut novel - Dare To Believe by L.A. Sartor - many twist and turns in this book

Kara C said...

Fur babies before books. Absolutely! Hope you get all the answers you're hoping for soon. Will continue to send good vibes your way.
Im still trying to get through the very long list of book recommendations i received from my students, but I also read The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts this week. While I'm not in love the the ghost story portion of the book, I absolutely adore the banter between characters in this series.

krisgils33 said...

oh I hope your fur-baby gets some meds and surgery to get better quickly. {{hugs}} to you, i know it can be a stressful time when our babies have health issues. don't worry about the delay in Angela and Jake's story...we'll all be here waiting for as long as it takes. :)

I finished up the Jaci Burton sports series (4 books). They were pretty good and the covers were quite yummy.

KayB said...

Afternoon Christy

sending healing vibes to Blossom, it should always be fur babies before anything.
I haven't been around a lot as this fibro of mine is kicking the heck out of me.
If you like Irid Johansen, read "What doesn't Kill You" it's good and you get a real insight into one of the characters from the Eve Duncan series.

Tara said...


Sending good healing thought to you and your Blossom.

Last week only had time for a couple of reads. I finished Chill by Stephanie Rowe and enjoyed it. Also started the Julie Ann Walker series and read Hell on Wheels. Both good reads.

I am not a big history buff, but have not read any of the McNaught Contemps, so I might have to check those out also.

Have a great week everyone!

CrystalGB said...

Wishing your Blossom lots of healing thoughts.
I read Nalini Singh's Archangel's Storm and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Christy best wishes for Blossom.
It really is awfull when our fur babies are ill. I can relate becaus eI just came back from the vet clinic where I had to leave my beloved dog for further diagnostics. The prospect isn´t good at all. In fact I am trying to prepare myself to hear the worst - inoperable tumor .
So as I tended to my very ill dog all week, no recommends from me this week.

Na said...

I'm sending warm wishes for Blossom's health. I hope her condition improves.

I recommend Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. There are some wonderful, wild animals there and the story is heartwarming.

Elke said...

Obviously I can´t really concentrate today.
I forgot to type my name . Anonymous = Elke

KC said...

Hope Blossom is feeling better soon.

I read Never seduce a Scot by Maya Banks, I really like both her historical romance series. Stygians Honor by Lora Leigh. Wrong Move By Shannon McKenna this wasn't what I was expecting but it was still good.

Well that's it for me.

Happy Reading All!

Ella said...

Hi Christy

Sorry to hear about your fur baby, hope she gets better soon!

I've been so stuck in reams of marking this month that I haven't had much reading time but over a quite weekend I got stuck back into The Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann. I'd forgotten how great they are - love how she brings in other characters all the way through so you get so invested in some of the relationships that continue over years and several books. I couldn't recommend more.

Half term is coming up in a few weeks so I will have to put some of these on my TBR pile for then :)

Jane said...

Will be thinking of Blossom. I read Laura Griffin's "Snapped." Looking forward to the next book in her Tracers series.

leann said...

Good Monday to you Ms. Christy! My recommandations for you this week are...
1- Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall
2- Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh
3- Lady Gone Bad by Sabina Starr
I read these last week & I'm looking forward to some more good reads this week.
Thanks for the giveaway & I'll see you next Monday!!

Sam said...

Lorelei James "One Night Rodeo" is wonderful, as are all of her books.

I think I've mentioned Pamela Clare's "Skin Deep" in previous post...but just in case I haven't!

Both of these ladies are amazing writers.

Prayers your way, Blossom!

KerryH said...

Hi Christy
Sorry to hear about Blossom and sending all my love and wishes all will be well :-)

So my books for this week have been
WATER BOUND - Christine Feehan
ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT - Suzanne Brockmann
VIRGIN RIVER - Robin Carr (lovethis series)

Ive got some new TBR books thanks to all the recommends so thank u very much guys!
Hope u all have a great week :-)

Crystal said...

Hey Christy (sending warm wished to you and Blossom) I hate that the poor thing is having to deal with so much health issues.
I would rather wait however long it takes for you to get Angela and Jake into our hands before I'd want you to rush it!!
I can't wait to visit Midnight, Alabama!! Things seem to be heating up in the south.

I've actually been on quite the reading spree this week. I read Julie Ann Walkers Black Knight series. I really enjoyed all three books. Some of her dialogue was a little odd, but the story was good enough that I could overlook it. lol
I also reread (again) Judith McNaughts Once and Always. It never gets old.
Hope your week is a good one for writing and Blossom.

Amber E. said...

Hi Christy! I am so sorry to hear about Blossom, and hope you hear good news.

All this talk about Judith McNaught has me wanting to reread her books. Does anyone know if she is still writing books? She is such a great author and have noticed there hasn't been any new releases from her.

I only had the chance to read one ebook this week, and it was IF I WERE YOU by Lisa Renee Jones. Great book! The only thing is it's part of a series that leaves you with a cliff hanger tell the next book is released.

oklanannie said...

So good to return after missing in action for 2 months! I really missed my book buddies and Recommend Monday!!

Chisty, so sorry to hear that poor little Blossom is having problems. Keeping you and her in my thoughts.

One excellent recommend to return with today. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. A beautiful story and message written by a new-to-me author--one I definitely will read again!

Jennifer V. said...

Hope your furry friend is feeling better soon!

I'm reading Wrong Bed Right Guy by Katee Robert. It's quite good!

bn100 said...

Tangle of need by Nalini Singh

Christy Reece said...

Hi All! First of all, thank you so much for the prayers and good wishes for Blossom. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. We're so hopeful her sight can be restored. Would appreciate continued good thoughts and prayers for success.

So excited to see all of these fabulous recommendations. Wow, once my deadlines have passed, I've got so many great books to look forward to.

And I love seeing that several of you are continuing to enjoy or are just now discovering Judith McNaught. She is my all time favorite author. I don't think there's any book I've read of hers that I haven't teared up a time or two. And I always close her books with a happy sigh. (:

Amber, you asked if McNaught is still writing and I don't know the answer. She had one book that was supposed to be released a few years back that kept being delayed. I don't know if it will ever be released. I would love to think she will have more but I will be forever grateful to her for the ones she's written. Her books will remain on my treasured keeper shelf.

Elke, I know we chatted via email but wanted to send you cyber hugs for you and your entire family.

Anne (Oklanannie)! I am so thrilled to have you back here on the blog. Missed you so very much!

Thanks again, everyone. I'm headed over to post another Recommend Monday. Hope you'll come over and share more great reads!