Monday, October 18, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that you're ready to recommend some great reads to us.

I don't have anything current to suggest, however, I have another recommend from the past. Have you read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? I don't read a lot of inspirationals, however, this one caught my eye a year or two ago. I'd read about it online somewhere and was in the bookstore one day and saw it. I think it's been reissued several times, but this particular cover just caught my attention--absolutely beautiful. So I picked it up and quite frankly could not put it down. I ended up loving it so much, I bought three or four more copies and gave them as Christmas presents. It's a wonderful love story about redemption, marital devotion and faith and stuck with me long after I closed the book. Even if you don't normally read inspirational romances, give it a try!

Thanks to everyone who contributed such awesome recipes on Friday's blog. Wow! I can't wait to try some of these. They look incredible. And congrats again to Tigmode, who was the winner of the 'grab-bag' prize package. Tigmode, if you're reading this blog today, be sure to email your mailing address to

This week's Fabulous Fall Freebie Friday blog, we're going to be talking books. So get ready to share with us your top five favorite rereads. You know, those books that you have to read at least once a year. Heck, we may discover a few books that we find ourselves recommending next Monday!

Okay, I promised you some news on the SWEET trilogy and here it is. The new dates and order are:

SWEET JUSTICE - September 2011 (Honor Stone and Seth Cavanaugh)
SWEET REVENGE - November 2011 (Dylan Savage and Jamie Kendrick)
SWEET REWARD - January/February 2012 (Jared Livingston and Mia Ryker)

Not really that much of a change other than the first book will be released four months later than originally planned. There were a lot of different reasons for the calendar and order changes. However, I plan to make sure it was worth the wait. I'm about 3/4 finished with SWEET JUSTICE and am loving the story and characters. I really think you will too!

Okay, that's it for me until Friday. Going back into my writing cave and spending some quality time with the dark and dangerous Seth.

Now, it's your turn. Tell us what we should be reading this week!

Happy Monday all!


Ronlyn said...

Happy Monday!
So, why did the SWEET order change Christy? Or is that one of those, you could tell me but you'd have to kill me, publishing secrets?
I'm feeling a bit like superwoman today having wrangled two children in the car on time, packed lunches and, most recently, helped facilitate the return of a lost wallet. *buffing my nails on my shoulder* and it's not even 9am yet. Seems as though today is going to be busy.
I'm trying to remember what I read this past week. Jo Davis (once I realized I'd been mistaking her Station 5 series for something else all together). I've finished with Howard's book (BTW, HOWARD for the Hero?? It worked for him, but not the name I typically think of as Hero material) and now I'm onto Zach...which seems to be a common hero name.
I know I read something else, but since it's not coming to me I probably shouldn't rec it, huh?
Hope everyone has a great week!

krisgils33 said...

I spent Saturday as the clothes/costume mistress for my daughter's fashion show at Macy's, followed by a dance performance at the same mall. SHE had a great time. :-)
Sunday, I started packing for the next Disney cruise, which is now less than 3 weeks away!! Getting excited!!!
Last week I read Books 3 and 4 in the Firefighters of Station 5, Jo Davis' series. They were good reads and I'm really looking forward to the last one, which comes out in December, I think. I also read Louisa Edward's Just One Taste. I really liked that series.
I'm really sad that it's going to be almost a year until we see the next SWEET book, but I guess it will be all that much SWEETer when it finally arrives!!!

krisgils33 said...

but Howard's nickname is "Six-pack" and that alone conjures all kinds of hottie images, right??

Ronlyn said...

Yes, I think the "Six-Pack" nickname saved the day. LOL. Although I did laugh when Kat would get all sassy with him and call him "Howie".

Kara C said...

Hey all!
I read Burning Up by Susan Andersen (very fun) and Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery. The nice surprise from that book is that the hero was a young secondary character in a book of hers years ago. I didn't realize it until about half way through the book.
I am now reading a paranormal (kind of different for me) by a, I THINK, new author. It's called Eternal Hunger and the author's name is Laura Wright. So far, I am REALLY enjoying it.
@Christy, you know I am VERY impatient to read D & J's story, but for them, and you, I will wait...almost patiently. I'm also anxious to read Seth and Honor's story since you seem to be having so much fun with it.
Hope everyone has a great week. This morning I got to read some of my students' writing. Now THAT'S entertainment. LOL So fun...

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Christy and peeps..
I have 2 loafs of banana bread in the oven from someone's recipe from Friday. I have so many new recipes to try I don't know when I will get to them all.

Christy it is a bummer that we have to wait, but Good things come to those who wait! I am super excited to get them even if it is a little longer. To be honest I'm more bummed about having to wait to get to drool over Dylan than I am about the couple months wait for a SWEET book. But it will just make my anticipation for D-man all the better!

Ronlyn- You go superwoman! You have done your good deeds for the day. lol

I didn't get a lot of reading done last week. I did read Lady in Red the last of the Talisman Ring series. It was good.
I also read To Scotland with Love a book in the Maclean curse series both by Karen Hawkins. (I think that was read since the last Recommend Monday lol)

Have a great day everyone!

