Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday!

Hi All--

How has your week been? Mine has been busy with writing. SWEET REVENGE is finally coming together in my mind. Now I've just got to get it down! Have to say that Dylan Savage and I have had some awkward conversations. Talk about the strong, silent type! But now that he has seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, meaning his 'happy ever after', he's decided to open up a bit. Whew!

How's the heroine of SWEET REVENGE coming along? Actually considering her background, she's coming along much better than I anticipated. After what she's been through, she's the one I expected to be more difficult. Sigh. I guess it's only fair that my characters are torturing me since I have a tendency to torture them. However, in my defense, I do give them a happy ending. So you'd think they'd cut me some slack!

I know many of you are wondering exactly who this mysterious heroine is. Can't reveal her name yet, but soon, I promise!

So enough with my craziness. How about you? How was your week? What are you reading? Any fun plans for the weekend?

I'm hoping to get my author copies of LAST CHANCE very soon. And when I do, I'll have a quick contest. Can't wait for you all to read McKenna and Lucas's story so we can talk about them.

Okay, that's it for me. Going back into my LCR world and encouraging Dylan to open up a bit more. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And don't forget to stop by Monday to share your great reads with us!


Crystal (cmac) said...

Good morning Christy!
It is amazing to sit back and watch you! You talk about your characters and the problems they cause you. We are with you every step of the way and when the book comes out I find that I appreciate the book and the complicated characters even more!! I can not wait to see how Dylan turns out! It just stinks that we have to wait a year lol! The wait just makes it more precious when we finally get it in our hands.

I have been reading some really good books lately! Can't wait until Monday to list them. I can't seem to get my hands on Nina Bruhns new book so I may have to order it online.

Well hope you (and all the other Reeces pieces fans) have a GREAT weekend!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal! So glad you don't mind reading about my ongoing battle with my characters. You guys are my outlet when they're driving me crazy. LOL. Kind of a LCR support group. (:

Can't wait to hear what you've been reading. Sounds like you've found some good ones. And I'm hearing great things about Nina Bruhns's book. Hope you find it soon!

Looking forward to chatting with you on Monday. Have a fabulous weekend!

Ronlyn said...

Happy Friday! (YAY it's Friday!!) LOL. It's been an intese week for me at work in addition to getting back into a work out routine (kill me now) and chasing my boys all over the place. Plus the school is doing some heavy duty anti-bullying stuff (a 5th grader pulled a knife on another student at recess a few weeks ago- thankfully no one was seriously hurt). Even though my oldest is only in K I'm trying to help out as much as I can so we can hopefully avoid a tragedy.
So, yeah, that's been my week. *whew* I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Seperate note: I LOVE how authors talk to/about their characters. Especially in the early stages of writing. I get a huge kick out of "seeing" it all come together.

Ok, off to deal with the phone. Have I mentioned how I really dislike the phone? :-P

oklanannie said...


A really good week in Oklahoma - nice weather - part-time job going well - grandkids are the sunshine of my life - dinner with an old high school friend (SUPER FUN!) - and a few good books rounded it off quite nicely.

Before I forget, let me say thanks to "Angela" - I love ya girl! I hope Noah wasn't too harsh with you for overstepping boundaries. Lots of good info from Noah's interview. Hope you can eavesdrop on a conversation between Noah and Lucas sometime soon! Thanks for taking one for the team, "Angela"! Keep up the good work.

Christy, there's no hardship on my part hearing about your battles and struggles with those glorious characters! I LOVE being an "LCR support group" member!!

Crystal - hope you find "A Kiss to Kill" soon. It's a great conclusion for this group of characters. Nina Bruhns did a wonderful job with this series.
(By the way, are you in Springfield?)

Ronlyn - a 5th grader and a knife?? That's scary.

Can't wait for Monday's book recs! Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Only EIGHTEEN DAYS until LAST CHANCE release date!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Oklanannie
I grew up in Seymour, Mo 30 miles or so east of Springfield. Right now my husband an I are in Gillette, Wyoming. We travel all over with his job. We want to settle down in Oklahoma when we are done traveling. Which will be in the next couple years when my son starts school.
I have looked everywhere (not a whole lot of places up here in nowhereville)for Nina's book. I am excited for it, but I hate that it is the last book in the series. Maybe you could give me a little hint...Is Alex Zane in it? When I read about the book it talks about Dr. Cappozi. I couldn't bare it if we didn't get Alex's story lol! Anyway if I can't find it over the weekend I'm just going to order it online.

Kara C said...

Just dropping in to say hello! You guys are my taste of sanity in an otherwise crazy day!
I'm just home long enough to change clothes (yep, a long story goes with that one!) and grab a sandwich to eat on the way back to school. Aahhh, the luxurious life of a teacher...
Hope you all have a great weekend. See you on Monday! Christy, I'd encourage Dylan to behave, but then, I don't think we really want that, do we? :)

oklanannie said...

Crystal - I'll grant you one wish. YES! ALEX IS IN THIS BOOK BIG TIME!!! He is my favorite character in this series.

I thought I had read in one of your posts you were from Missouri. Wyoming is desolate but beautiful in its own way. When your travels are complete - OKLAHOMA would love to welcome you!

