Monday, September 20, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your weekend? If you're a football fan, did your favorite team win? The Crimson Tide (my team) did quite nicely, so it was happy time for half of my household. My sweetheart is a Tennessee fan, so not so much for him. ):

Since I finished up revisions on SWEET REVENGE and sent them off to my editor, I gave myself a treat and took a couple of days off. Had such fun! Read one book...had wanted and planned to read more, but I'm not a fast reader. I tend to stop in the midst of a book to think about it or if a particular sentence resonates with me, I'll read it several times. LOL, yes, I'm odd like that. However, the book I read (which I think many who comment here read months ago) was Pamela Clare's Naked Edge. I loved it! So much emotion! I cried buckets in one part and if you've read it, I'm sure you know what part. It's one of those books that stays in your thoughts long after you read the last page. Pamela Clare once again proves why she is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. I cannot wait for Natalie and Zach's book, Breaking Point, which, I think, releases July 2012.

Today, it's back to work on SWEET JUSTICE. I absolutely love the chemistry that Seth and Honor have together. They do have some issues to work through and are quite combustible right now, but I do foresee a very happy ending for both of them. Whew!

So what's going on in your neck of the woods? (Southernism for 'What's happening in your world?') What great books are you recommending this week?

That's it for me. Now I'm headed back to Texas where Seth and Honor are about to...

Happy Monday All!


krisgils33 said...

Hi Christy,
Glad you had a relaxing couple of days off!

Last week I had a big read week! Shadows at Midnight by Elizabeth Jennings (very good), I Spy a Wicked Sin by Jo Davis (interesting), Texas Men by Delilah Devlin (my first by that author), Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy (awesome!), and Burning Up by Susan Andersen (very good). I'm reading Here Comes Trouble by Donna Kauffman right now (very good!)

My weekend was jammed with my daughter's activities: soccer, laser tag, children's festival, and another fall festival. It was exhausting! I did manage to get some laundry and grocery shopping done in during HER schedule! (I'm not bitter she has a way better social life than me...not at all!).

I did get to visit with some friends I met while living in Montgomery, AL (I was in Atlanta last week). It was great...I missed hearing that southern drawl! I also got to go to my fave BBQ place...Jim and Nick's. If you've never been...let me just say...OMG!!!

Friday I'm off to London and having a hard time deciding what to bring to read. Usually, I only take my Kindle (gotta leave plenty of shoe space in the luggage!), but I have TONS of paperbacks I'm dying to get to! What's a girl to do???

Crystal (cmac) said...

lol Christy! Love the "headed back to Texas where Seth and Honor are about to..." Hope you have smooth sailing getting them to their HEA!!

Last week I read two or three by Karen (I can't remember if I finished one last week an already recommended it. So I'll be lazy and recommend it again instead of going back to check lol) Book #1 was An Affair to Remember. #2 Confessions of a Scoundrel #3 How to treat a lady. I loved them all three. I am waiting to get the last two in the series can't wait to finish it.
I also read Maya Banks The Darkest Hour. This book was great! Very emotional and heart wrenching. It immediately jumps into the heart of the story. Which I like I'm not to crazy about reading forever before the "true" story starts. I'd highly recommend it!!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Hope said...

Good morning ladies. I don't follow football much by my husbands alma matter Oregon State, won their game, so that made Saturday bearable in my house lol.

I started 3 books last week and finished 2 of them. And I don't think I will post them. I didn't have a good book week last week, so I am very much looking forward to my Barnes & Noble shopping trip today. I will post some of my list for you, let me know if you have read any of them.

* Suzanne Brockman - Over the Edge & Out of Control (working my way through the troubleshooter series)
* Carly Phillips - Love Me if you Dare, Kiss Me if You can
* Brenda Novak - Body Heat
* Susan Mallery - Finding Perfect
* Shannon K Butcher - series from recommend Monday
* Pamela Clare - iteam series also from the Reeces Peeces
I am sure that I will find more once I get there, but this is a good starter lol

Have a SWEET week everyone.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Krisgils33- Wow London! Have fun hopefully you get some serious reading done on your flight! I've got the book Shadows at Midnight I'll have to check it out this week. Have fun!

Christy Reece said...

Kris, wow, you have been busy! Good for you. And what a busy weekend you had. Sounds like fun though.

I have a Jim and Nicks just a few miles from my house. Love them!

London! Oh what fun. Maybe just two or three paperbacks you've been dying to read and the rest on your Kindle? LOL. This from the person who always takes about 8 paperbacks, along with my Kindle wherever I go. Never know what I'll be in the mood to read. Getting caught without a book to read is so much worse than the backache I get from too heavy luggage.

