Monday, November 26, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day with lots of family, food and fun. Did you brave the Black Friday shopping frenzy? If so, did you get any fabulous deals?

I'm in the midst of Deadline Dementia, a common occurrence when I'm only a few days from deadline and all those things I know I need to fix whirl around in my mind like a manic ferris wheel. In my dreams, the crazed operator controlling the ride looks eerily like my high school algebra teacher. What's that about?

Anyway, with deadline upon me, this will be another short and sweet Recommend Monday but with a twist. In addition to your regular recommends, name one book you wished you hadn't read yet so you could read it for the first time and enjoy all the delicious surprises again. Do you have any like that? I think for me, mine would be It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Linda Howard's MacKenzie's Mountain. Loved those two books!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. And don't forget, a recommend from you puts your name into a drawing for some fabulous prizes: (1) Kindle Fire HD; (2)Signed copies of entire LCR series; (3) $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card. Winner announced 12/31.

Easy Peasy!

Now tell us what we should be reading!


Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend...I'm stuffed full of pie and the tree is up!

I have 3 recs this week all by new to me authors...The first two are Seduction and Snacks and Futures and Frosting by Tara Sivec, both were hilarious and had me LOLing throughout the books. The third is Razing Kayne by Julieanne Reeves, an amazing romantic suspense.

One book I wish I hadn't read so I could read it again would be Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard...its got a creepy villian, humor, and steaminess :)

Have a good week all!

oklanannie said...

After the holiday emotional let down -- I miss the pumpkin pie!!

I've been reading bunches of Amazon freebies over the holidays. Some A-OK; others forgettable. Today I'm thinking I might wish I could once again pick up The Sweet Gum Tree for the first time.

Anybody doing cyber Monday shopping?? I have finished up in November so didn't take part in any shopping excursions over the holiday.

Wishing everyone a fun-filled week of reading lots of good books!

Na said...

I hope everyone had a lovelt weekend! I haven't read the two books you mentioned by love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Linda Howard's books.

A book I wish I could unread just so I could read it anew is The Oursider by Penelope Williamson.

Elke said...

Hi Christy,hi Everyone!
Good luck with your deadline Christy and I know what you mean with the algebra teacher - just thinking of my math teacher and her "Elke come in front of the class I want to examine you" gives me nightmares still.

I have three redommends this week:
Dangerous Waters by Toni Anderson, Lone Star Justice by Tori Scott and -Alison already recommended it-
Razing Kane by Julianne Reeves.
This one blew me away - its her first published book and I higly recommend it to all fans of romantic suspense.

As for a book I wish I hadn´t read before (tough question, Christy) I think that would be Pamela Clares Hard Evidence ( I just love Julian Darcangelo).

Have a good week Everyone and happy reading.

Tara said...

Hi All!

I had an excellent Turkey Day and are all decorated and ready for Christmas!

Did some online shopping to finish up over the weekend and loved that I could do that in my PJ's and not wait in a cold line outside stores with lots of folks.

I read Rev It Up, the third and my favorite of the Julie Ann Walker series. But too much family and celebrating to read anymore last week.

The one book I wish I had never read so I could read now would have to be the first Virgin River.

Good luck with your deadlines. Everyone have a great week!

krisgils33 said...

Happy post-Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time with good friends. I don't remember if I said this last week, but I've read the 2 Barefoot books by Roxanne St. Claire. Both were very good. I also read Razing Kayne and, despite having a few issues with it, it was a pretty good story.

Not much else for me. Buried in work, hubs is in NYC til Wed, and we spent all day yesterday at rehearsals for Nutcracker. The next couple of weekends will be grueling for my daughter. December will be busy.

Good luck navigating deadline hell Christy!!!

KC said...

I had a good Thanksgiving. And went out shopping. We did Thurdsay night though.

Recommends for me are
Scorched by Laura Griffin and
The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

Book I wish to read for the first time? Hard question, I'm going to cheat and say The Ash series by Shiloh Walker.

Have a great week everyone!!

Jane said...

I did a little online shopping over the weekend and still looking out for deals today. My recommend is Anne Elizabeth's "A SEAL at Heart."

Linda said...

Hello Christy,

I have four books from last week to recommend, Allison Brennan's Stalked the fifth book in her Lucy Kincaid series, Sandra Brown's Low Pressure and then two classics of Stella Cameron's Risk and Breathless.

As for the one book that I want to read for the first time (or again and again) there are actually two of them and they are both by Linda Howard.. Shades of Twilight and Cry No More. Both of these just grab me and I want that first experience of awe when I read them.

Kara C said...

Love the twist! I'd have to list your Rescue Me or Pamela Clare's Unlawful Contact as the book I'd like to read for the first time again. As for recs for this week, not much to say. I read Down for the Count by Christine Bell, and it was a quick, fun read. I've just started Lori Wilde's The Cowboy and the Princess, and so far it's really fun.
Good luck with the DD. can't wait to get my hands on that book!

bn100 said...

Don't have any books like that

Diane Alberts' Absolution

CrystalGB said...

Hi Christy. I had a good Thanksgiving. I recommend Grace Burrowes' Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish.

Crystal said...

Hey everyone! Wow I am late! My recommend for last week is Midnight's Seduction. Loving this series by Donna Grant!

angel said...

HEY Ya'll!! I recommend Pamela Clares Hard Evidence.

Christy Reece said...

Hey All! Thanks for the recommends, with a twist. Love those twists, too. You named many of my favorites.

Thanks for the good wishes on my deadline. Got it done. Yay!!!!!!!!

Be sure to come over to Recommend Monday in a few minutes. I'm looking for something fabulous to read. Aren't you?