Thursday, May 2, 2013

CHANCES ARE in Paperback

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that the paperback is now available! Here's the link: CHANCES ARE Paperback

Thank you so much for the reception you've given Jake and Angela. I'm thrilled that readers are enjoying the newest Last Chance Rescue book. And I'm delighted you want more stories from the LCR gang!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you I have been a devoted fan of the LCR series since it first came out and was very unhappy that your publisher decided they had had enough of those adventures, because fans of the series definitely have not. I wondered if you would actually have time to write more LCR stories if you had to start another series, and am so glad you have published Chances Are, which I devoured I must say, and hope I can look forward to more epublished LCR stories. That was such a unique concept, it deserves to live on.