Monday, June 28, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your weekend and last week? Read anything absolutely wonderful? Do anything fabulously fantastic? Have any news you want to share?

For me?

Close your eyes and for a moment, follow me to a dark, demented place. Deadline is this massively huge entity breathing down my neck (Think Aliens) and I'm cowering in the corner with my laptop, typing furiously and stopping every few minutes to nervously look over my shoulder to see how close it is. Right now, I'm trying to pretend I don't see it and it doesn't see me. Soon I won't be able to pretend because those long, pointed teeth, dripping with urgency, will be at my neck and I'll... Oops! Sorry, what were we talking about?

Yes, it's almost here. Thursday, July 1, SWEET REVENGE will wing its way to my editor and agent and I'll be sitting on the edge of my chair for days or weeks, waiting to hear.

Meanwhile, that entity known as Deadline will be lurking in a dark corner, eyes gleaming, the slow drip, drip, drip from its long, pointed teeth increasing in speed, matching the rhythm of my heart. And then once again, it begins to lurk closer and then closer. Breath catches in my throat as I realize that it has set its beady, flashing eyes upon me and...

SWEET JUSTICE will be due!

I actually haven't watched any horror movies in a while, so the above may sound a bit tame, but believe me, the creature is real...Oh. So. Real. (cue horrible, deep, scary laughter).

Anyway, hope your weekend was fabulous and you'll tell us what wonderful books you're recommending. As for me, I'm headed back to that place where the entity lurks and the drip, drip, drip of urgency becomes one rush of roaring sound. Inevitable. Overwhelming. Final...

Happy Monday All! (:


Crystal (cmac) said...

All I can say poor thing! I can't imagine. Hopefully your fingers fly across your keyboard and your mind can keep up. lol

Well I am still on the historical kick. I finished Stolen Kisses by Suzanne Enoch it was good, I also read Wild Heart by Lori Brighton it was good too. I read Stormy Nights (two stories in-one) They were good not historicals. But the best out of all the historicals and
very well could be in the top 5 favorite books is....(drum roll please.... Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught....sigh...I LOVED this book! Christy recommended it last week I'm so happy she did!

Anyway..I hope everyone had a great weekend. My husband had to work all weekend so to me it just feels like a really long week.

Aly I hope you have a good week traveling.
Kara enjoy your summer day! I think I am going to be brave and take all three kids to the city pool by myself. If I don't do something I'm going to turn into a caged tiger. lol I'm having a bit of cabin fever I think.
Ronlyn I hope you have a wonderful day too! And all the other peeces included!

LauraD said...

I just finshed a book called The Help by Kathryn Stockett. A friend had recommended it and it was really good! About Negro maids back in the day, and how they helped write a book of what it was like to work for white families. It was so interesting! i highly recommend it to anyone.

Presently on vacation in the Florida keys and loving it. Weather has been gorgeous! Yes, hot but with a beautiful breeze! Been here a week....going home tomorrow!

Looking forward for the new book, Christy!!

Kara C said...

Wow, the beginning of your post made me think you'd gone paranormal on us. LOL Dman's not a vampire is he? Now THAT would make for a surprise ending. By the end of the post I was thinking about hiding in my closet until D-day is finally over. Scary picture you paint. LOL I know the great things you will hear from you editor and agent will be SWEET REVENGE upon Dr. Doom of Deadlines. I'm sure it's great.
This past week my reread was RESCUE ME. Don't guess I need to recommend that to anyone here. Of course, now I want to read the other 5. Again. I also read Sliding Home by Kate Angell, Sugar Creek by Toni Blake, and Temp Me at Twilight but Lisa Kleypas. Right now I'm reading the next Kleypas book in that series, Married by Morning as well as rereading Linda Castillo's Sworn to Silence in anticipation of her new book.
As for my week, teaching, watching my son's band play at a fundraiser, and beginning a new (gulp) exercise program have kept me fairly busy.
@Crystal, enjoy the pool. I think we're headed swimming as well today.

krisgils33 said...

I'm sorry you're working so hard right now, but I am equally (and selfishly) excited for you to finish!!!

I have not read much lately. I ended up only reading one category last week. They're not my favorites to begin with and it was an okay read.

My life has been super busy lately with travel to/from London and then 4 days of my daughter's dance rehearsal and recital. I'm sitting around now, doing nothing while my daughter is doing a photo shoot for a costume company. She willl be modeling all day today and tomorrow. I just want to take a nap!!!

Luci said...

Ooh your horror show is looming ahead for me too! You deadline keeps reminding me of my 35th birthday. i usually look forward to the day - not that we ever do anything special to celebrate it, but still. This year though i am dreading the 35 year mark. I usually never feel my age. I guess this year has been a difficult one and I am feeling the weight. I would have never guessed age woiuld bother me but apparently it does.

Re books: I finished reading the four books out in Jo Davis' Firefighters of Station Five series and am looking very forward to the last one out in December. It promises to be very emotional.

I started Paula Quinn's A Highlander Never Surrenders - its my first Paula Quinn and at first i thought i wouldn't like the heroine but PQ has written her very well till now. I am enjoying the book.

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Hi Christy,

Sorry to hear you are working so hard but I can't wait until you are finished!

I really enjoyed "Silent Scream" by Karen Rose.

Mary G said...

Hi Christy & Peeces & everyone.
I've got some catching up to do. I see some awesome titles here.
Going to watch my son's tennis match but I'm off for a few weeks as of Jul 1 & then you won't be able to shut me up LOL.

