Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's Musings

Hi All-

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. Mine was fantabulous! Family, food and lots of football talk. Since my team, Alabama, will be playing in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship, every other conversation was geared toward the upcoming game. I come from a long line of Crimson Tide fans, but two family members, my nephew and my husband root for other teams. That always makes for more interesting and lively conversations!

So lets talk about books! Did you read some good ones last week? If so, what were they?

I didn't get a CHANCE to read very much this last week. Waiting till the last minute to do shopping, wrapping and baking doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else. However, that didn't keep me from once again buying more books! Here's what I purchased last week:

Untraceable by Laura Griffin
A Dark Love by Margaret Carroll
Captive of Sin by Anna Campbell

I've heard excellent things about these books and really look forward to digging into them.

So what you? And if you're like me and didn't get a CHANCE to read, did you get or give any books for gifts? If so, what were they?

Stay tuned, because tomorrow, I want to discuss favorite books of the year. And I'll be giving away signed copies of my books, so if you know of anyone who'd like to win one, please be sure to tell them to stop by tomorrow and comment. Five people will win a copy of their book of choice.

Okay, let's get started on today's topic. What were your good reads from last week?

And isn't it odd that the blogger not only capitalizes CHANCE, it has also started putting it in bold letters. So strange. (:


Mary G said...

Hi Christy
Yeah that bolding isn't meant to suggest or hypnotize right? Hope you had a good Christmas. I got restaurant & book store gift cards so that was pretty cool. Read Hot As Sin by Bella Andre (awesome) & am reading Erin's Fancy by N.J. Walters (awesome). She is a fave that I probably forgot to mention at your previous fave blogs.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary, glad you had a good Christmas. Restaurant and bookstore gift cards are Yay gifts in my book! So much fun! Have Bella Andre's books on my TBR stack. I've heard she's awesome. I've not heard of N.J. Walters. Will definitely have to look her up!

Let me know if the hypnosis is working. Do you feel the need to purchase a book with CHANCE in the title on February 23? If so, it's working! How about that? (:

Mary G said...

Oh yeah but I didn't need to be hypnotized LOL. What would have helped is memory erasing so I wouldn't know that I'm WAITING for something good.

Ida Brugler said...

Hi Christy,
Christmas was wonderful.It was the first time I had it at my house and it was great having what family here that could make it, but we also had a couple of my step-son's room-mates here that dose not have family in Ohio. It made me so happy to share my house and food with those kids that were just going to sit at home and do nothing.
And when it was all said and done the parents left and I had a house full of kids left behind. How cool that they wanted to spend the night with Auntie Ida on Christmas!

I did not get book store gift cards but bunches of money. and i have already been surfing Amazon!

I did get to read a bit. I read Fade Out by Rachel Caine. I was not so thrilled and almost put it down, but stuck with it till the end. was not impressed.

I also read Blazing Bedtime Storied by Tori Carrington and Tawny Weber. (HQ Blaze)I was all excited to read this book , but left disapointed.

And the thrid book i read was(
HQ Blaze) Better Naughty than Nice by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jill Shalvis and Rhonda Nelson. LOVED IT! Damon Claus is very Nice at being very Naughty. Great short read!

Christy Reece said...

Oh Mary, if only there were a million more like you! (:

Christy Reece said...

Ida, sounds like you had a fantabulous Christmas also. That's great!

And wow, you still had time to read. You're amazing! Love the comment: Damon Claus is very Nice at being very Naughty. Too cute!

Kara C said...

Good morning!

Well, it's official. My mom knows me well. Amazon gift card for Christmas. Go Mom!
I finished Christie Craig's newest book. Very good read, as all of hers are. Last night I finished the second istallment in Susan Wigg's series, The Winter Lodge, and the first in Karen Marie Moning's series, Beyond the Highland Mist. Both very good, and guaranteed to have me reading on in both series.
Right now, I'm reading JR Ward's Covet and Anna Campbell's first book, Courting the Courtesan. So far, they are both very enjoyable. Campbell's is my first historical, but she came highly recommended.
BTW, I really liked Untraceable. I've loved all of Laura Griffin's books, especially with all the connecting characters. (Characters that are found in several books increase my CHANCE of getting hooked on that author.)
Hope everyone has a great day. Off to spend time with my family!

Ida Brugler said...

Christy, On the 26th I stayed in my jammies and read untill 10 min. before we had to go to my in-laws for dinner at 5 p.m. I never get to do that even on my birthday. I was feeling guilty and my husband laughed at me.

Also I wanted to tell everyone that If you like to read Lora Leigh You can get Night Hawlk by going to her site and put in your e-mail and they will send it to you.

LOL, I read over my post after you said that about Damon Claus. Guess it looked like i was trying to sell the book hu? And giving the others a not so good review. Oops. guess i had better leave thet to the pros. LOL I just liked the little trouble maker.

Christy Reece said...
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Christy Reece said...

Wow, Kara. Looks like you got the CHANCE to read a lot last week. Yay for you!!!

I think there are a couple of Laura Griffin books I missed. Do I need to read them first before reading Untraceable?

And thanks for the great recommends! How cool that you got an Amazon gift card. Fun, fun, fun!

If you enjoy your first historical, let me know. I have oodles of wonderful historicals I can recommend. As I'm sure others here can too.

Christy Reece said...

Ida, I love those days of staying in jammies and reading. And actually, my work clothes most days are my jammies. I received several pairs of pajamas as gifts and everyone teased me that they were giving me new office attire. (:

Thanks for the tip on Lora Leigh's free download. Very cool!

Kara C said...