Hope said...

Hello everyone...Happy Monday. I too am curious about the SWEET order change.

Soooo, I have SWEET news too. Ronlyn sent me a copy of Suzanne Brockmann's Gone to Far (Sam & Alyssa's story). I know most of you have read this series already, but I have been waiting for a while for this particular book. IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME. I loved this book. I really can't wait till Max & Gina's story (which Crystal has sent to me), but it is 4 more books away, I may have to take a little peek ;o)

I also read Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare. I was a little leery about this I-Team series since they are journalists and I like military type heros, but this is a really good series that everyone has recommended, including me.

Finally, I went for a fluff book, Jill Shalvis Simply Irresistible. This is a very cute book and the start of a trilogy about sisters.

Ronlyn, glad you finally got your Davis' straight. I really like the station 5 series too. But you also need to try Dee Davis A-Tac series, you will like it.

Have a wonderful week everyone. I am moving on to Pamela Clare's "Julian" - curious why these authors give their books titles, when we really rename them based on the MEN

Elke said...

Hi Christy. hi all,

Christy I must confess i am a bit disapointed that we have to wait that long for Dylans and Jamies story , because the bits and pieces about them in McKennas story and the hints you gave in recommend Monday made me looking forward to their story - I guess I have to reread your other books to shorten the waiting.

Cara, I read finding perfect recently and I really liked ist. You mentioned an older book where the hero is a secondary character. Which book was it ?

Hope I am excited that you finally got Sams and Alyssas book -when I read it my family complained that I was "lost to the world" and they had to repeat everything because I was not paying attention what they were saying.
It seems we have similar taste in books , because I just read the A-tac series and I enjoyed reading them, although I was wrong about the traitor. Did you figure it out ?

Chrystal, next on my list is the first book of Pamela Clares IT-series you recommended - I forgot the title (that happens all the time because often the titles are so similar, I have to look at the summary to make sure I dont know the book already).

Hope everyone has a nice week and enough time for reading

Hope said...

Elke - I was very wrong about the traitor. I love those kinds of books when I am kept guessing till the end. I really enjoyed that series. The Pamela Clare I-Team series starts with Extreme Exposure, I just finished it last week. You will enjoy it ;o) I really loved the A-Tac series from Dee Davis, she says the next 3 will be coming out mid 2011.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Elke- I hope you enjoy Extreme Exposure! They just keep getting better and better I tell ya! Juian and Marc are to die for! I am super excited to add Zach to my team!

Hope- I hope Julian lives up to your expectation. Since I've continuously praise him and Marc I want everyone else to be on my Julian/Marc team! lol

I am going to start trying to read a Trouble Shooters book a week for awhile get myself ready for Izzy's book. I've been reading historical books lately I need some suspense and action I'm starting to get antsy. :)

Six-pack Howard huh? Sounds very interesting!

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

Love the I-Team series...I didn't realize it was a series, until after I read Marc's book. I am firmly on Team Marc, but her other men are pretty amazing as well!

I read the Monica McCarty series McCleods of Skye Trilogy this week and really enjoyed it. I'm starting on her next series the Campbell Trilogy this week.

Have a good week everyone!

Jackie P said...

@ Hope, skip to Gina and Max's story!!! Trust me! They are my favorite.

Tried to find the Jo Davis with six pack awhile ago and noone had it! sigh.....

Even though I like Dylan and Jamie, I have been dying for Christy to finish Honor's book. I just can't wait. So either order is fine with me. And must not forget Jared. Anxiously waiting to see what Christy comes up with there. 3 Awesome book dates to pencil into my calender.

I tried to read acouple of books and couldn't get into any enough to mention. Looking forward to Stephanie Tylers new book coming out this month.

Hope said...

Jackie - find me on Facebook and message me your address, I will send you Jo Davis' books, to good not to pass on.

I forgot to mention....HAPPY BIRTHDAY week to Ronlyn and Aly....

Ronlyn said...

With this new order I am realizing that D-man will be available for Possum Hunting in my backyard come next Spring/Summer! YAY! LOL

And thank you Hope. :-)

Kara C said...

@ Elke - Sweet Spot is the name of the Mallery book in which Raoul is a secondary character. If you've already read Finding Perfect, you may remember him talking about/ to Nicole and Hawk. Sweet Spot is their story.
@ AlisonP - Yay, another member of Team Marc! I'll be sure to add you to the roster.

Unknown said...

Hi all!

It seems like I have not posted in forever. I have been busy babysitting my sister. She had her tendon in her foot replaced. They had to use the tendon from someone who donated their body to since because it was so weak they had no choice but to do that.

As for my reading right now I am almost done with Tami Hoag's Keeping Company. It is a typical light romance book but pretty good. I have also finished Sharon Sala's newest trilogy. All three where very good and fit together perfectly.

