Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Update

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I'm just popping in to give you a heads-up. I'm finishing up the page proofs for NO CHANCE and they're going out tomorrow. This is my LAST CHANCE to make changes. My SECOND CHANCE was during copy edits and after this I have NO CHANCE.

Okay, I know that was a corny way to plug my book titles but it was least for me.

After the page proofs get sent out, I'm locking myself in my office because LAST CHANCE is due in October. However, I did want to tell you that before I lock myself in, I am going to be posting the back cover blurb for SECOND CHANCE. The excerpt is still a few weeks away, but at least you'll get to read what the book will be about. Everyone has been so patient and I so appreciate your interest. I'll try to have it up early next week. When it posts, I'll pop on and let you know and will have another giveaway. Yay!

Until next week, stay cool, stay safe and read some great books!


Mary G said...

I guess you'll be doing romantic comedy next? Don't want to waste that sense of humor. That's an awesome update. Thanks for thinking of us.

Christy Reece said...

LOL. Thanks Mary, I'm actually the only one in my family who thinks I'm funny. Now you know why.

SECOND CHANCE blurb coming on Monday! Yay!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary G said...

I know you're busy but I have to tell you my son hates when I laugh at my own humor. He hates when I make his friends laugh. He says" Don't laugh. You're just encouraging her". I asked him where did he think he inherited his sense of humor from? He has 2 funny parents. That usually shuts him up. We're a family that loves to laugh (when we're not nagging each other).

Christy Reece said...

We're a laughing family too, Mary. My husband has the best laugh...he makes me laugh even when I don't know why he's laughing.

Have a great weekend...hope it's full of laughter!