Monday, October 10, 2011

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with football, writing and reading. Needless to say, it was a very good weekend!

The last few weeks have been so hectic and wild, getting back to a regular Recommend Monday feels odd. With both SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE on shelves, life has slowed down and I'm having trouble putting on the brakes. When we get closer to the end of October, I'll add an excerpt for SWEET REWARD to my website. If you're hungry for a sneak peek, the first chapter of SWEET REWARD in in the back of SWEET REVENGE, giving you a good glimpse of both Jared and Mia. I love these two characters and hope you will, too.

I want to take a minute and say a giant THANK YOU to all those who have emailed me or sent messages via Facebook and Twitter of how much you've enjoyed SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE. Hearing from readers is one of the very best REWARDs of being a published author. I'm thrilled that Honor and Seth and Dylan and Jamie have become some of your favorite LCR characters. I'm quite fond of them too. (:

I'm in the midst of writing something new and I really hope to be able to share something with you soon. Since I'm still in the development stage, I'm going offline for the next few days and hitting it hard. If you need to get in touch with me, email me at or message me on Facebook. I'll get back with you as soon as I come up for air.

Also, several of you who won prizes over the last couple of weeks haven't contacted me with your mailing address. I'm going to take some time this week and see which prizes I still have in my office and I'll post a list of those I need to hear from.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the USA Today blog and read my interview with Joyce Lamb. That was such fun! I believe Marie Force is over there today. If you get a chance, jump over there and read her fascinating interview. Here's the link:

I mentioned that I did some reading over the weekend and I'm excited to be able to give a recommendation. I was fortunate to read an advance copy of Jessica Scott's debut ebook, BECAUSE OF YOU. It was fabulous! Gritty, realistic, sweet, heart wrenching and romantic. In a word--unforgettable. The ebook releases on November 14 and is up for pre-order. If you love military romances, you're going to love this one. And Jessica's background--she's a company commander in the army--makes the book feel all the more authentic. Here's the link to her Amazon page:

Okay, I'm headed back into my writing cave with hopes that these new characters running around in my head come out and chat with me. Wish me luck!

Can't wait to see what you're recommending this week. Lots of great books out there!

Have a great week!


Luci said...

Hey Christy,

lots of luck with your new storylines! Am looking forward to whatever new you have in store for us!

I have been having a difficult time having a book grab me since i finished Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks. I have 3 books started and half way through. I keep on starting books and putting them aside. I have lots of pre ordered books that are on the way though so that's great. Among them is Sweet Revenge and I am waiting for it to arrive before I read Sweet Justice as I love reading series books back to back.

Its great reading all the fantastic reviews you are getting! So totally deserved!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Good Luck with the new venture, I can't wait!!

I read an ARC of Blood and Bone by Dawn Brown. It is a romantic suspense, that comes out tomorrow. Here is my review if you are interested.

krisgils33 said...

Hi Christy,
I didn't get a chance to read it until this morning, but loved the interview over at HEA!

Happy Thanksgiving to Mary G. and anyone else in Canada! :-)

The weekend was so busy...cecchetti dance conference all day Sat up in MD, then dinner and a dance performance in DC. yesterday was cleaning, laundry, and the movie "Dolphin Tale". Today is more laundry, lots of homework, soccer practice and gymnastics. I discovered a mound of goldfish under the 3rd row seats in my car (yuck!), so I'm guessing it's time for a thorough vacuuming!!!

Super excited to hear you loved the Jessica Scott book. I've been eye-balling that one (the hunky dude on the cover helps!), but now I know I will definitely pre-order.

My recommend for this week is Jill Shalvis Animal Attraction. I'm digging this series (Animal Magnetism was the first), they are just fun books to read!!

Alison said...

Hi Christy! Happy Monday all!

After a re-read of Sweet Justice I jumped right into Sweet Revenge which I LOVED! This weekend I read and also really enjoyed Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy its the 5th book in her Fast Track series.

Good luck with your new story lines Christy!

