Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's Happening

Hi Everyone!

I'm getting numerous emails about what book is up next. Thought it would be a good idea to tell you what I'm working on and what's in the plans.

Right now, I'm furiously writing Midnight Shadows, the third book in the Ella Grace Wildefire trilogy. This is Sabrina Wilde's and Ian Mackenzie's story. I'm running behind but am determined to get the book out before the end of the year. Please send good thoughts that I can make this happen!

Next year it will be all about Grey Justice and LCR Elite. The plan is to write and release two Grey Justice books and two LCR Elite books. Yes that's a lot but I'd love to tell these stories as close together as possible. More good thoughts would be appreciated.

I'm also getting lots of questions about more books in the Wildefire series, specifically for Brody and Logan. The truth is I don't have an answer yet. Since my publisher chose not to continue the Wildefire series and I'm self publishing Midnight Shadows, much of this depends upon reader demand and my writing schedule. Hopefully I'll have more concrete information for you early next year.

Thank you all again for the fabulous reception for the first book in the LCR Elite series. Not only for the kind reviews and wonderful emails but Running On Empty also landed on several Amazon best seller lists, both in the US and in Canada. There's not a day that goes by that I don't realize how very blessed I am to be doing a job I love and having readers like you who want to read more of my books.

Current Giveaways:

If you're on Goodreads, I'm giving away 5 signed copies of Running On Empty. Contest ends in a couple of weeks, so be sure to enter soon. Here's the link: Running On Empty Goodreads Giveaway

I'm almost at 10,000 'likes' on my Facebook Author Page. As soon as the page reaches that number, I'll be giving one member every one of my books--all 15! I'm just a few hundred away so if you haven't 'liked' my page yet, come on over! Here's that link: Facebook Author Page

A new Facebook page specifically for LCR Elite was created last week. On this page, I'll share snippets of LCR Elite books and news. I have a contest going on to give away a Running On Empty T-shirt. Hope you'll come by and check it out. Here's the link: LCR Elite

Again, thank you for reading my books and for your wonderful support with your reviews, emails, comments, and recommending my books to others. You make this writer girl's heart sing!

Happy Reading!


Soncie said...

Dear Christy!

Sending you lots of positive thoughts and wonderful character development your way!
I am sooo looking forward to the next "Grey Justice" novel..that Grey Justice is one complex man, and I like that about him!
Happy Writing Christy!
All the best,

Christy Reece said...

Hi Soncie! Thanks so much for your note and your positive thoughts. Much appreciated! So glad you're looking forward to more Grey Justice books. I have a feeling we've barely scratched the surface of just how complex Grey Justice really is. I can't wait for him to tell me more. :)