Monday, April 6, 2009

Twenty-two Days and Counting...

It's a gloomy, rather chilly Monday here in Bama. What on earth happened to Spring? It's supposed to go down in the thirties tonight. Shudder....

I have a furkid on each side of my chair, blocking me in. They just devoured their midday snack and are enjoying an afternoon snooze. They look so peaceful and sweet, I'm tempted to join them, but I can't. When I take a nap, even a short one, I'm groggy for three hours after, so it's best for me to keep plugging away.

I did promise to share with you an excerpt of the first review of RETURN TO ME, which comes from Romantic Times Magazine. Needless to say I am totally thrilled!

RETURN TO ME - 4 1/2 Stars

The dramatic adventures continue in the second book of hot new talent Reece's trilogy. Book two sets its sights on the founder of Last Chance Rescue, Noah McCall. Emotionally damaged by his horrendous upbringing, this hero has his heart locked down, but heroine Samara Lyons is no shrinking violet. Together, these protagonists play with life-and-death stakes, and danger emanates from every page. Take a walk on the perilous side ... you won't be disappointed!

Woohoo! How awesome is that?

Tomorrow I'll blog about what happened when I received THE CALL!

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