Have a great week, Kris.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Oh Hope I am super jealous! I love Barnes and Noble trips!!
Suzanne Brockman- definite YES good choice! So are:Shannon K Butcher series, and Pamela Clares!! After you finish PC's books you'll be asked what team your on. I myself am a Julian/Marc cheerleader!! Soon I'm sure I'll add Zach to my team. lol
Sounds like this week will be a successful book reading week for you. I'm going to start rereading SB TS soon for the release of her next book. I like them all so much I try to do that when its been awhile since she had a release. Good luck and have fun!!

Ronlyn said...

**butting into Crystal's "what team are you on" question**
I've been solidly Team Marc, but I gotta tell you, my sneak peeks of Zach...he's winning me over. *thumbs up*

Back to Rec. Monday:

Saturday was great fun for me as a couple of the RPs called me while I was in heaven...aka the UBS warehouse sale. LOL. I now have SO MANY books in my TBR pile...and Crystal has several too, even though the pile is still in my house. :-)
Then, sadly, UW lost at football. BOO. Then Sunday the Seahawks lost badly. Double boo! It was not a good day for the football fans (ok, the boys were fine with it, but *I* was not!) in our house.

I'm still on my Beverly Barton read-a-thon. I can't even tell you which 2 books I read this week, but I just started DEAD BY MIDNIGHT (I read the one right before it, finished yesterday) and I'm SUCKED INTO THESE CHARACHTERS. Wow. Can't wait to see what will happen next!

Glad Seth and Honor are more cooperative than D and Jamie. LOL.

But, I must ask: Have ANY of the RPs (including you Christy!) had a D-lish yet?? I'm going to be so sad if someone doesn't try it soon.

krisgils33 said...

@Hope - everyone on your list is highly recommended in my opinion. have a great shopping trip!

@Christy - maybe next time I have a hankerin' for cheese biscuits you can FedEx me some?? yum!!!

I hear you on bringing tons of books....I never know what type of a mood I'll be in either!! I'm in London all the time, so I don't even bother with fun.

Deb said...

I live for college football. I think my daughter and I are crazier about it than my husband but he is an Alabama fan and we are Auburn fans. We won in overtime and it was great. My daughter has season tickets and she loved the end. Didn't have much time to read last week and this week is looking the same. I don't just read romance, read Break Neck by Erica Spindler,very good. Read Takeover by Lisa Black. I was disappointed in the end.
I am reading Bones by Jonathan Kellerman. It is an Alex Delaware book. I love Alex and Robin.
Hope it is terrific in Texas for Seth and Honor this week and awesome in Alabama for you Christy.

oklanannie said...

Hey Christy! Glad you enjoyed some free time. I knew you would enjoy "Naked Edge."

I finished up Susan Andersen's "Burning Up" and thought it was very good. Also, I picked up Maya Banks's "The Darkest Hour" on recommendation from some of the gang and really really enjoyed it. I haven't read much by this author.

Weekend was great. Kyan's soccer team (this season named The Robots) won their game and Kyan made 2 goals! He was doing the happy dance all day long. And my beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys won their game by a landslide. Very happy faces in our family. We wore our orange all weekend!!

I'm envious of Ronlyn's trip to the booksale. Sounds like she got lots of great books and is ready for fall and winter reading. My TBR stack is at its all-time lowest and I'm planning a trip tot he UBS and Barnes & Noble this week. I can't wait for something "SWEET" to read!!!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

elke said...

Hi Christy,I followed your blogg for a while now and just decided to join. I read all your LCR books and I loved them very much. My favorite characters are McKenna and Lucas and I look forward to Jamies and Dylans story.
I´m just back from our lovely holidays in Denmark ,where I read lots of books recommended here (The search by Nora Roberts , Veiln of Night by Linda Howard etc.)
Im also a great fan of Suzanne Brockmans tbs series and I liked Marliss Meltons books (gone too far, next to die...), also about a seals team.

Hope everyone has a great week and enough time for reading.
P.S. Sorry for any grammar mistakes , as I am from Germany Im much better in reading English then in writing.

Ronlyn said...

Welcome to the blog Elke!
I think Pamela Clare's books have been translated into German too, if I'm remembering correctly. :-)

Hope said...

I have RETURNED from B&N, I am like a giddy school girl. I got soooooo many good books. I got most of the ones on my list from earlier (have to order a few of them, my BN does NOT have Pamela Clare OR Shannon Butcher) and a few surprises too. Got Maya Banks' The Darkest Hour, ever read her? She is new to me.

