Thursday, June 27, 2013

A long post in which Christy answers questions, clears up misunderstandings, and discusses the future.

Hi Everyone!

I've received so many emails regarding the LCR series, where it's headed, what I'm working on, and what's up next, I thought a general post might be helpful. Feel free to ask me questions here or you can always email me or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are my plans for right now. Life has a tendency to throw curve balls when we least expect them. However, unless something drastically changes, this is my writing agenda for the foreseeable future.

Let me address the most asked about issues first:

Q) The ending of CHANCES ARE was either a cliff hanger, a new beginning, or the end of the LCR series. Which was it? 

A) I'm so sorry for the confusion on this. What's in my mind as clear and concise doesn't always come across that way on paper. The LCR series is definitely not ending. However, in a way, it is a new beginning for the series. While writing CHANCES ARE, I realized that people who had never read an LCR book might find it daunting to pick up #10 in the series. Also, I really wanted/needed to attract new readers to the series. So it was a delicate balance for me to bring long-time LCR readers up to date on previous couples without alienating new readers and making them feel lost.

My thought process was two-fold. If a person had never read any of the previous LCR books, I hoped she would like the book well enough to go back and read the previous nine. However, I wanted to give a reader the option of picking up CHANCES ARE and being able to read it and future books without feeling as though she was missing something if she didn't read the previous books. As I said, a delicate balance.

The ending of CHANCES ARE was a way for me to show that more books were coming (I obviously didn't do that well enough) and to get readers excited about new characters and new books.

Q) Why is Noah leaving? Will he not be part of LCR anymore?

A) Noah McCall is and always will be the leader of Last Chance Rescue. He will just be running the operation from a different location. As I was writing CHANCES ARE, I started thinking about Samara's family. If you'll remember in RETURN TO ME, she's very close with them. Now that she and Noah have two children, wouldn't she want them to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins more often? And if there's one thing Noah McCall wants to do, it's to make his Mara happy. Having them living in Paris when her family is in Virginia just seemed wrong. Hence the move.

And LCR is growing. You'll see some of your favorite characters running branch offices and a few who aren't with the organization any longer may be returning. The future is brighter than ever for the Last Chance Rescue organization.

Q) When will the next LCR book be out and who will it feature?

A) The next LCR book is RUNNING ON EMPTY, featuring Sabrina Fox and Declan Steele. As you'll remember from CHANCES ARE, Sabrina is an LCR operative and, in Angela's opinion, possibly the most lethal operative in the organization. Declan Steele is a man from Sabrina's past. So far, there's a tremendous amount of angst and action in the first few chapters. I think you're going to love these two vulnerable but damaged people. But be warned, Declan is a very damaged and bitter man--with good reason. You might not like him at the beginning but I promise you, that will change. :)

To give you a small taste, here's the first line of RUNNING ON EMPTY: 

Declan Steele returned from the dead a changed man.

Sound intriguing? I hope so! I don't have a release date for this book. Since I'm self publishing them, giving exact dates is impossible. Also, I have another project ahead of it, which makes predicting a possible release date even more difficult. Just be sure to check my website and blog from time to time to keep up with what's going on. Also, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. I will send out an announcement to all subscribers on the day of a new book release.

Q) What about other LCR books?

A) After RUNNING ON EMPTY, the next book is RUNNING SCARED featuring Justin Kelly and Riley Grant. Then it's RUNNING WILD, which is Aidan Thorne's story. After these three are released, I truly do not know. The series may end or I might keep it going, depending upon the interest.

Q) You have another project you're working on? What's that about?

A) Yes, I'm writing a new book, that may or may not be the beginning of a new series. It just depends on how the first one pans out. If it does turn into a series, I only have two books in mind so far. However, I hope to meet some new characters in the midst of writing (like I did with Last Chance Rescue books) and write their stories, too.

The first book, NOTHING TO LOSE, features Kennedy O'Connell and Nick Gallagher. The second book, A MATTER OF JUSTICE, features Grey Justice and an as yet unnamed heroine. Details are murky, sketchy, and mushy, so stayed tuned as my muse whispers the story to me.

