Monday, March 12, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

I'm so thrilled to be home, I'd be doing somersaults if I could. (Hate to start the week with a broken bone!) I had an excellent trip, learned more than I ever anticipated and ate much more than I should have. All and all, a successful, enjoyable, worthwhile experience but I am so glad to get back to a normal routine.

How was your week and weekend? Do anything fabulously fun? Read any great books? Tell us about them!

This week, in between writing, I hope to put all I learned at my meeting together in a plan for the future. Not only am I excited about my new series, but also all the opportunities ahead. Can't wait to put them in place and share them with you. It's such an exciting time for authors and readers these days!

I did read a book last week that I anticipated recommending today. The first half was exactly the kind of book I love and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Then, the story went in a direction I didn't anticipate or enjoy. That means no recommend for me. I think I may have to do a reread of a Judith McNaught or Linda Howard book to get me back on track. Do you ever do that?

We're still in the midst of taking care of our rescued fur-kids. Andy is now home. Suzie is coming home today and Tula will be home on Friday. Armani, the puppy, is happily in her forever home with one of the lovely Vet Techs at the animal hospital. So happy these wonderful creatures are out of danger!

Okay, that's it for me. I need more coffee and then I'm getting to work. Can't wait to see what you're recommending this week. And next Monday, one of our regular contributors on Recommend Monday, the lovely and talented Jackie Prince, will be guest blogging about books that make you laugh. Anticipate a lot of fun with this post!

Have a great week everyone. Now, tell us what great books we should be reading!


Gail Nichols said...

Hi Ms.Reece,
I am reading 2 wonderful books right now one is on my kindle called "Sweet Dreams" by Kristen Ashley and one is an actuual book called "Stud" by Cheryl Brooks and I just finished a book called "Blood Law" by Karin Tabke all books I just couldn't put down. As for movies,I am about to see the new "Footloose" out on DVD I hope it's as good as the original:)I hope you have a great week.

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone. We had an exciting weekend. My 14 year old son was awarded his black belt in karate. It is a very big deal in our house, and we celebrated pretty much all weekend :)

I have a few recommends. I started the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley. These are written in first person, so if you don't like first person, these aren't for you. But, I am loving them. Great alpha males and funny characters. I am on book 3 now.

I also read Fragile and Broken by Shiloh Walker, a recommend from Aly. And I loved them both, although, Broken won in the hot brother department.

I finished off the weekend reading another Karen Rose. This time it was You Can't Hide. Her books are wonderfully creepy and sexy.

Glad you made it home and had a great time Christy.

Alison said...

Welcome home Christy!

This past week I read and really enjoyed Kat Martin's Against the Night, Jaci Burton's Taking a Shot and Marie Force's Hoping for Love.

I'm almost finished with Jami Alden's Run from Fear and loving it.

Have a good week everyone!

krisgils33 said...

Glad to hear you had a great time in NYC, Christy!

A busy weekend for me as usual. I was able to have some girl time Sat night and that was lots of fun. My daughter had a long dance rehearsal yesterday up in Baltimore, but I had planned appropriately and ended up getting alot of errands done that I was in desperate need of!

Last week, I read the new Kat Martin, Against the Night which I thoroughly enjoyed and The Departed by Shiloh Walker. Loved that one too! I'm now getting caught up with Kaylea Cross and just started No Turning Back after reading Cover of Darkness. Good stuff!

oklanannie said...

Hi everyone! Glad you had a great time in NYC and made it home safely after your trip. It's always fun to travel but I'm always ready to return home.

I joined another Goodreads buddy-read this month. "Outlander" by Gabaldon has given me fits for years. I'm happy to report that after three previous tries, I successfully finished on my fourth go round with the help of some really delightful readers who kept me challenged as they cheered me on. While I can certainly appreciate the fact that the author is very talented and knowledgeable, this was a very difficult book for me from beginning to ending. Give me an LCR operative anytime over Jamie Fraser. Way too long and much too wordy. I guess it falls into that "diff'rnt strokes for diff'rnt folks" category. But I now can add it to my list of "been there-done that!"

I'm now reading "Sweet As Sin" by Inez Kelley. A really captivating book and so far I'm really liking everything about it.

Off to meet a friend for lunch and do a little shopping. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, Hi Everyone!
Sounds like you had a great time in N.Y. Christy, And do I get it right - the Reece household will soon have 5 fur kids ? Wow - we have but one dog and as i am alone during the week taking care of him is quite time consuming- I can´t imagine having five dogs.

Hope ,congratulations for your son getting his black belt in karate - I can imagine how proud you must be.

Like Ali I read and loved Kat Martins` "Against the Night" and "Hoping for Love" by Marie Force as well as "Run from Fear" by Jami Alden.

I also read Marie Force´s "Gorgia on my Mind" which I also enjoyed although I had mixed feelings about the breast cancer theme because my Mom had a mastectomy twice and that worry is always on the back of my mind.

Currently I am doing some rereads but I it seems I have to put Shiloh Walkers´other books on my TBR list.

Have a great week Everyone !

Crystal said...