My day has definitely gotten SWEETer. YAY - Happy Monday everyone ;o)

Luci said...

Hey Christy,

looking forward to meeting Seth :).

Reading is still slow-going for me but I did finish Leslie Parrish's Black at Heart. I am now reading Eloisa James' A Kiss at Midnight. My husband took my eldest to the festivities celebrating Malta's independence, so I should have a couple of hours quiet reading while my youngest watches Scooby Boo - was too tired to go with them.

Ronlyn - Beverly Barton has published Don't Cry and she will be publishing another not from the Griffin series then next year she is doing Maleah's book then another Griffin and Nic book the following year - am really looking forward to that one.

I love football - but not the American one - the one you call soccer. I side with Ac Milan and they drew yesterday.

I am glad Elizabeth Jennings' book is getting good reviews as i have it in my pile.

Ronlyn said...

Luci~ I started the Griffin series in a wacky order (just getting whichever books the library had on the shelf since she was new to me) so I need to go back and read from the beginning. But I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks!

Kara C said...

@ Hope - Not a football fan? I'll let that pass since you obviously have such great taste in books. :) BTW, I think I ordered my PC books from Amazon.
@ Christy, I'm kind of missing hearing about D and J, although I know you are thrilled to get back to Seth and Honor. And they're in Texas, where they are about to... head to happy hour at Sonic? Am I right?
You know football went well for us this week, although it certainly wasn't pretty. Next week we face off against that powerhouse of a team you have there in Bama. Oh my... Hope Mallett brings his magic.
Unfortunately, nothing great to report in the world of reading from this week, but that may be my fault. I am reading Until You, an historical by Judith McNaught and The Homecoming by JoAnn Ross right now. So far, they are both good. And it was really nice of my friend JoAnn to use my name for her heroine.
Hello to all the Peeces. You've all helped drag me through a tough week and you didn't even know it. Hope everyone has a great week!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Welcome to Recommend Monday madness! Germany wow!! I'll have to check out Marliss Meltons books!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Kara I LOVED Until You! Hope you continue to enjoy it!!

Hope the Maya Banks book is awesome! I've been talking about it so much that I forgot who I have and haven't mentioned it to. You'll like it!!

Jackie P said...

@ Hope just finished Darkest Hour and Christy and a ton of others have said it was great. I TRUELY Agree!!! SBrockmann and Clare is awesome.

@Elke so glad you stopped by. Sounds like we have similar interest in books. :)

@Ronlyn, I had a messed up D-lish. :(

Crystal (cmac) said...

I've lost D-lish recipe! How sad is that?

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal! LOL Seth and Honor are definitely talking to me today. Can't barely keep up with them! No HEA in sight yet. Going to take a lot of work for both of them, but I know they can do it!

Another recommend Monday success story on Banks, The Darkest Hour. Glad you enjoyed it. And the Karen that Karen Hawkins? Historical...yes? Sounds like a great series.

Hope you have a fabulous week, Crystal!

Christy Reece said...

Hope, going for a bookstore run for cure your book blahs for sure. You have a fabulous list of authors you're going after. Enjoy!

Christy Reece said...

Ronlyn, sorry your teams didn't win, but what fun at the bookstore with two of the RPs on the phone! Sounds like you got a good haul too.

Jamie and Dylan had different issues than Seth and Honor for sure. However, not that they're basking in the glow of a happy ever after, I can't fuss about them too much. Seth and Honor are about to have a very dark moment early in their story. I'm already hurting for both of them. (:

I promise, I will got out this weekend and get all of the ingredients for a D-lish. I have a friend who loves martinis, so I'm going to send her the recipe. She'll be thrilled.

Will report back on Monday!

Kara C said...

Welcome Elke! We love to include anyone who loves books!
Crystal, you haven't read the Melton books? You MUST. I have them all and can send them to you, in order of course, if you have trouble finding them. :)

Ronlyn said...

I will expect a full report back Christy! LOL.

Linda said...

Hi Christy,

I am glad you were able to take a short break.

I also find myself rereading dialogue in a book that resonates with me; on an emotional or humorous strikes that perfect note and gives me pause....I love it!

I read Linda Howard Veil of Night, a couple Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Intrigue books. I have been busy going place to place and planning a trip with some friends in November....The ladies are going to Vegas!!! Yay!

I am reading Andrea Kane Scent of Danger now. This is my first time reading hers.

I am looking for a really fast paced, off-and-running military seals or murder mystery love story...must have a humorous edge.

