Monday, March 19, 2012

Recommend Monday with a Guest Reader!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Did you do anything fun or read anything so good you're dying to tell us about it? Here's your chance!

My weekend was filled with writing and taking care of what my hubby affectionately now refers to as our 'livestock'. I did get a chance to take some photos that I'll try to share with you later on this week.

Before we get to Jackie's post, I wanted to mention a couple of things to you. Since I do plan on self publishing future LCR stories as eBooks, I created a Facebook page dedicated to Last Chance Rescue. It's a place you can chat about all things LCR, including your favorite characters, secondary characters you'd most like to read more about or any questions you have about LCR. If you're on Facebook, be sure to go over and 'Like' the page. Here's the link:

Also, I was thrilled to learn that SWEET JUSTICE was nominated for Best Action Adventure/Romantic Suspense for 2011 over at The Romance Reviews (TRR). Voting is going on now and I would so appreciate your vote. Thank you!
Here's the link:

On Friday, I'm going to be over at Romance University talking about saying goodbye to a successful series and starting a new one. I'll post the link later on this week. I thought you might enjoy learning just how insane my muse and I can get sometimes.

This week, since I overcame a major plot hurdle over the weekend, I hope to made great headway with Zach and Savannah. Wish us luck!

Now, for what we've all been waiting for. Please welcome a regular here at Recommend Monday, the lovely Jackie Prince, who's chatting about the things we do for love and some of her favorite funny books. I'll jump on a little later and share mine.

Oh, forgot to add that Jackie is offering a signed copy of an LCR book, RETURN TO ME, to one commenter! (Thank you!) (;

Take it away, Jackie and thanks for making us all smile this Monday morning!

Have you ever done something for love that you wouldn't normally do?

One of my favorite vacations was to Rock City with my son, who was around 5 then, and some of our very dear friends. My son loved the place.

It has beautiful vistas

All kinds of rocks and caves to walk through, animals to see and best of all it rained the whole time we were there. Puddles!

Oh and beautiful Vistas! Did I mention that?

And cool rope bridges. (That’s NOT me, by the way)

And I am AFRAID of heights. (Yes, that is me)

As you can see, BECAUSE my dear friends (I still love you guys) recorded it down in history for me. I guess at the time I was under the impression that the lower I got, the lower the bridge would get.

Yet each time my son would shine his beaming face up to me. I would jump to attention and beam right back at him pretending to be that fearless Mom he knows me to be.

So take a moment and Stop…and think…. What is the funniest thing you’ve done for love? And while you’re at it, what are your go to funny books to read?

Here are some of mine.

Pamela Clare’s “ Extreme Exposure” part of her I-Team series. She also has a new I-Team novella coming out SOON so be on the lookout.

Jill Shalvis’ “ Lucky Harbor “ series. She has a new book coming out in the series “Lucky in Love” due out June 1st.

And don’t forget the beautiful vistas. J


Alison said...

Hi Christy! Congrats on Sweet Justice! You've got my vote!

Great post Jackie, those pictuers are AMAZING!

My go to funny books...anything by Chritie Craig or Susan Donovan, both these authors have made me crack up when reading their books.

I've mentioned a few times that I love Kristen Ashley's books, so this past week I started her Rock Chick series and WOW! I LOVE THEM! The men are hot, the women are sassy, there's plenty of steam and tons of LOL moments.

oklanannie said...

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone survived the green beer, corn beef, and cabbage over the weekend. Yum!

SWEET JUSTICE got my vote!

Enjoyed the post and pics, Jackie!

I look to Susan Elizabeth Phillips for go-to comfy, funny reads. I love Susan Donovan's earlier books -- especially HE LOVES LUCY!!

I'm reading Kristen Ashley's latest GAMES OF THE HEART and loving it. Her characters and stories are fantastic -- once I got past her writing style.

I FINALLY finished Gabaldon's OUTLANDER on the fourth try!! I'm so excited that I did it! Although I can certainly appreciate her talent, the book will not go down as one of my favorites. It was an excrutiating read for me.

It's storming in Oklahoma - lots of thunder, lightning and rain! Off to my comfy chair in the corner to READ - READ - READ!

krisgils33 said...

Congrats on SJ, Christy!
Great blog Jackie. The geologist in me loves the pics!

I don't have any recommends because I didn't get to read much last week prepping for my daughter's dance competition and farewell performance for her dance title. But, this sums it up very well on the things I do for love. The dance festivities began when we left the house at 11 am on Friday and didn't return home until 930 pm last night. I was going going going all weekend long. Hair, makeup, costumes, dresses, carting stuff back and forth, carrying trophies, etc. etc. By the time we hit the hotel each night, I had no energy left for reading. So that's what I do for love. :-)

Jackie P said...


As we both know. You have got me hooked on the Rock Chick books! I have laughed and laughed.

Jackie P said...


I love SEP!!!

Hope the storms move on and you have a good day of reading.

Jackie P said...


I am sure it was well worth not being able to read. It sounds like you were busy but had lots of fun.

Tanya said...

Great post and pictures. I love reading books that make me laugh and have a great love story to it. Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and also some of Nora Roberts books have me laughing.

I just finished reading Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler. That was a good read about werewolves. And I just started Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon. So far so good.

And I also voted! Until next week folks.

Hope said...

Hello Christy, Jackie and....everyone else :) Happy Monday. I will start off with my funny reads as this will coincide with my recommends for last week. I started and have been engrossed with Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series. All of these books have many LOL moments and I highly recommend them. They will be added to my go to funny books for sure. I am currently finishing up the last one out in that series. I also love Rachel Gibson many of her books make me laugh.

I read 4 of the Rock Chick books last week, so those are my recommends for this Monday. Congrats on your nomination Christy. Have a great week everyone.

Jackie P said...


I love Stephanie Tyler. I haven't had a chance to checkout her new book yet.

Jackie P said...


I love Rachel Gibson too. I am looking forward to her new book coming out within the next few months and then some of her older books are coming out in e-book form this month.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!
Great pictures Jackie!!
I'm a new "fan" of Christy's..I just finished Rescue Me last night and I LOVED it!!
My "go to" fun read would be Katie MacAlister...I LOL everytime.
My what I do for love is for my husband..he has diverticulosis,so that means no small seeds..every spring I peel his strawberries for him. Just take the seeds off so he can still enjoy shortcake.
~Hollie Rieth~

Christy Reece said...

Hey everyone! Great post, Jackie! I can just see you trying so hard to not look scared for your son. Such a sweet mom!

Here's one of my things I did for love. Long before I met my hubby, I was head over heels for a guy in college. And because I was young and crazy in love, I agreed to go skydiving with him. I think I secretly believed that he would be impressed by my willingness to die to make him happy. LOL I did mention crazy...right? Anyway, I was terrified but I admit, it was one of the most fabulously exciting things I've ever done in my life. We broke up not long after (my willingness to die for him had no affect) but if it had been possible--I was also young and poor and couldn't afford to pay for the dives--I would have continued. Though he broke my heart, I'll always be glad I knew him because of that.

My go-to funny authors are Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Kristen Higgans. They always make me laugh out loud.

Have a great week all! Thanks again, Jackie, for a fabulous post!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hollie! Just read your comment. I'm thrilled you enjoyed RESCUE ME. Thanks so much for reading my books!

What an incredibly sweet thing to do for your hubby. Must take you forever to remove the seeds. Now that is true love! (:

Na said...

Beautiful pictures! I would like to go there and see all those sights.

One of my newest favorite suspense author is Sandra Brown. I've read a couple of books when the year started and really enjoyed them. "Lethal" has a lot of action and suspense. For comfort and fun, I recommend Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her stories are very heartwarming.

Jackie P said...


I haven't read any of hers. I will have to check her out. That is so sweet of you to do that for your hubby.

Jackie P said...


You crack me up! I would not have been that brave!!!

Jackie P said...


It is a beautiful place and was lots of fun. It is not to far from the Tenn. Aquarium also. Here is the link.

I will have to checkout Sandra Brown. :)

Elke said...

Hi Christy, Jackie and Everyone!

Christy, congratulations for the nomination of Sweet Justice . I`ll go voting right after blogging here. Good luck and I am thrilled that you plan on self publishing more LCR stories. Looking forward to it.

Jackie , great post and pictures.
I don´t like heights either. But when we visited an airshow ( my son was about three) and accidentally met a colleage of mine who offered us a flight in his cessna, I agreed to the flight because my son and hubby were quite excited about it ( I was not and would have preferred to stay safely on the ground). But they loved it especially when we flew right over the place where we lived.

My go to fun books to read are all of Jill Shalvis books and - for a good laugh every day - her daily blog.

Have a great week everyone!

Crystal said...