I am incredibly excited about this new book. Story content will be similar to LCR books in that it will be full of action, suspense, and steamy romance.  Can't wait till I can tell you more about it. So far, I will say it is the most emotionally charged and angst-filled book I have ever written and I am head over heels in love with my characters. Yay!

Q) Will there be more Wildefire books?

A) Yes, I do intend to write Sabrina's story, MIDNIGHT SHADOWS. I also want to write a story for Brody James, Logan Wright, and Josh Adams, Zach's half-brother. I think you'll understand why I definitely need to write one for Brody and Logan once you read MIDNIGHT LIES. And though Josh hasn't started talking to me yet, I have a vague story idea for him so hopefully by the time I'm ready to write his book, he'll be willing to talk.

Q) And then what?

A) I have 3 books I finished years ago that I really want to get out to you. The first two need some serious editing. Oddly enough, the third one is almost ready but I can't release it until I finish the first two since it is a connected trilogy. These books are heavy romance with a healthy dose of suspense. I'd love to think I could get these out to you sometime next year. Fingers and toes crossed!

Q) Anything else?

A) Every day it seems there's something new, which is totally thrilling to me. I have an idea for another romantic suspense and possibly a sexy anthology to introduce it. Will have to wait and see what Agatha says. You know she's the boss of me!

What did I miss addressing or answering? Ask away!


Alima Kanumilli said...

Thanks Christy for the updated.....You and your books are always on the top....looking forward to many, many more :)

Sue Peace said...

Thanks for the updates!!! Love reading your books!

krisgils33 said...

holy endless supply of CR/EG books will make me one happy girl. It's funny how just one line of a book, or a character's name, can get my blood pumping for more!! LOL

tresa said...

Love knowing all the coming books. I can hardly wait !

Christy Reece said...

Thank you Alima, Peaces of Me, Kris, and Tresa! Knowing you want more books from me is the very best motivation in the world!

oklanannie said...

WOWZA! Fabulous news and I couldn't be more excited!!

Lots of projects to keep you very busy, Christy, and will keep your readers on edge and anxiously awaiting more great reads!

Of course, I have millions of questions I would love to ask but I'm going to savor the news of today and hit you with my curiosity overload at a later time.

Happy reading everyone!

Unknown said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! Love more LCR books

Tasty Book Tours said...

Christy...YOU ARE AMAZING!! TRULY AMAZING!! And I can't wait to read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you plan to publish!!

Tara said...

Christy, you made my day with all this wonderful news!

I am super duper excited about all the books in the works and hooray for more LCR!!

You had me at murky, sketchy and mushy, can't wait!

I have lots of questions, but need to get back to work, so more later. Thanks for the update and making my day!

Judy B said...

Wow Christy you are an busy person. I have no doubt that any book you write will excellent. I can't wait til i read each and everyone of them. If anything i can do just let me know. You rock Christy keep surprising us with your talents.

Christy Reece said...

Anne, Kay, Lisa, Tara and Judy, thank you so much. Your support means the world to me!

Marijane Diodati said...

It all sounds great, Christy! You may be a little tired though! I am so glad that Noah still is our top guy.

Another series will be fun. I love series so you keep writing them,okay?


Christi said...

Great post, Christy! I love all of this news. I need to play catch-up as I know that your latest is still in my TBR waiting and taunting me. smiles...

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Marijane and Christi! So glad you excited about upcoming books!

Christi, hope you enjoy CHANCES ARE!

Alison said...

Woohoo! Love hearing there are more Christy Reece/ Ella Grace books coming our way!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Alison! Glad you're excited. I am too! :)

Unknown said...

I have all your books in paperback and digital that are available, I haven't read one book of yours that I didn't reread several times. I can not thank you enough for the hours of enjoyment they have given me over the years. I am also thrilled to know you are not ending your LCR series. They are by far my favorite. Thank you really seems like very little to say, but I do thank you. I hope to enjoy your books for years to come.

Christy Reece said...

Amy, you made my day! What a lovely thing for you to say. I so appreciate you reading my books and am thrilled you've enjoyed them. So happy you're looking forward to more!