Monday, May 3, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Did you have a fabulous weekend? Do anything special? I know many of you had to dodge bad weather and work to stay dry. Hope everyone is safe! The weather has been wonkey lately, hasn't it? (:

My week and weekend were very productive. Dylan Savage aka The Quiet Man is finally opening up. We're getting along much better now and I sincerely hope that continues. He has such an interesting background...not one I've encountered before. Hmmm.

Before we get started on Recommend Monday, I wanted to once again thank those who have sent me emails and messages about LAST CHANCE. I'm so glad people are loving McKenna and Lucas's story and sincerely appreciate you letting me know.

Also, don't forget that today's the last day to leave a comment on the LCR anniversary blog. Tomorrow, I'll give away a special anniversary gift to one random commenter. Hubby will pick the number for me. Thank you all so much for the wonderful remarks about LCR books. I love seeing what particular book, couple, scene or line hit a note with you. We're all so different, aren't we? SWEET!

Okay, tell us what you enjoyed last week that you want the world to know about. Also, what are you planning to buy soon? Is there a soon to be released book you're dying to read? Tell us about it!

Have a marvelous Monday everyone! See you tomorrow for the LCR giveaway!


Mary G said...

Hi Christy
I hope you had a wonderful birthday & a great time off but I really missed you. That's how spoiled we are LOL.

After my romantic suspense binge I'm now into contemps again:

Nothing But Trouble - Rachel Gibson

With A Twist - Deirdre Martin

Loved them both. Fell in love with Liam from With A Twist
His book is Straight Up which I just finished. SOOO good.
Liam has to flee to Ireland. He meets the beautiful Irish Aislinn who is the most wonderful, funny, smart mouth, kickass heroine I've read in a long time. Even though she was at a low spot in her life she was just amazing.

Now reading Lake Magic by Kimberly Fisk. Oh yeah I read & loved the first 2 stories in the Men Of Danger anthology especially Red Garnier's (the second one). Guess I can't go without my rom. susp.

Going to read His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone. Meeting her for brunch on Saturday & I want to finish it before she signs it.

Ronlyn said...

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm so glad you had a great birthday and time away Christy.
I had yet another uber-busy weekend. Yet another birthday party, then I finally let go of my little truck, Sally. I've been driving Sally for the past 16 years! I love Sally, but she has a crack in the fire wall of the engine, which was beyond what I can talk myself into fixing. So, I'm now driving the Saturn (which I have to come up with a name for) and we bought DH a TrailBlazer, which I've dubbed "Big Blue". LOL. I just don't care enough about cars to enjoy car shopping, but it was easier since my BIL manages a dealership in PA. He'd emailed me a list of auction costs, checked out the vehicle from afar and told me what to offer. LOL. So, we sat down with the manager because the sales guy wasn't authorized to accept an offer without him and I say, this is the price we'll offer. Manager starts to yammer and I intterupt with, "Look, I don't enjoy negotiating. My BIL manages a dealership, he's checked out the car, which you bought at auction for X price, allowing you spend Y amt. for fixing up, that leaves you with Z profit." And, now we have a nice shining new car. LOL.

I have been a reading machiene this past week. I made it through a few Gerards, enjoyed Overkill and Head On by Colleen Thompson and...Martin? I think? I can't remeber. I'll be reading more by both of them though. Now I'm onto Silent Truth by SK & Diana Love. I wasn't too sure about it at first because of who the hero is, but it's won me over so far.

Hope everyone has a great week!

oklanannie said...

Good morning, Christy! Hope you had a super duper birthday weekend! Did you blow out all the candles on your cake???

Hope everyone in storm-ravaged areas are safe and unharmed. A very close friend of mine has a son in Nashville whose house luckily sits upon a hill. The school house at the bottom of that hill is under water. Ryan composes music and plays/sings back up for Michael McDonald, whose sister's house is covered in water. Ryan told Kathe that the destruction in Nashville is "unbelievable - that there just aren't words to describe it."