Have a good week everyone!

Hope said...

Happy Moanday everyone...YES, moan-day. It was a long weekend and it started raining over night which made me NOT want to leave my warm cozy bed this morning.

I read SWEET Revenge this weekend and LOVED it. I haven't written my review yet cause I can't get the words to come out as awesome as the book deserves.

I also read Steph Tyler's new Shadow Force book, Night Moves. I really loved Kell's story.

I read a few that don't deserve Recommend Monday status, but those are the two that I REALLY loved last week.

I was looking at Jessica Scott's book last week and didn't know anything about her so I didn't get the book, but I preordered it as soon as I read your post. Can't wait to read a new RS book. Thanks for the recommend.

Have a great week everyone.

Gail said...

almengerChristy,I won a copy of one of Maya Rodale's books in one of your September giveaways but have not received it,Is there a problem?
As for reccomendations I would like to reccomend tv show called "Pan Am" Book:"Hard To Hold" by Stephanie Tyler and movie:"The Help"

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi everyone!
Christy - great interview at HEA. Its good to know that you will continue with romantic suspense - I am really curious about your new book - looking forward to hearing more about it.

Last weekend was really slow because my hubby cought a nasty cold and we had to postpone our dinner invitation . But I got a Kindle for my birthday (YAY) so I was busy reading.

I read "Only yours" and "Only his" the latest releases of Susann Mallerys Fools Gold series and I highly recommend them. Especially Montanas and Simons story ("Only yours" )really touched my heart.

I also started the second part of Nora Roberts McKade Brothers ( Devins and Shanes stories) and liked them as well.

Mary G. good look with the blogging for HEA - I will ad that blog to my favs.

Have a great week everyone!

oklanannie said...

Good morning!

Christy, I was a lucky recipient of an early copy of Jessica Scott's BECAUSE OF YOU, as well. You are so right -- it was an explosively powerful read and such an emotional love story. Anyone who enjoys military romances will not want to miss this one.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica to learn more about her career & the next two stories in the "Coming Home" military romance series. My interview with her will be posted on Romance@Random during their Loveswept relaunch on November 14.

On a lighter note, I'm reading Jill Shalvis's ANIMAL MAGNETISM and really enjoying the spirited and engaging relationship building between Dr. Dell and Jade. Shalvis certainly knows how to write witty dialogue & sizzling romance!

I'm really looking forward to the moment when we learn what's going on in your writing cave!!!

Anonymous said...

I am reading Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks and its been pretty good so far. I have been in kind of a reading slump lately.

Crystal said...

Happy Monday everyone! I think (knock on wood) everyone in my house is starting to feel better. I've not had a chance to read much, but I do have a couple GREAT recommends. First of all I read Sweet Revenge and think it was absolutely fabulous. I've always loved Dylan, but now I love him even more. I thought Sweet Justice was great and if possible I love Sweet Revenge even more. Great job Christy!!
I also read Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. Loved this book as well. I'm sad that it was the last in the Highlander series, but I've been assured that the Fever series is just as good. (even if it is 1st person)

Luci I have Seduction of a Highland Lass on my Nook just dying for me to read it. I can't wait to read it. Hopefully I'll get to it this week. I have to read Deadly Descent first though. :) Have a great week everyone.

Christy good luck in your writing cave!

Mary G said...

Reading & loving Sweet Revenge by our dear Christy.

Thanks all for the HEA & Thanksgiving wishes. I'm glad I'm home today since my first pro review posted today - Marie's McCarthy series - I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on work.

LOL Hope on Moanday!

KC said...

I had a good week of reading last week. Read Only Mine and Only Yours also a older one in the Fools Gold: Almost Perfect. Can't hurry love by Christie Ridgway was also good. Happy reading!!

Mary G said...

BTW Christy
Is Because of You written in 3rd person POV? I couldn't find an excerpt on her site.

Jackie P said...

Anne, I am soooo happy this is great!!!!!