I have no recommends. :( I am reading Karen Hawkins Scandal in Scotland. So far it is pretty good. I just haven't had a lot of mind space to devote to reading lately. lol
Christy when I've had a couple bad back to back reads I always pick up a comfort read to get me back into the swing of things.
I'm glad you made it home okay and the trip was a success.
Have a great week everyone!

KC said...

Happy Monday! I read Hoping for Love by Marie Force, Finished the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley (Wild Cat and Primal Bonds) they were cute/funny. I know I read more than this but can't think right now. Have a wonderful day!

Luci said...

Last weekend was a lazy one with horrible weather so thank God we had nothing planned. Next weekend is a long weekend so we are going for four days to our holiday home.

Slow reading year for me but i am going through a medieval romance perios and am reading The Wedding Vow by Jillian Hart. Read two good medievals by Claire Robyns too these past weeks - Betrayed and Th eDevil of Jedburgh.

Hope you have a great week!

Kara C said...

Hey Christy!
Glad you had such a great trip. I keep telling the boys I need a trip. Sadly, I've only gotten as far as Kroger so far. Hubby says I can take that trip weekly if I want. Sweetheart, isn't he? ;-)
I am reading a bit out of my norm too, Anne. I'm about halfway through the new Stephen King, 11/22/63. I am liking it so far, and I really like the voice of the narrator on the audiobook. I just finished an Amazon freebie called Gnome on the Range. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Very light, quick, and fun.
My older son performed in the finals of a songwriting competition on Saturday night and won! Very fun time.
To answer your question, Christy, I often head back to a comfort read when I run into bad luck with books. You have recommended a few that have become those books for me. :-)

Ronlyn said...

I'm late, which seems to be my norm any more, but I made it...and on Monday even! ;-) *waving madly*

I'm so thrilled you had an inspiring trip Christy and can't wait to hear all about it!

I read a couple books this week; one being TRUE CONFESSIONS by Rachel Gibson. I always enjoy her, so I was surprised to realize I'd somehow overlooked this one. It was great small town ID fun. The other was pretty "eh" so no rec from me.
And to answer your question: I DO go back and reread my favorites or comfort reads. I actually just had to replace my copy of Garwood's RANSOM because I've read it so much that it was falling apart. :-P
I spent the weekend hanging out with my guys Saturday and then in meetings on Sunday. I really could have used an additional day for weekend.
Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Christy Reece said...

Hi everyone! Taking a brief break to say hey! Sorry I'm so late again. I've been in a writing frenzy! Zach and Savannah are telling me more secrets than I anticipated. I'm loving these characters!

Wow, great recommends this week!

Gail, I've got Kristen Ashely on my list of new authors to try. Have heard so many wonderful things about her books.

Hope, congrats on your son's black belt. That is truly awesome! And Karen Rose is phenomenal, isn't she. Have you read I'm Watching You yet? It's my favorite.

Allison, all of those books sound great. I fear I'm so behind in Kat Martin's new series I'll never catch up. However, I do intend to start it soon.

Kris, I was in Baltimore briefly on Wednesday, but alas, just the airport (: I have Kaylea Cross on my 'to read' list as well!

Anne, I have had Outlander on my Kindle for at least a year. I keep meaning to read it but am always so daunted by the length, the first person narrative and the people who absolutely adore it. I think I'm afraid I won't enjoy it the way so many have. Your take on it is very interesting and I admire you for sticking with it to the end. Oh, I loved Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelly. It was one of my favorite books of 2011!

Okay, will be back later with more! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Elke, yes, 5 fur-kids. The fifth one, Tula, will be home tomorrow. She's the delicate one (the mama of the other two) and will require lots of TLC. We're trying to explain it to her rambunctious kids, but they're not the best listeners. LOL Yes, it does take lots of time. My poor hubby has taken on the brunt of their care while I write. He's lost several pounds and we've decided that they are about as good as any expensive exercise equipment and a whole lot more fun! (:

Hi Crystal, I totally understand about the lack of mind space to devote to reading. (: Comfort reads are a treasure, aren't they. Might be time for a Judith McNaught marathon soon!

Hi KC, great recommends! I'm very behind on Marie Force's books. Her new series sounds so awesome! I have all her books on Kindle and need to have a Force marathon weekend! (:

Hi Luci, a 4 day weekend sounds like such fun. Hope you have a great time. And I do love a good medieval. Thanks for these recommends!

Hi Kara, I haven't read Stephen King in years but he used to be my 'go-to' author. I've heard about 11/22/63 and it sounds awesome. LOL A trip to Kroger is only fun if you're in the Kroger in Hawaii. Congratulations to your son on his songwriting win. That is so awesome. I can't wait to turn on the radio someday and hear his songs!

Hi Ronlyn, you know it's never too late to come over here! I read Ransom years ago but for some reason don't remember anything about it. Sounds like an opportunity for a reread for me! LOL I have worn out several of my comfort read books but can't let go of them to get new ones. There's something so comforting about ragged, yellow pages and teardrops intermingled with chocolate stains. (:

It's almost the weekend! Hope everyone has a fabulous one!