Monday, September 16, 2013

Recommend Monday

Happy Monday All!

Hope you had a great weekend and read something you can't wait to tell us about.

Last week, my days and nights were filled with Kennedy, Nick, Grey, and an intriguing new character named Eli. Wow, I'm am loving NOTHING TO LOSE. My characters are taking the story in directions I never anticipated but I'm so excited to go along for the ride. I cannot wait to get this book out to you. I hope to share the cover with you soon, so stay tuned!

This week and the next two I'll be dividing my time between Christy Reece books and Ella Grace's new release, MIDNIGHT LIES. I'm hearing such wonderful things from readers about how much they're loving Quinn and Samantha's story. Since my publisher offered it up to early reviews on Net Galley and had several giveaways, many people have been able to read it early. If you've not read it yet, don't worry, it'll be everywhere next week!

As a countdown to the September 24 release, I'm having a giveaway a day over on Ella Grace website beginning tomorrow. If you love books, gift cards, and more books, you will not want to miss this event!

Also, please join me Tuesday, September 24 over on Ella Grace's Facebook page for a special release day event. Lots of prizes and lots and lots of fun. 

As you see from the post below this, the UK edition of SWEET REVENGE released last Thursday. Thank you to all who entered the giveaway here and on my Facebook page. The blog winner is: Angela Ingram! Congrats, Angela! Send your mailing address to and I'll get the book out to you soon.

This week, in between my characters taking me from Houston to Dallas to Austin, Texas, I'm going to be preparing blogs and interviews for upcoming blog appearances. Stay tuned for more information on that.

And I'm excited to say that even though my week was very busy, I did take the time to devour an absolutely delicious book by new to me author, Rachel Grant. Body of Evidence was a riveting read from the first page to the very last. The action never let up and it was clear that the author definitely knows her stuff. Check it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'll definitely be reading more of her work.

Okay, that's it for me this week. I hope to see you on my Ella Grace site tomorrow for the first big giveaway.

Have a great week all. And now, tell us what fabulous books we should be reading!


KC said...

Morning everyone!
Christy- I can't wait for Midnight Lies.
I have a couple recommends today.
Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton. Just one kiss and Two of a kind by Susan Mallery.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Happy Reading!!

krisgils33 said...

I finis hed the Shiloh Walker trilogy If you See Her, If you Hear Her, If you Know Her. Great, suspenseful reads. I figured out who the bad guy was pretty early, but it didn't detract from the stories at all.

My mind is totally on the chaos in DC as my office is on lockdown right next to the Navy Yard. I'm at a conference in Orlando and my co-workers are safe. Praying for everyone over at NavSea.

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, KC! Hope you love Midnight Lies! :)

Oh Kris, that's so sad what's going on in DC. Prayers going up for you, your coworkers, and the entire city.

oklanannie said...

Happy Monday! Christy, I get so excited about Nick and Kennedy's story each time you update us. I can't wait!

I finished two really good reads this past week for recommendations. "Present Perfect" by Alison Bailey, a very touching and emotional read. "Ruin" by Rachel Van Dyken is another emotional roller coaster as well. After two very crisis and emotionally infested reads, I'm definitely heading towards more light-hearted and maybe comical situations this week.

Prayers and positive thoughts to all those who are faced with such tragedy by the floods in Colorado and to those in D.C. this morning where evil once again raised its ugly head.

Elke said...

Hi Christy , hi Everyone!
Counting the days to the 24th Christy.

I had the flu last week and after the worst was over, I had time to read some fabulous books:
Lena Diaz "Ashes,Ashes they all fall dead" was the best in her nursery rhyme series imo, although I liked " he kills me, he kills me not" and "Simon says Die" as well.

I also enjoyed "Kindapped" and "Hunted" by Suzanne Ferrell, a new to me author so much that I searched for more of her books: Close to home and Close to the edge were good reads as well- I liked especially the second one (close to the edge maybe because the heroine Bobby ,a 38 year old schoolteacher turned PI , was so different from the usually georgous, tall heroines ).

Have a nice week Everyone and Happy reading!

Nicole said...

Happy Monday!!

I know this is a tough Monday, especially for those in the DC area. I will keep all the victims in my thoughts!!

This week I want to HIGHLY recommend (again) Kaylea Cross’s LETHAL PURSUIT. It released today and is a fantastic read. It’s the 3rd book in Cross’s Bagram’s Special Ops series. Parts of it can be difficult to read as the hero and heroine spend some time as POW’s in Afghanistan, but it is an excellent story about how two people who learn to trust and love each other can survive anything!!!

This week I’m reading Elaine Levine’s series Red Team. This is a 3 book (so far) series. I’ve finished the first one, The Edge of Courage and am half way thru the second, Shattered Valor. I’m already looking forward to the third, Honor Unraveled. The heroes of the stories are part of a private terrorist fighting company, they are all alpha males and all love hard and love forever!!!

I look forward to Recommend Monday every week. I’ve found some great reads from reading the books recommended here!

Have a great week, everyone!!!


Alison said...

Happy Monday All!

I have one rec this week...jennifer Ashley's novella The Untamed Mackenzie.

Only 8 more days until Midnight Lies! Can't wait!

Have a good week everyone!

Crystal said...

It's Tuesday and once again Monday flew by before I had a chance to stop by. I have been devouring Donna Grant's Druid Glen series. As with everything with Donna Grant's name on it they have all been great.