Kris and KK mention the Fool's Gold series and now I am working my way through it. It is fun. Now I need to grab Jill Shalvis' series.

Christy will have to grab her book (Jessica Scott) sounds good.

I watch one TV show off and on NCIS because of well who esle but MARK HARMON. Now I have gotten caught up on another (military like suspense) "Homeland". On Showtime. I LOVE LOVE this show. The bad thing is.... I don't have movie channels normally. This is a free thank you for being our customer so long deal. Sigh.. Just my darn luck.

Shannon Stacey has 3 books that are e-book only that are great. They won't loan though. One of them is "Yours to Keep". If you wanted to check them out with your new Kindle. :)

Mary G said...

I read too fast lol. I missed that about your interview with Jessica. Please remind us closer to the date. That's so exciting!

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hey all!

Last week after I finished Whitney, My Love, I went online and bought some more books by that author and also the ones that you mentioned, Christy. I didn't even look to see what they're about I just clicked and added them to the cart since you liked them so much. LOL I'm sure I will like them a lot too.

Then I read Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun. I debated whether to list this book today. I wasn't too crazy about it but so many other people I know LOVED it and that's why I wanted to list it. I guess it's me...I don't know. I just had too many issues with it.

I finally started SWEET REVENGE yesterday! I'm only a few chapters in but I like it so much already!! I find myself stopping to stare at the cover and then I realized that the model on the cover looks a lot like the model for all your other SWEET books. Is it the same guy, Christy?

I keep seeing people list that Jill Shalvis book. One of these days I'm going to have to pick it up and read it. Sad thing is is that I already have it.

Also, for those of you that read the new Maya Banks historical books, do they have romance in them? I could swear Maya told me they didn't but by the reviews it looks like there is.

I can't wait until you're able to tell us what you're writing, Christy! You are such a tease today! If it's not what you're secretly writing, it's that fabulous email you got from your romance reader. :)

Have a great week everyone!

Crystal said...

Taryn I know the first book of Maya's In Bed with a Highlander does have romance. I'm so glad you are liking Judith McNaught she is one of my absolute favorite historical writers. You should check into Pamela Clares MacKinnon Ranger series. I love those!!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Everyone! Great recommendations yesterday! Thank you! I've already added a couple to my list.

I'm so happy to learn so many of you read and enjoyed SWEET REVENGE. Thanks so much for letting me know.

Anne, can't wait to read your interview with Jessica. I'm sure she's got some fascinating stories to tell.

Mary, yes, Because of You is told in third person. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving day, yesterday and congrats again on your gig with USA Today HEA blog. So excited for you!

Gail, no problem with your book. It went out last week. (I can only get to the post office about every ten days.) I sent it media mail, so it might take a little longer to get to you but it is on its way.
Hope you enjoy!

Taryn, so glad to hear you're reading more McNaught books. Let us know which one you loved the most. My personal fave is Almost Heaven. (One more sigh for Ian.) (:

I'll try to pop in later on this week and say hi again. Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday yesterday and you're ready for Tuesday! Have a great one!

Luci said...

Taryn the Maya Banks books so do have romance. They are classiccal historical romances. Very good. Am eagerly waiting for the third one to come out.

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Thanks, Luci and Crystal for letting me know the Maya Banks books! I will for sure check them out now. :)

As for Pamela Clare. I have some of her historical books but I am hesitant to read them for some reason.

Jessica Scott said...

Hi Christy,
I just saw your post! Thank you so much for your kind words about Because of You! I'm honored that you thought to recommend it and I can't thank you enough!
I'm hoping to have an excerpt posted soon so hopefully folks will get a chance to read it and I'll make sure to share the link when it's available!

Hope, wanted to clear up Because of You isn't RS. It's much more contemporary. I hope that doesn't change your mind!

Thanks again, Christy, for such kind words about Because of You!

Christy Reece said...

Jess, you're very welcome and I meant every word. I was so excited to be able to read it early. I wish you the very best with the series. I know it's going to be a huge success! I've got it on pre-order!