Monday, November 25, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a super weekend. Hard to believe that November is almost over. I simply cannot fathom a year passing by faster than 2013, at least for me. Has it been that way for you?

Thursday, November 28 will be Thanksgiving here in America. This particular holiday is one of my favorites. There are no expectations other than being with family and friends, enjoying a great meal and being grateful for all my blessings. Oh and football. Let's not forget the football! As you might imagine, we are football crazy here in Bama and it's never more apparent than the weekend after Thanksgiving when most of the state will settle down in front of their televisions to watch the Iron Bowl, which is the game between Alabama and Auburn. That's the day when family members don't speak to each other if they root for the opposing side. Yes we can get silly but we are serious about our favorite team. And that being said, Roll Tide Roll! :)

Last week I spent lots of time rebuilding and reworking NOTHING TO LOSE. Even though this book is taking me much longer than I anticipated, I am loving the story and characters. Since it's a new series, I'm taking extra time. The first book in a series sets the theme for all future books. I do hope to get the book out early 2013. I want to make this the very best book I can and I want you to love it. Thank you guys for your patience!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on Recommend Monday here or via email. For those who sent emails, I'll get back to you soon. Promise! It seems that everyone who gave their opinion was in favor of moving it to my Facebook page. Let's finish out the year here on the blog and plan to make the move to Facebook the first Monday in 2014.

I'd love to give the Recommend Monday blog a nice send-off, so you know what that means. Major giveaway for the month of December! Be sure to come back next Monday for details.

And speaking of giveaways. My RWA home chapter, Southern Magic, is having a fabulous giveaway.
Check out the announcement below:
Southern Magic brings its readers a special treat for the holidays,
36 awesome romance books by many of its talented authors.
Swoon, daydream and faint reading some of the best romance around.
From New Adult to Historical to Romantic Suspense to Erotica,
there's a little bit for everyone

One lucky winner will be selected at random.
Each author will mail her gifts separately
so the winner will receive several packages during the holidays
instantly putting a smile on his or her face
The packages will contain books and perhaps other goodies from the author.
Who knows what surprises might be found!!!!

Don't delay, enter now before the bustle of the holidays gets you sidetracked. Contest ends December 16, 3013.

Here are the wonderful authors participating in this special giveaway.
Participating author's websites:

Betty Bolte 

Carla Swafford

Christy Reece
Debbie Kaufman
Ingrid Seymour
Jillian Chantal
Katherine Bone
Kerry Freeman
Naima Simone
Paula Graves
Mina Khan    
Susan Carlisle
Suzanne Johnson

Click below to enter:
And FYI, I'm giving away signed copies of CHANCES ARE and Ella Grace's MIDNIGHT SECRETS and MIDNIGHT LIES.

Okay, that's it for me. Before I send the shout-out for your great reads of last week, let me get a little personal and tell you how grateful I am to you. I know there are lots of fabulous authors out there, thousands of books, and your time is limited. Having you as one of my readers means the world to me. I thank you most sincerely for reading my books and telling others about them!

Now, let's talk books. What did you read last week? Any books you're looking forward to releasing soon?

Have a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving. Hugs to all!


krisgils33 said...

Hi Christy and everyone,
Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. I hate it when I miss RM!!!

Lots of good reads over the past couple of weeks for me:
First Strike, Pamela Clare
Striking Distance, Pamela Clare
It Must be Your Love, Bella Andre
Rumor Has It, Jill Shalvis
Holiday Games, Jaci Burton
Holidays with the Walker Brothers, Nicole Edwards
Born Wild, Julie Ann Walker
The Perfect Match, Kristan Higgins

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Christy Reece said...

Yay, Kris! Welcome back, we missed you! And what fabulous recommends you have for us. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal said...

Hey Christy!! I'm looking forward to the RM move. I think it will really go over well on your FB page.
I've been baking getting ready to head to Missouri for Thanksgiving.
I haven't read anything this week.
I'm not even sure what is releasing soon. I'm so far behind.
Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving. Be safe if the weather is wintery in your area.

Nicole said...

Happy Monday!!

Sorry I haven’t been around much in the last few weeks, but between these crazy shifts I’m working at the Casino and going out of town last weekend my computer time has been limited! Even when I don’t post, I still try to pop in during the week to catch up with Christy’s news and take note of all the great recommends!!!!

Glad to hear you are getting along so well with NOTHING TO LOSE, Christy. I’m looking forward to both the new book and the new series!!! I think moving RM over to your FaceBook page would be a great idea…….it may attract more people and therefore more books to read……LOL!!!!!

Before I move onto my recommends, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving this week. Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October…….I may have to cook a turkey anyway this weekend just because!!!

So working backshifts does allow me a good amount of reading time so I have a couple of recommends this week. Like most of you here I read Pamela Clare’s First Strike and Striking Distance in the last few weeks and loved, loved, loved them. What a gifted author she is!!! I also read Julie Ann Walkers’s Born Wild, the 5th book in her Black Knights series…..another great addition to that series.
Currently I’m in the middle of reading Tara Janzen’s Steele Street series. There are 11 books in this series and so far, after reading the first 2 books, Crazy Hot and Crazy Cool, I am enjoying them immensely. They are your typical romantic suspense books with the addition of a fair bit of humor, which I love. They are a couple of years old, going back to 2005 I think. I highly recommend them!!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my girl, Kaylea Cross, Extinguished, the 4th book in her Titanium Security series was released this week. It’s fantastic, an excellent addition to this series.

I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


Tara said...

Hi Christy/All,

I too have been MIA, silly work and travel keep getting in the way of my book reading.

I fine with the move of RM, as long as it is not going away. This is the best place to find new great reads!

Sadly, not much for me this last week. Rumor Has It by Jill Shalvis, love her books.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. Enjoy the day and be thankful!

Tasty Book Tours said...

BIG Recommendation to HARD AS IT GETS by Laura Kaye (Released today) and I have a Paperback to giveaway at my blog so find A Tasty Read and Enter!

The True Believers Series by Erin McCarthy, its a NA Series, but SO FRIGGIN GOOD!

I just finished almost all the Kristen Ashley Colorado and Dream Men Series, and they are awesome as well

Christy, I wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving and the same to all my girls out there!!

joye said...

I just discovered this author and am reading all of her books. Maya Banks-the historicals, the series, and the exotic ones. Really to my taste in writing.