Jackie P said...

Christy, I must be an oddball because your post had me smiling and laughing. Everything was clicking into place in my mind as I read it. I did a readathon this week. Karen Rose "Don't Tell" and two more. Karen Rose has turned into a gem to read. Glad so many of you recommeded her. I have also read Lucy Monroe, Toni Blake and Robyn Carr. I am on a historical kick too, Crystal. I have read Kleypas' "Devil In Winter" and "It happened One Autumn" they are in the Wallflower Series. ABSOUTELY FUN! Oh, and this one I loved too Tessa Dare
s "Goddess Of The Hunt". They all kind of run the same them with great fun women characters and heros that just can't resist!

Christy, would you mind giving the rough dates for the books to be due out? I need to mark the calender. :)

Linda said...

Hi Christy!
Deadlines, ugh! Vaya con dios! LOL

When I was in high school...a few years ago...I decided to partake in Drama class. Being painfully shy,I thought/hoped that I would only have to participate as a small walk on/off or one liner role...The teacher felt differently and made me the lead in 3 plays--OMG!
One of the plays, she changed the lead role from a male to a female. The lead character was an actor within the play as well as the narrator...they never walked off the stage!
Just as we were setting up the stage, she tells me the play's writer is in the deadline was pressure there! LOL
At the end of the play when we are all taking our bows, this sweet, scholarly gentleman walks up to the stage holding a bouquet of roses. He motions me forward, shakes my hand and gives me the flowers. He was the play's writer! He said wished he had written the play for a female rather than a male and that he loved the way I portrayed the, yes, deadlines will always be a necessary evil but, when you enjoy what you are doing, you are always going to put your best effort out there---which you do and that is why we are all your fans!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Crystal! Actually, I'm having a blast with the tooth dripping, eye flashing entity. I just wish he wouldn't eat all of my chocolate! (:

So happy you enjoyed Almost Heaven. That's one of my top ten favorites of all time. Hope you try the other McNaughts and Garwoods I suggested. They're wonderful too.

Is it warm enough there for swimming? Hope you had a good time at the pool!

Christy Reece said...

Laura D, I've heard The Help is a wonderful book. My neighbor suggested it to me. Must try it!

Oh, I love the Florida Keys! Just a lovely, laid back place. Enjoy yourself!

Glad you're looking forward to SWEET REVENGE! I'm excited about it too. I really am loving Dylan and Jamie now. Whew!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Kara! You are once again a reading fiend! So happy to hear you reread RESCUE ME! I haven't heard from Eden and Jordan lately. Must be on an op somewhere. (:

Nope, Dylan's not a vampire. LOL. I think that's called jumping the shark...or something like that.
He's just your average, ordinary gorgeous hunk with a SWEET side I didn't expect.

Hope you're enjoying your summer. Man, it's been hot there!

Christy Reece said...

Kris, you are one super busy lady! My little tussle with the tooth dripping entity seems very tame. However, he's about as much as I can handle right now. He ate most of my chocolate kisses yesterday, so I'm hoping he'll be in a good mood today. We'll see!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Luci, happy 35th birthday! You're going to love 35!

My 30th birthday was the one that got to me. I was on a business trip, wasn't with my hubby to celebrate and just got all down in the dumps. Funny how a milestone hits different people at different times. On my 40th birthday, determined that I wouldn't feel old, I ran my first (and last) mini-marathon (13.2 miles). LOL. Felt like an 80 year the next day but am so glad I did it!

Enjoy your week to the fullest!

Christy Reece said...

Hi P&RS Reader! LOL I love the work, so not complaining at all. Well, except for the entity eating those chocolate kisses. Really bummed about that.

I'm so anxious to read Silent Scream. That's on my 'must read' list for next week!

Enjoy your week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G! Wow, a few weeks off after July 1 sounds like such fun! Got anything planned? Going to do a lot of reading? Stay in touch!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie! LOL I'm glad you could picture the entity in your mind. Chocolate eating fiend that he is. I thought his teeth were dripping with urgency...and they are, but that urgency is coated in melted chocolate! Mine!

Sounds like you've had a great and successful readathon. So glad you enjoyed Tessa's book. She was a debut author with Ballantine with a back to back trilogy the same year I was. What a lovely and talented young woman! She had a new trilogy out this year that's getting rave reviews too.

My release dates? Yikes, I don't really know. At this time, I believe they'll be released every other month beginning in April. So it'll be April, June and then August. And since releases are usually the last Tuesday of each month, you could probably figure the date out from that.

However, I should have official dates in the next few months and you know I'll be shouting them from the rooftop about that and new covers too. Woohoo!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Oh Linda, what an absolutely fabulous story! I love it! And wow, talk about pressure! Sounds like you handled it very well though. What a wonderful compliment to your talent to have the author give you flowers and say such lovely things. So very cool!

Yes, I do thoroughly enjoy writing, but there are days that do try a chocoholic's patience. (:

Merrily Snider said...

I just finished Second Chance - it was wonderful by the way - and I have Last Chance ready to read. I am so anxious to read more of your work. Hopefully, you will continue the LCR books too.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Merrily! Thank you so much. I'm thrilled you enjoyed SECOND CHANCE. Hope you enjoy LAST CHANCE just as much and the other LCR books too.

Three more Last Chance Rescue books coming next year. So glad you want to read more about the LCR gang!

Thanks for stopping by and telling me. Love to hear from readers!