Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Chance Rescue Trivia Contest (edited with answers)

Hope you're having a great Wednesday. Here's the LCR trivia contest with answers. Thanks to everyone who played and congrats again to Amanda for winning the $50 gift card!

1) In RESCUE ME, what was Eden St. Claire's real name?

Devon Winters

2) In RETURN TO ME, what city and state was Samara living in when Noah came to ask for her help.

Birmingham, Alabama

3) What was the name of the villain in RUN TO ME who tortured Cole and Shea?

Donald Rosemount

4) In NO CHANCE, Skylar James and Gabe Maddox met on an island in the South Pacific. Name that island.

Kalamina Island

5) In SECOND CHANCE, what are the names of Keeley Fairchild's twin daughters.

Hannah and Hailey

6) What was McKenna Sloan's nickname in LAST CHANCE?

Ghost (Kudos to those who remembered that Dylan also called her Squirt!)

7) In SWEET JUSTICE, who was Seth Cavanaugh accused of murdering?

Montgomery Jenkins

8) In SWEET REVENGE, what was the name of Jamie's aunt?


9) SWEET REWARD's Jared Livingston once worked for a secretive government agency. Name that agency.

International Deep Cover (IDC)


Crystal said...

Oh I just got here has anyone won? If so I'll send my answers Christy.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal! I'm collecting answers until 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. You've got plenty of time. (:

Be sure to send to christy@christyreece.com.


Rachel Rhine said...

*sigh* good to know, lol. All my books are at home and i am babysitting, I was about to be sad, lol.

Carla Swafford said...

Congratulations, Christy! Hugs.

Crystal said...

Christy! I am bummed. There are a couple questions I don't know by heart and my books are in Missouri. Let me tell you the hubs got an ear full for not bringing my books.... AGAIN!!! :(

Dannyfiredragon said...

This contest is fun. Got me in the mood of a LRC reading marathon