Hey everyone! I am dashing in quickly! My life is a bit crazy at the moment, but just remembered it's Monday and had to stop what I was doing to come comment.
Jackie!! Great post!! I love the pictures those are amazing! I am impressed with the things moms do to get that perfect "awe" look from our kids.
I can't think of anything real good that I've done that I didn't want to do for love, but I remember putting some guys through some amazing trials. When I went sky diving my best friends "new" boyfriend was scared to death of flying and heights in general. He tried talking us out of going the entire drive. Luckily he jumped and survived to tell the tale and ended up marrying my friend. So I guess we didn't scare him to bad.
I have a few funny books, but my absolute favorite go to funny is Linda Howard's Cover of Night. It isn't a funny book, but the heroin has twin boys and they kept me in stitches through out the book.

Christy good luck this week! I'm hoping that Aiden gets the first shot at getting his story told! **Crossing my fingers** lol
Okay I've got to get back to my craziness. Have a great week everyone!!

Jackie P said...


We have alot in common.. LOL :)

Jackie P said...


You, are another brave girl. Oh, and that guy too.
Linda Howard is another author that can have me laughing too.

KC said...

Congrats Christy, thats awesome.

Go to funny books for me are:
Jill Shalvis 'Animal' series and "Lucky Harbor'. I also really like Robin Kaye.

So recommends for me this week. I read a few by Christine Feehan Wild Fire and Savage Nature, these were a first for me by Feehan, I liked them. Also read Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr, it was .99 cents for ebook. I really love her books. Also read Against the Night by Kat Martin, I think this is my favorite in this series so far.

Have a great Monday!

KC said...

Congrats Christy, thats awesome.

Go to funny books for me are:
Jill Shalvis 'Animal' series and "Lucky Harbor'. I also really like Robin Kaye.

So recommends for me this week. I read a few by Christine Feehan Wild Fire and Savage Nature, these were a first for me by Feehan, I liked them. Also read Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr, it was .99 cents for ebook. I really love her books. Also read Against the Night by Kat Martin, I think this is my favorite in this series so far.

Have a great Monday!

Jackie P said...


I love Shalvis' Animal series too! I am adding Kat Martin's book now to my list.

KC said...

I almost forget! I also read Yours to keep by Shaanon Stacey. Its the third book in the series. If you haven't read these books they are a MUST! I loved all of them, and can't wait for the next book. (Out in the fall I think).

Anonymous said...


I love Shannon Stacey too. If you have an e-reader or don't mind reading off the computer, you can get her 3rd book now.

Jackie P

Marta said...

Hi Christy, Jackie...
The pictures are absolutely beautiful.
You must of really been in love. There's no amount of love that would get me to sky dive. I am terrified of heights!! I can barely look down from a 2nd story. For me there would have to be another way on the ground to let him know how much i love him. Love your LCR novels. Can't wait to read your Sweet series!!

Take care

Anonymous said...


Your in the club with Elke and I about the heights.

Christy's "Sweet Series" is AWESOME

Jackie P

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your post Jackie. Looks like a lot of wonderful memories were made.

Christy, congratulations for the nomination. How exciting!!

Really love love love "See Jane Score". I loaned it out to a friend to read a couple months ago & it needs to be returned so I can read again. I'm going to have to check out the "Rock Chick series" everyone's talking about!!

Stacy P.

Anonymous said...


The Rock Chick series is a hoot!

Jackie P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Sweet Justice nomination Christy.
My sister Jacie used to take my kids places that they have never forgotten. My son still remembers going crabbing with Aunt Jacie on Wednesday afternoons after school. Both kids now realize how much they learnt having fun with her.
I love my baby sister!

Anonymous said...

I love you too, Mary. :)

Jackie P

Jackie P said...

And the winner is Marta!!!!!!
If you will e-mail Christy at your address, your book will be headed your way!

Thanks everyone for commenting. Check back next Monday for more recommends and to see what Christy has been up to.

Christy Reece said...

Congrats, Marta!

Thank you, Jackie, for your great blog post! Such fun! And thanks to all commenters for your recommendations!

I'll hop back on later this week and give you the link to Friday's Romance University post. I'm giving away a couple of LCR books, too!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!

Mary G said...

I'm late again - sorry! Congrats Christy & I'm looking forward to your RU post

Mary G said...

Great Post Jackie!!Pictures were awesome. My go to books for humor -anything by Julie James, Jill Shalvis and Robin Kaye.

Anonymous said...

It's alright Mary G. your here with your awesome reads! :)

It was a fun trip Mary.

Jackie P