Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Fabulous Friday

Hi Everyone!

Just dropping by to say I'm still here. My deadline is within days and I've locked myself up and won't let myself out until it's finished! Still have lots of adding, deleting, polishing and fixing to get done because I really really want to send this lovely in on time.

What can I tell you about SWEET REVENGE? Let's see, it involves a strong, silent man with a wry sense of humor, a strict code of honor and an intense need to protect. The story also involves a woman who has been through some of the most traumatic events anyone could experience and is hurting. However, she is also one of the strongest and most resilient heroines I've created and I love her. And I love this couple together. I hope you will too!

I'll be offline all weekend but want to remind you to stop in on Monday for your recommended reads. With summertime upon us, lots of people are looking for new books to devour, so be sure to stop by and suggest some of your favorites.

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous weekend! See you Monday!


Kara C said...

SWEET REVENGE sound perfect! Just the type of characters that draw me to a book.
Hope these last few days before deadline go great for you. You'll definitely be in my thoughts.
I'm reading still, but have to get back to lesson plans. Summer sessions begins Monday!
Have a great weekend.

Ronlyn said...

SO exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on that silent mean, know what I mean. :-)