I think Untraceable is the beginning of a new series. However, the main characters were both introduced in earlier books, the heroine in the last book (Whisper of Warning) and the hero was in the last two books. I'd read Thread of Fear and Whisper of Warning just because they're great reads, but Untraceable can stand by itself.
I've read so much because my kids are taking full advantage of being out of school and staying up until the wee hours. No way am I sleeping while they'r still awake! lol It does have its advantages though. Lots of late night reading!

Kara C said...

Should have said there is NO CHANCE I'm sleeping while they're still awake! =)

Ida Brugler said...

Dose anyone else feel like time is slowing down?

robinky42 said...

Hi Christy,
I read two books by Alexis Morgan, Darkness Unknown and Dark warrior Unbroken. Right now I'm reading If Looks Could chill by nina Bruhns. I read Untraceable by Laura Griffin and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next Tracers book. Have a good Monday.

oklanannie said...


Sounds like everyone had a nice holiday. My stocking held a Barnes & Noble gift card from a generous Santa! Lots of good books on the horizon and I'm ready to buy.

Christy, I've read both "Untraceable" and "Captive of Sin". Both are really good reads. I have enjoyed all the books by Laura Griffin and Anna Campbell. "Untraceable" can be read and enjoyed as a standalone in my opinion.

Those sly computer critters that keep causing bolding and capitalization won't influence me. I've already been "Rescue[d]",
"Return[ed]" and am quite willing and eager to "Run" towards new "CHANCEs." (Blame it on the fact that I'm still in my Nick & Nora gingerbread monkey Christmas pjs feeling a bit silly this morning!)

I'm reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett - a Christmas present from my daughter.

Christy Reece said...

Kara, I'm sure your kids are just staying up because they know their mom wants to read. How sweet is that?

I hope you get a CHANCE to read even more this week! In between catching up on Criminal Minds episodes. (:

Christy Reece said...

Ida, 57 days. Wow! Believe it or not, this actually seems fast to me. I just finished writing NO CHANCE in June of this year. I finished writing RESCUE ME in January 2007, sold it in July 2007 but it didn't come out until April 2009. Now that was a long wait! I can't imagine what color my hair would be right now if it wasn't for my wonderful hairdresser. (:

Thanks, Ida, for counting the days down. You're a sweetie!

Christy Reece said...

Robin, sounds like you had a good reading week too! Thanks for the recommends on Alexis Morgan. And I know several have enjoyed Nina Bruhn's new trilogy. I think the last one comes out next spring, doesn't it?

Christy Reece said...

LOL! Oklanannie, first time I've seen the first three books used in a sentence together. Brownie points to you!!! (:

A friend of mine recommended The Help. She said it was wonderful. Hope you enjoy!

And I just have to ask, what do Nick and Nora Gingerbread Monkey Christmas pjs look like?

Ida Brugler said...


But i did not know about RESCUE ME in 2007. That would have been a terrible wait! You poor thing.

Also, I can not take the credit for counting down the days till Feb. 23rd. It just dose not seem fair. You see thier just might be a CHANCE i am doing it for my own selfish reasons.

oklanannie said...

Nick & Nora pjs are the best! You can now purchase them at Target which makes me immensely happy - b/c Target is one of my favorite places in the world! Each year my entire family gets new Christmas pjs and we take pictures for next year's Christmas card. It's a tradition we started when my daughter was a little girl.

My pjs are red flannel with gingerbread houses and sock monkey gingerbread men on them. Do you remember the old brown and tan and red heeled sock monkey dolls? They're becoming popular again! But Nick & Nora have all kinds of patterns from which you can choose. They're really fun pjs!

Ida Brugler said...

I want some! I just got fleece Frosty Jammies *pout*

Christy Reece said...

Ida, whether the CHANCE is for you or the CHANCE is for me, I appreciate you taking the CHANCE to count down the days to NO CHANCE.
Whew! (:

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, what an absolutely cool tradition of having your yearly Christmas card photo of everyone in their Christmas pjs! I love it!

I'll definitely have to look for those jammies. Might want to add them to my office attire.

Ida Brugler said...

LOL Christy, See i have this idea! When Twilight came out the girls had me at WalMart standing in line at midnight to get the movie.
Well i was thinking. I pre-order books and sometimes i see them in the stores, before i get them in the mail. I might have to start waiting at the books for midnight to come on the 22nd. and start a whole new NO CHANCE thingy!

Christy Reece said...

LOL. Ida, if you come up with a new NO CHANCE thingy, let me know!

Ida Brugler said...

I will take pics and post them.

Jane said...

Last week I read Kylie Brant's "Waking the Dead." I think this is my favorite book of the series.

Christy Reece said...

Thanks, Jane. I have all three and need to get started on them. I've heard amazing things about the trilogy. And I see a lot of, "If you like Christy Reece's Last Chance Rescue trilogy, you'll like these." And since I'm quite fond of the Christy Reece trilogy, I must read them for sure! (:

Christy Reece said...

Okay, Ida. I'll look forward to seeing them. (:

oklanannie said...

Jane, I just picked up Kylie Brant's books before Christmas at the UBS. Haven't started them yet but plan to soon. Glad to hear your positive review.

Christy - I have to have something to keep me sane until my CHANCEs come along!!!!

ErinT said...

My hubby got me a Borders gift card for $100, he said he wasn't about to try to browse the romance section and find books I have yet to read, lol.
So CHANCE in bold, huh? I am hoping maybe it has something to do with another contest?

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, I've heard nothing but great things about the Kylie Brant's trilogy. I know you'll enjoy them!

Christy Reece said...

Oh Erin, what a wonderful hubby. $100 gift card to a bookstore is the ultimate. Yay for you! Enjoy!

The CHANCE in all caps and bold is just me having fun with my titles. But come back tomorrow for a CHANCE to win a signed copy from my first trilogy!

Jane said...

Okalannie, I think you'll enjoy Kylie's books. I read she'll be writing more Mindhunters books.