Anyone have any ideas?

Jackie P said...

@Linda, Seals and Military,,,, Marlis Melton, Maya Banks(KGI series new one goood)Stephanie Tyler, Lora Leigh(hot), Nina Bruhns (hot). that's off the top of my head.... The only mysteries I can think of is Karen Rose "Scream For Me" and then Christy's "Second Chance"that one and Run to Me had me going.

Christy Reece said...

Kris, cheese biscuits from Jim & Nicks? Sure thing. Just let me know when the craving hits again!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Deb, I missed the Auburn game but heard it was so exciting. Congrats!

And Seth and Honor had lots of fun in Texas today. Sigh, tomorrow not so much!

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, congrats on the Robots and Cowboys' wins!

Have a great time in the bookstores. Replenishing a TBR stack has got to be one of the most fun things an avid reader can do. Hope you get lots of SWEET reads!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Thanks so much for joining us here. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my books. I love McKenna and Lucas too. You'll get to see McKenna again in SWEET REVENGE.

Looks like you've had some great reads during your holiday. Hope you find some more recommendations this week too.

Hope you'll come back and chat with us often!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Luci, glad you're looking forward to meeting Seth. I am loving this guy so far. Hope he doesn't do something to make me mad! (:

Help me with the soccer vocabulary. What does drew (draw?) mean?

Elizabeth Jennings? Doesn't she write under another name too? Need to try her.

Have a great week, Luci!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara, I hope this week is absolutely fabulous to you!

Seth and Honor just finished up dinner at the Sonic. How did you know? And I'm sure I'll be chatting more about D&J again soon. Will be sharing the back cover blurb and excerpt any day now!

That was awfully nice of JoAnn Ross to use your name. And she put you in a lovely setting too. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie! Glad you liked the Banks book. And how did your D-lish get messed up?

Christy Reece said...

Linda, hope you enjoy Andrea Kane's book. Just an fyi: she has several absolutely wonderful historicals. Let me know if you'd like a list of my faves. (:

Christy Reece said...

LInda, there's a book by Marianne Stillings that may fit your need for humorous and mystery. The Damsel in the Dress. She has several others, but this one really stands out in my mind. I really enjoyed it. It's several years old, but you should be able to find it somewhere.

Hope said...

@Linda, Seals and Military...I have a few to add to Jackie P's suggestions...Cindy Gerard's Bodyguard series and BOI's series - Sherilynn Kenyon BAD series - Dee Davis A-Tac Series - Leslie Parrish Black CAT Series. That should give you some reading for a little while ;o) Enjoy.

Linda said...

Thanks Ladies for the recommendations!

Mary G said...

I just finished Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards. It was beyond amazing as are the first two books. I don't want to put it away.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary! I didn't know Louisa Edwards's new book was out yet. Thanks for letting us know. Great that you loved it!

Mary G said...

Hi Christy
Have you read any of Louisa's books? I finished the last one on Sunday ^ the others two 2 weeks ago. That are still in my heart.

Mary G said...

I mean they

elke said...

Hi Linda,
you asked for a murder-mystery love story with a humorous edge - Mr.Perfect by Linda Howard might fit that description , but may be you know this one already

Luci said...


Elizabeth Jennings writes under Lisa Marie Rice too. The books she writes as LMR are more erotic fiction - not that I didn't enjoy the one I read :), but the hottest books tend to be the most expensive and most difficult for me to find used at reasonable preices ot ship to Malta. The romantix suspense books she writes under Elizabeth Jennings - and the latest Maya Banks wrote too - are within my budget, so i am getting both.

In football a draw is when both teams score the same goals. With a win a team gains three points, with a draw both teams gain one point. Di you follow any of the World Cup in summer? I was in football heaven :).

Linda said...

Thanks Elke!

I have read it, but when you mentioned it...I had to pull it back out and read over it again! LOL

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary, I've not read Louisa Edwards yet, but I bought her first two for my mom. She really enjoyed them. LOL I often read vicariously through her since she has a lot more reading time than I do.

Thanks for letting us know about the third book.

Christy Reece said...

Linda, I woke up this morning with another author on my mind that I think you might enjoy. Have you read Susan Andersen? I've not read her last few books, but I really enjoyed her older ones. I'll see if I can find the names of the ones I loved. I remember there was suspense but also humor and a really wonderful love story.

Christy Reece said...

Luci, thanks for letting me know about Elizabeth Jennings. I've heard really good things on several boards about her books.

And thanks for the explanation on the soccer terminology. Need to broaden my horizons and watch a few games. (: