Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabulous Fall Freebie Friday

Good day all! Hope your week has been wonderful. The trees here in Bama are peaking and are absolutely gorgeous. The brilliant colors, combined with the flawless sky, has a breathtaking radiance that brings tears to my eyes. Oh, I do love October!

Last week was so much fun, talking about our favorite fall foods. The recipes look out of this world. Today, we're going to talk about comfort reads. You know those few books that you have to read at least once a year.

If you've read my Dear Reader letter on my website or my biography, you know that I started reading at an early age. I still remember (and I've heard this from so many avid readers) taking a flashlight to bed with me and the instant the house settled down, I was clicking the flashlight on and reading well into the night. Reading has been my comforter and friend for years, taking me to far away places and easing my own worries. I would be desolate if I had to do without it.

What does this have to do with today's blog? A lot! Every year, often when the weather turns cool and I'm wanting to snuggle up with my girls and a good book, I will turn to a tried and true favorite. With my reading time so limited, why do I reach for a book I've read before, probably many times? For me, these kinds of reads are the literary equivalent of my mom's chicken and rice or my late mother-in-law's Swiss steak. Delicious and familiar, they comfort me and take me to a place I've been before and loved. (LOL, wouldn't you know I'd have to bring food back into the conversation?)

I have about five books that I read every year. Sometimes I'll read the entire book, other times just certain chapters or the ending. Usually, in reading a story, it's all about the journey. For me, a comfort read is all about the destination--getting to that place in my mind I like to go when I reread a certain book. It's all about the predictability. I know exactly what's going to happen and that brings me comfort.

Here's a list of my must reads each year. I'm just listing five. I have many more rereads in a year, however, these are the ones I will return to again and again.

1) Almost Heaven - Judith McNaught
2) It Had To Be You - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
3) I'm Watching You - Karen Rose
4) MacKenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard
5) The Bride - Julie Garwood

I know there are some people who refuse to reread a book. As soon as they finish, even if it's one they loved, they'll give it away or take it to a UBS and get another book. Are you one of those or are you like me and love those comfort rereads?

If you have rereads, list your top five. Remember, one random commenter will win a 'grab-bag' prize package. And be sure to come back on Monday for Recommend Monday. Who knows, we might see some of today's rereads on Monday's recommended reads. Wouldn't that be SWEET!

Happy Friday all!


Dominique Eastwick said...

great Blog..

Lets see my top 5 Rereads

1. Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens.
2. Duke and I by Julia Quinn
3. Night Play by Sherrilynn Kenyon
4.Splendid by Julia Quinn
5 Night Pleasures by SK

krisgils33 said...

What a beautiful blog, Christy. Your list definitely captures a number of my favorites. I have quite an extensive keeper shelf, but don't go back that often....I am so backlogged on my TBR that I have guilt over ignoring those unread books!!!

One that does spring to mind is Linda Howard's Kiss Me While I Sleep...not the whole book, but there is one scene near the end that I have dog-eared the pages and have snuck in a re-read many times (yes, in front of the other unread books...horrors!!)

Crystal (cmac) said...

Happy Friday everyone!

I am happy that the week is almost over and hopefully my hubby gets the weekend off. That is always a nice bonus. :)

Besides the Last Chance Rescue books that I reread every few months. I have 6 that I regularly reread.

Three by Suzanne Brockmann
1. Gone to Far
3. Breaking Point
Two by Linda Howard
1. Cover of Night
2. All the Queen's Men
And lastly one of the very first romances I read.
The Cowboy by Kristine Rolofson.

I love to reread good books! The more I read them the more I feel like I get to know the characters. I am the same way Christy there are some books that I'll pick up and just read the parts I am interested in at the time. Nothing is more comforting then a comfort reread!

Linda LJM said...

I love to re-read books! Especially on a cold fall night, with one of the first fires of the season in the wood stove. I think my top five favorites are
1. Anything by Robyn Carr
2. Letters to Kelly by Suzanne Brockmann
3. Gone with the Wind
4. Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow
5. Baby Love by Catherine Anderson

Unknown said...

LOVE this Blog..

My Top 5 Rereads

1. Be With ME by Maya Banks
2. Annie's Song By Catherine Anderson
3. Seducing Simon By Maya Banks
4. Finding Strength By Annamarie McKenna
5. Tempted By Megan Hart

Christy Reece said...

Hey Dominique! Oh, I love your list! Your top one reminds me I haven't read Devil's Bride in a very long time. Might need to dig that one out. it's my favorite Stephanie Laurens!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kris! Oh, I love Kiss Me While I Sleep and I can almost (maybe not) bet you I know which scene you're talking about. This book was so unexpected in so many ways. And it is one of many of Linda Howard's that I've read numerous times.

Christy Reece said...

Smooches and hugs, Crystal, for rereading my LCR books! (:

And All the Queen's Men is one of my rereads too. Love John Medina!

TigMode said...

What a great blog!

I have stack I keep on my bed table for when I just need to read a little to calm my mind down after a long and crazy day. Several are dog eared favorites.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I've read the whole series many times over but this first one was the best one, IMO, where just like his Sassenach, I fell in love with Jamie Fraser.

Murder Game by Christine Feehan. I wait with bated breath for each of her Ghostwalker installments but this story of Kadan and Tansy is my favorite of the series. I love the juxtoposition of their relationship because only he can touch her skin without causing her pain and only she can touch his heart in any way at all.

Once In Every Life by Kristin Hannah, from way back in the early 90s before she was KRISTIN HANNAH! Time travel, reincarnation, damaged hearts learning to love again. Really, really good stuff.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory. Perfection.

Ashes in the Wind bty Kathleen Woodiwiss. *LOVE*. Nuff said.

Alison said...

I love this blog...

Kris…I have the same problem! My TBR pile keeps growing so I feel like I need to be reading those books!

My top 5 re-reads are...

1.Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
2.Simply Perfect by Mary Balogh
3.Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens
4.I’m in No Mood for Love by Rachel Gibson
5.Dreaming of you by Lisa Kleypas

Christy Reece said...

Hey Linda! Letters to Kelly is one of my all time favorite Suzanne Brockmann's. I still remember sobbing in several places. Guess I'd better dig that one out too! (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Sandy! Oh, I love Annie's Song. Such a wonderfully SWEET book. Catherine Anderson can write such poignant love stories. Thanks for reminding me of that one. Haven't read it in a while but I remember it well and it still makes me smile.

Hope said...

Happy Friday everyone...Unlike most of you, I was not an avid reader when I was younger. I really have only taken to it the past few years as a coping method to dive in to fantasy and not deal with real life.

Some of my all time favorites that I read and re-read over and over...

I usually read the LCR books every few months, but one in particular I read from cover to cover is Rescue Me.

*. Rescue Me - Christy Reece (all time fav and reread)
1. Whisper No Lies - Cindy Gerard
2. Blue Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas
3. Sooner or Later - Debbie MacComber
4. True Love & Other Disasters - Rachel Gibson
5. Run to Me - Christy Reece

I have a NEW fav also, that will be added to this list next year for sure. Suzanne Brockmanns Gone To Far. I just finished it last week, but...(thanks Crystal and Ronlyn)

There are others that I will pick up, especially if a new book in a series is coming out, just as a refresher, but these are my go-to books.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi all
its hard to decide but my top 5 rereads are
1.Northern lights by Nora Roberts
2.Killing fear by Allison Brennan
3.Out of control by Suzanne Brockmann
4.Dream man by Linda Howard
5.Show no mercy by Cindy Gerard

I am a book keeper - i like to reread books and its always like visiting a good friend.

Alison said...

Elke, I'm a book keeper to! Storage is getting to be a problem, but I hate to get rid of them! You never know when you want to reread something.

Modokker said...

oh man do i love to reread! lately i've done alot of it too. any ANY Julie Garwood book is a reread for me. Last week i reread The prize. The first chapter gets me every time where she hit him in the head with a rock and knocks him off his horse. He doesn't find out it was even a girl who did it til later in the book. To funny.

I actually have several authors whose books i always keep. When i read a book i can tell when i'm done if i think i'l reread it or not. I see Whisper no lies on the list today a few times and wouldn't you know it i just reread that one yesterday. It's my favorite of the Black ops seroes of Cindy Gerard who i actually just started reading a few months ago. They do give me comfort and i think it's because you know you like/love it and you know what's coming in the book.

I'd have to put 5 of of Julie Garwood's book in my top 5 and i don't even want to try to pick them and put them in order. Whether it's historical or romantic suspense i love them all.

Lisa B

krisgils33 said...

y'all are naming so many awesome books, I'm never going to get back to my TBR!!!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Tigmode! Can you believe I've read only one of your rereads? Ashes in the Wind, which I loved. And now I have more books to add to my TBR. Yay!

I did recently download Outlander to my Kindle. So many people love that book, I really need to get to it!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Allison P! Devil's Bride and Dreaming of You are wonderful. And I've heard so many great things about Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels. I really need to add that and the others to my ever growing list.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope, hugs and smooches for rereading RESCUE ME and RUN TO ME!

The others on your list are on by TBR list already. And of course, Gone to Far I have read and absolutely loved.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Linda Howard's Dream Man would have been number six if I'd kept listing favorite rereads. I know I've read that book at least a dozen times. I so love Dane!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Lisa, I've read The Prize but not in a long time. Might have to pull that one out and read it again. Julie Garwood is wonderful!

Another one I would have mentioned if I hadn't limited the list is Garwood's Honor's Splendour. So wonderfully romantic. (:

Jane said...

My top five rereads are:
Lisa Kleypas' "Then Came You"
Stephanie Laurens' "A Lady of His Own"
Gaelen Foley's "The Duke"
Julie Garwood's "Saving Grace"
Cindy Gerard's "Show No Mercy"

Jackie P said...

My list of rereads I usually have to read every year has grown.

1. Jan Karon's Mitford Series
2. Richard Paul Evans "Finding Noel" and "The Gift"
3. Mitch Albom's "for one more day"
4. Stephanie Meyer's "The Host"
5. Jane Austin's "Pride and Predjudice"

Though NOW

1. Lisa Kleypas' "It Happened One Autumn" and "Married By Morning"
2. Christy Reece's LCR Series especially "Rescue Me" and "Return to Me" (Noah & Samara)
3. Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters Series
4. Stephanie Tyler's Series
5. Pamela Clare's I-team Series
And I have to add a 6. Nina Bruhn's "Kiss To Kill", "Shoot To Thrill" and "If Looks Could Chill"

Crystal (cmac) said...

I gotta agree with your second list! All but Lisa's books I've read and have rererereread! lol

Unknown said...

I only have one book that a go back to all the time. It was a book I had to read in high school English class and I love it to this day. The book is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The first few words touch my every time I read them "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." At that age I was reading romance books all the time but I think that book is the one that showed me what true love really means.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jane! Oh, I loved Gaelen Foley's The Duke! In fact, I love that entire series but I think The Duke is my favorite.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie! Wow, that's a lot of rereads. Very very cool! And smooches and hugs for including RESCUE ME and RETURN TO ME in there too. (:

Christy Reece said...

Sarah, I know I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school or college, but I'm completely blank on whether I enjoyed it. Might need to dig my copy out and give it another go. I do believe that it does have the best opening line ever, though.

And Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's a great one!

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Happy Friday Christy and everyone!

My Top 5 Rereads are (I have alot more than this but):

1. Shades of Twilight - Linda Howard

2. One Summer - Karen Robards

3. American Star - Jackie Collins

4. Sweet Savage Love - Rosemary Rogers

5. Dance with the Devil - Sherrilyn Kenyon and Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward

Wow what alot of great reads and I have added some to my TBR pile!

Kara C said...

Whew, what a day. A comfort read sounds PERFECT.
So, it won't surprise those of you that know me that I have comfort series, not just books. :) The nice thing about that is I can pick who I want to visit this go 'round. My all time faves to revisit over and over again definitely include:
P Clare's Iteam series, especially Unlawful Contact and Naked Edge, but they're all great.

C Reece's LCR books - ANY of them, although my copies of Rescue Me, Run to Me, and Second Chance are getting especially worn.

SEP's football series - all great

Lisa Kleypas's Travis brothers series (LOVE Blue Eyed Devil)

Susan Mallery's Buchanan series

Linda Howard's Mackenzie's series

Suzanne Brockmann's TS series

and anything by Cindy Gerard.

Elke said...

Christy, as I discovered your books just months ago, I didn´t put them on the list., but I just finished Run to me and return to me for the third or fourth time - so they belong to my all time favourites.

Jacke P.
Pride and prejudice is not only one of my favourite books. I love the movies as well very much . I can´t decide whether the colin firth version or the movie starring Kyra Knightly and Matthew Mc Fadyen is the better one. Have you seen them and which one is your favourite ?

Linda said...

I would have to count 2 Linda Howard books as one read, because I find the John Medina character from each book so very interesting:

1. Kill & Tell and All The Queen's Men -Linda Howard
2. Moving Target - Cheyenne McCray
3. Dark Slayer - Christine Feehan
4. Into The Dark - Cindy Gerard
And because I really liked the Caleb character ---count as one both of these:
5. No Regrets - No Control- Shannon K Butcher

Usually, if a secondary character catches my interest, I follow them! LOL

Kara C said...

"If you have rereads, list your top five." See, I spent half my day fussing at kids for not following directions... must be contagious. I think I listed 7! LOL
I used to be a non-re-reader. I think, Christy, you were the one to get me started on reading a favorite again. I didn't see the point, but once I did, I found it SO relaxing. And definitely a comfort food feel to it. :)

swells77 said...

My top 5 re-reads are:
Midnight Awakening-Lara Adrian
Lover Eternal - JR Ward
Wild Card - Lora Leigh
Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rescue Me- Christy Reece

Naomi said...

I LOVE rereading my books. These are my top five books:

1. Ransom by Julie Garwood (this is the first book that got me hooked on romance novels)
2. Cold Night, Warm Stranger by Jill Gregory
3. This is all I ask by Lynn Kurland
4. Promise of the Rose by Brenda Joyce
5. Ravished by Amanda Quick

Christy Reece said...

P&RS Reader! I love Shades of Twilight and have read it at least a dozen times (lol, I'm like that with Linda Howard books) I haven't read Sweet Savage Love since I was a teenager and though I loved it then, I have a feeling I'd get very put out with Steve now. However, at the time, man oh man, did I love that book!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara, sorry your day was rough! Smooches and hugs for putting LCR books on your series reread list!

Of course, you know I love all of Pamela Clare's books. I need to do a reread of her I-Team series but it'll be a while before I can read Naked Edge again. I think my eyes are still swollen from reading it last month. (:

Christy Reece said...

Elke, thank you! Smooches and hugs for rereading RETURN TO ME and RUN TO ME! So glad you found my books!

Jackie P said...

I love both the movies but I have the Kyra and Matthew version and I have watched it so many times that I know the dialogue by heart. My favorite part is when the Mother is telling her she has to marry the cousin and the Father looks at her and does the opposite. I love how Donald Sutherland played the part!

Christy Reece said...

Linda, I've read Kill and Tell oodles of times too. Love John Medina in it and of course, I loved Marc!

Christy Reece said...

Hi SWells77! Smooches and hugs for including RESCUE ME in your rereads! SK's Fantasy Lover is absolutely wonderful. Might have to dig that one out for a reread soon!

Jackie P said...

You are SERIOUSY missing out on the Kleypas books. Especially the 2 I just mention because they are CRYSTAL books through and through. :)

Christy Reece said...

Hi Naomi! You know I haven't read Ransom in forever. I know that is a favorite Garwood for many readers. Maybe I need to dig that one out as well.

LOL. Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of digging soon!

Hope said...

Crystal I totally agree with Jackie, you need to get over it girl and pick up the Kleypas books again. You will not be sorry.

Kara, I was going to scold you and tell you that you picked more than 5, then I saw your second post and I felt sorry for you, scolding.....this time LOL

Crystal (cmac) said...

Jackie and Hope
I do plan to get Lisa's books asap! I've been keeping an eye out for them at the UBS. I trust your judgment completely so I'm going to give it a try! :)

Aly said...

I am so late but thought I would add mine anyway!

Nora's Rising Tide
Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect
Ruth Langan's Lassiter Law Series (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Ronyn Carr's Virgin River

Now I have to run off to our first football playoff game! I must come back and read through everyone's b/c I am sure there are some I have never read!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Aly! It's never too late to drop in here. Mr. Perfect is a great reread. Linda Howard does such a wonderful job of funny, scary and sexy. What a perfect combination. And I'm sure I've read Mr. Perfect at least half a dozen times. I adore Sam and Janie.

oklanannie said...

Love this blog!! Lots of good recs--I'm adding to my list to find.

My favorite comfort reads are:

LAST CHANCE RESCUE Series by our beloved Christy Reece ("Last Chance" being my current favorite -- until I get another in my hands)

I-Team Investigative Series by Pamela Clare ("Hard Evidence" being my favorite!)

The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (a badger and a bunny stole my heart!)

Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force

Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts

There are others but these are ALWAYS upfront and center!