I have pre-ordered Nora Roberts new book, and a bunch of other romantic suspense so I can't wait until they ship out.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Linda said...

I have been rereading some old faves; Cindy Gerard, Linda Howard, Cherry Adair,Shannon K Butcher, and Kylie Brant.

A friend recommended Lucy Monroe's mercenary trilogy--Ready, Willing, And Able and her Goddard Project series and Elle Kennedy's out of uniform series.

I am rechecking my lists of books I need to preorder and I plan to hit the book stores on Friday!

Hope you ladies have a fantastic week!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, looks like everyone is having some great luck with good books lately. Love it when that happens. And you guys are so nice to send books to each other.

Thanks all for your thoughts on the SWEET trilogy. I know it's a bit longer than what was planned, but I do believe it'll be worth the wait.

LOL, Ronlyn, I can tell you without killing you. Promise. If you remember, Jamie went through some significant traumas. My editor and I both decided that she needed more healing time than I was allowing her. This way, she'll have almost eighteen months since her rescue. Once you read SWEET REVENGE, I think you'll understand why that time was necessary. (:

Oh and I think there are two birthday girls (that I know of) this week. Both Ronlyn and Aly, happy happy birthday to you both!

Christy Reece said...

Oh, and I think there's one more birthday this week too. Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Linda said...

...and Christy, please give me kudos in quietly and patiently waiting to receive my SWEETS...when I know something is going to be soooooooo good...I will wait for it! LOL

Mary G said...

Hi All
I have my PC back for 2 days so I'm dropping in to say hi.

Hope,that's too funny - "curious why these authors give their books titles, when we really rename them based on the MEN". So true.

Linda - Cindy Gerard, Linda Howard, Cherry Adair are my faves too. Love Elle Kennedy & Lucy Monroe- have all their books. I have Lucy's new one Close Quarters but I havemn't read it yet.

I've been on a contemp kick since I read Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis - funny, sexy, emotional read. I just finished The Red Diary by Toni Blake & loved it. Now reading The Trouble with Valentine's day by Rachel Gibson & enjoying it.

Kara C said...

Linda, I really liked the Ready, Willing, and Able books! In fact, I think I have them tucked away in my closet. May have to pull those out for a reread...
Christy, it's very SWEET of you to give J time to heal, but please tell her hello for me. :) Guess this hold off on your release dates means I can continue reading all these great recommends I never read when they first came out, ie Redeeming Love.

oklanannie said...

As usual, a day late -- but enjoyed reading all the posts. I just finished Brenda Novak's "White Heat" and I liked it. I'm going to try to find the remaining two books in this series. Also read the historical "Breathless" by Anne Stuart. Her "Rohan" series is a bit different (dark) from her romantic suspense books. I'm glad I read them. And I finished up Susan Mallery's series with "Finding Perfect" starring Raoul. I loved that kid when he stole the donuts from Nicole and he turned out to be just "perfect." Oh, and I finished "Into the Crossfire" by Lisa Marie Rice. It was a good book but not a keeper. I think it's the first book in a new "Protectors" series.

Up next for me is Shalvis's "Simply Irresistible." Glad to hear that some of you have enjoyed it. That's good recs for me. I'm looking forward to Steph Tyler's new book, along with Lisa Kleypas's new contemporary series "Friday Harbor."

Best Birthday Wishes to you special October babies -- hope all your wishes come true!

Christy, I confess I'm a little bummed over the date extension for the SWEET books but I know the wait will be well worthwhile and all the more SWEETer when it finally arrives. I'm overjoyed for the confirmation that SWEET REWARD will be Jared's book. He has hooked me from the start and I can't wait for his story. Of course, I'm just as excited to read SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Luci said...

I have been so out of the loop and busy lately that i thought i was mistaken that the books orders seemed to be changed. Well will try and look at the positive side of things. The longer wait will hopefully mean i will have finally settled down by then enough to enjoy reading the book because i have been so busy lately I hardly have time to read and the longer a book takes me to read the less I enjoy it.

I LOVE Pamela Clare - I can never recommend her enough. I read the I-Team books first and i really enjoyed them. Then i read the historicals and was blown away. Both genres of hers are great but for me the historicals are super.

Read Jo Davis books and enjoyed them too. Don't like Howard as a hero name either but with this character it worked. Cannot wait for Ride the Fire to come out.

As I said reading is extremely slow for me. I read One Dance with a Duke last week and thought it was great. Twice Tempted by a Rogue was not so good IMO. So i decided to take a break before reading Three Nights with a Scoundrel.

I know I prepared a book to read next but for the life of me cannot remember which. I have some very good books in my piles though so hopefully it will be a good one.

Re the Troubleshooters. I enjoyed Sam and Alyssa as a couple but my favourite were Stan and Terri and Max and Gina. I have Hot Pursuit but I am thinking of reading it closer to the release to Izzy's book's release date.

I remembered which book i prepared to read next - My Lord Scandal by emma Wildes - really enjoyed the two books by her i read till now.