Last week I read Rachel Gibson's NOTHING BUT TROUBLE which I found to be witty and fun. I also read Susan Mallery's FAKING PERFECT, another easy, quick and delightful read. This weekend I started and am enjoying Julia Quinn's BRIDGERTON series of historical books. Quinn is good with wit and charm.

While April showers have certainly brought lovely May flowers, the month of May also brings a list of books I'm eager to read. Among them, Karen Rose's SILENT SCREAM, Jo Davis's LINE OF FIRE (Tommy's story), Robin Wells's STILL THE ONE, and Cindy Gerard's RISK NO SECRETS.

That's it from sunny and warm Oklahoma! I'm potting Mother's Day flowers and cleaning out a flower bed this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great week!

Mary G said...

Way to cut through the BS Ronlyn!!
Kudos to you.

Mary G said...

Hi Annie.
I have the same May list as you.

Ronlyn said...

LOL Mary G. I don't deal well with BS. especially the "Let me help you out by explaining how it is Little Lady" type BS. I may be small, but I'm not to be underestimated. ;-)

Mary G said...

Exactly Ronlyn. After my dad died my mom never to buy a car by herself. They would never pull that
on guys.

oklanannie said...

Mary G - I've added Deirdre Martin's WITH a TWIST to my shopping list on your recommendation. Sounds like another fun and enjoyable book and I always enjoy Irish characters as well as stories set in Ireland.

I read and very much enjoyed Kimberly Fisk's LAKE MAGIC. Hope you'll find it as enjoyable.

Hey Ronlyn - I had a Chevy Tahoe named "Old Blue" that I drove for 10 years. She was a good and dependable friend - hated to trade her off. I detest trading cars and dealing with all that sales' BS. Sorry "Sally" had to go but hope "Big Blue" serves your hubby well! Can't wait to hear what you name the Saturn!

Mary G said...

Sorry I wasn't clear Anne. Liam is a secondary character that intrigued me in With A twist. His book is Straight Up which just released. You can read Straight Up without reading With a Twist. You will get the gist & the family is mentioned enough that you can read it as a stand alone.

Ronlyn said...

oh, and I'll throw this out there: I need to make a list for my guys of books I'd like for Mother's Day.
Of course, since I've been asked to make a list I'm coming up blank. :-P

-I can see you by Karen Rose
-the new Rachel Gibson, along iwth some of her older Hockey ones...

what else??

oklanannie said...

I've also added (1) Christie Ridgway's CRUSH ON YOU, which is the start of a new series for her, (2) Toni Blake's SUGAR CREEK (2nd book in her new trilogy), and (3) Linda Castillo's PRAY FOR SILENCE, the 2nd book in her "Amish" romantic suspense series.

Forgot to mention them earlier, but they are certainly on my to-buy list.

Jennifer D. said...

Hello All,

I also read Rachel Gibson's Nothing but Trouble - I totally recommend the book - like a bunch of people said it was fun and great dialogue between the lead couple. Upcoming, I'm really excited about Cindy Gerard's Risk No Secrets - I've been waiting for Wyatt's story.

Ronlyn said...

I haven't read Ridgeway or Blake yet...gotta add them to my library list.
You've mentioned the Amish series before...I'll have to check that out.

Danny said...

Hi Christy,

the last week I have read the Hot series by Carly Phillips. Great books about athletes and a sports agency. Book 1,2,4 were great and the third one was good.

Scorpio M. said...

Just wanted to chime in and say that I really enjoyed NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, too. I was laughing my way through that one. I think this is one of Gibson's best.

Maria Ringler said...

Hi Christy,
I hope your birthday was great! WE had a pretty good weekend. WE race horses and we had a winner Friday at Harrah's Chester and then Saturday had one school at Chester and then last night a 3 yr old colt that we own made his first ever start at Harrington Raceway and got a check!
Right now I am reading Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose, this is cool because it's set in Isle of Wight and Ocean City,MD where I just moved from in October. In Delaware now not far from a place called Slaughter Beach, how's that for a name of a town?
Some favs of mine are Allison Brennan, Kay Hooper, Julie Garwood.
My mom came to visit this weekend and I gave her Last Chance which she started Saturday and all but finished it yesterday! She loved it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy
Been a pretty quiet week here in the UK - our days can't decide wether to be sunny or raining! Getting very frustrated on knowing wat to wear!!!!!

So this week I've been reading:-

*Dark Pleasures - Gena Showalter = as well as the rest of the series!

*Lover Mine - J.R Ward = I have waited so long for this book to come out and it was totally worth the wait!!!!!!!!

*Wild Fire - Christine Feehan

Now i'm eagerly waiting for :-

*The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter

* Lions Heat - Lora Leigh

* Infinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon

and they can't come quick enough as far as i'm concerned!!!!

Hope u and everyone else are having a lovely week :)

Kara C said...

Hey all!
Spent the weekend dodging storms and passing a sinus illness around the family. Uuuggghhh...
I did get to read some, and finished Carla Kelley's Marrying the Captain, Heather Graham's The Killing Edge, and Sheryl Woods' Home in Carolina. Will have to add some of the recommends to my TBR list. They sound great!
I drove Wanda Blue Honda for years before I had to pass her on to my son. I'm now driving my hubby's big ol' truck with no name. Well, it had no name until I had driven it about a month and the boys decided 'Crash' was appropriate. ;)

Christy Reece said...

Hey All! Sounds like some seriously good reading took place last week and weekend! Yay y'all! (say that fast three times)

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It was a good one...kind of low-key since I have a bit of the sniffles but spent the day cuddling with my hubby and girls and that's always a special treat.

Looks like some great recommends are taking place here and some exciting future buys are coming to your local bookstores. A win-win for readers and authors. Yay us!

Sorry, my past cheerleader life is showing up again. Toning it down before I start shouting, 'First and ten, do it again." (:

And Ronlyn, next time I go car shopping, I want you with me. Yay you!

Okay, I'm done now. Promise!

Keep those recommends coming!

Ida Brugler said...

Hey Christy,
Hope you had a Great Birthday!

I have not had the CHANCE to read much. I started Men of Danger today at work.

Hope you have a great day!!

Aly said...

Let's see...I read Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery and Lover Mine by JR Ward.

I really enjoyed Chasing Perfect. I thought it was a good start to a new series.

And it kills me to say this but I HATED Lover Mine. I won't go into details since so many haven't read it but I really want a refund on this one!

Other than that, we shipped hubby off to Texas for the week and I started week #2 of work!

It seems like everyone is getting a CHANCE to read and enjoying some SWEET books! Hope everyone has a great week!

Jackie P said...

@ Aly, I sorry, I LIKED "Lover Mine" but then she hooked me long ago.

I didn't get awhole lot read but I did read JR Ward "Lover Mine" and " Nothing But Trouble" by Rachel Gibson that I loved. It was fun and had me laughing out loud. Now I am reading "Extreme Danger" by Shannon Mckenna that is good so far.
I have some more great recomends to my list.

Jane said...

I read "Whispered Lies" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love. I really liked this book. I think it's part of series and I'm pretty sure I didn't start with book one. I'm very happy to hear that Dylan is finally speaking to you.

Crystal (cmac) said...

I'm stopping in late. I'll make it quick. I read Kate Brady's One Scream Away and Lucky in Love by Carolyn Brown. Both were good, but I am a suspense kinda girl so Kate Brady's book was more my style. The reason for my tardiness is I started the first book in the Bodyguard series today an I'm almost finished. So far its a great book!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday an anniversary Christy!

I'll be back tomorrow to read everyone's recommendations. Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!

Christy Reece said...

Some great recommendations, everyone. Looks like we've got a lot of good books to look forward to. Yay!