Kara - gotta know more about the necessity to change clothes in the middle of the day!!!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Ronlyn! Wow, sounds like you've had a very busy week. Congrats on your workout routine. I start one every Monday and by Tuesday, I've changed my mind. (: You go girl!

A fifth grader with a knife? Oh, I get shivers just thinking about that. I remember bullies when I was in school, but man oh man, they didn't seem near as mean or vicious as they are now. Sounds like schools are being proactive so that's a good thing.

Gosh, it's such a tough world out there. Kids sure don't need anything else on their plate to make it tougher.

Glad you don't mind my ranting and raving about my characters. Thanks again for sending those questions to me for Dylan. Though I had to lock him in a room to get him to talk (which was actually kind of fun, at least for me) he did finally open up. I just keep having to remind him to keep his eyes on the prize!

Hope you have a great weekend and don't have to pick up the phone even once!

Ronlyn said...

Yeah, a 5th grader with a knife. It's incredibly frightening. The school is handeling the whole situation in the best possible way and really being aggressive in it's approach that bullying will not be tolerated. Apparently several students knew this kid brought "blades" to school before, but no one ever said anything. There's an annonomus "bully line" that students/parents can call to report things like this we we're encouraging the kids to talk to an adult they trust: teachers, parents, a friend's parent, etc. It breaks my heart that the kids even have to think about this stuff now.
Of course, I grew up in MT where it wasn't unusal for the guys to have guns in their trucks during hunting season. LOL. My how times have changed.
And, you're very welcome for the questions. I think sometimes it's easier to have someone else asking at times...not that Dylan wanted to answer anyway. At least I didn't ask "boxers or briefs". ;-)

Christy Reece said...

Hey Oklanannie! Sounds like you've had an excellent week. Yay!

Angela is becoming quite a handful. I've always known there was more to her than a gum chewing over-tattooed receptionist, but she's really coming into her own. Hope Noah doesn't do what he's been threatening forever. She really needs this job!

Thank you for being part of my LCR support group. You guys keep me sane!

And yes, only 18 days till LAST CHANCE. YAYAYAYAYYAY!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and look forward to chatting with you Monday!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara! Changing clothes in the middle of the day. Yep, been there, done that. Mine usually involved mustard, ketchup, magic marker, some kind of sticky soda or the very worst one was a busted zipper. Look forward to hearing your story. (:

Don't want Dylan to behave too much but the man needs to cooperate a little bit or that happy ever after I have planned for him will never get told!

Have a wonderful weekend. Chat with you Monday!

Christy Reece said...

Ronlyn, growing in Montana sounds a lot like growing up in Alabama. (:

LOL. Boxers or briefs, huh? I don't dare ask him that question. I might never get him to talk to me again!

Kara C said...

Being a Southern girl, I forget sometimes that a gun in the truck isn't the norm too. lol And as a teacher and a mom, it is so disturbing to hear stories of violence in schools, especially as those stories are coming from younger and younger kids. I'm so glad your school is taking it seriously.
I have my copy of Nina's book, but haven't started it yet. Someone (you, Jackie?) warned me to read it when I could afford to stay up to finish it. This weekend is looking good for that.
LAST CHANCE is getting so close, and yet...:) That is a book that will definitely be read immediately! Can't wait. Your glimpses into new characters is fascinating. Will be so glad to meet them all.
The current great news is my mom sped through town (literally, if I know her) and dropped off the book I left at her house last weekend. I felt a bit lost not having it this week.

Mary G said...

Hi All
Christy, I love hearing about your process while you write.
I really enjoyed Noah's answers too. Love when authors post interviews with their characters.
It's almost like you're seeing them at home instead of at work in the book so to speak.
Everyone sounds really busy.
Kara I feel the same way about you all. It's a comfortable place here.
Checking stock at Chapters for Last Chance daily now in case they get it early like the last couple of books.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara, glad you got your book back. Hope you enjoy!

Yes, the date for LAST CHANCE is coming more quickly now. 17 days! Yay!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Christy Reece said...

Mary, glad you're enjoying the interviews. I've never read character interviews before but I've enjoyed doing these. It actually helps me get to know the characters even better. Angela has surprised me. She's become quite the spunky one. (:

Have a great weekend, Mary!

Mary G said...

That's interesting because you did a great job on that. Pamela Clare & Stephanie Tyler did awesome ones with their guys too. Even though you all write rom. susp., it's interesting that all the interviews are humorous.

Christy Reece said...

Mary, not sure why that is either. However, I've had many people find out that I write romance and before I can tell them I write romantic suspense, they asked if I write romantic comedy. Maybe there's a correlation. (:

Kara C said...

I didn't know Stephanie Tyler did those interviews as well. LOVE PC's, although after reading them I'm always amazed that everyone has not joined Team Marc. :)
Must say, Angela has GOT to have quite a story behind her. Very interesting...

Mary G said...

Hi Kara
Yeah Team Marc LOL. You would love Stephanie's then. Here's the info.

Key in stephanie tyler in the search (top right) and you'll see the the various interviews. See fifth entry "Nick & the rest of the seals are here today". Also good are the ones mixing hers & Larissa Ione's demons.