Monday, June 11, 2012

Recommend Monday and Some News!

Good Monday Everyone!

How was your weekend? Anything fun or exciting happen? Read anything fabulous or see a great movie? Here's your place to share!

I have some great news. MIDNIGHT SECRETS is now in the hands of my editor. Can't tell you how exciting it is to send Zach and Savannah on their way. I so love this book and these characters. Hopefully my publisher will too!

One thing I've struggled with in this new series is the name of the town. Since all the stories will take place there or close by, the town is a character on its own. Therefore it needed a name that depicted the right atmosphere. For months it was called Mimosa Springs, Alabama. And while that's pretty, it's a little too light and fluffy and just didn't have the right ambiance. Last week, I finally decided on the name. The first story takes place during summertime; here's a description of the town:

A small fictional town of about 1500 residents, about thirty-five miles west of Mobile, Alabama. Sweltering hot, lazy days and long, sultry nights. The air is thick and fragrant with the sweet scent of magnolia and mimosa trees in full bloom, along with wild honey suckle and wisteria that grows everywhere. Lots of water--rivers, lakes and sandy beaches. Ancient trees, heavily draped with gray moss, line the streets like giant, fierce centurions. The town is old south--think plantation homes with large, manicured lawns and wide streets. Residents include sexy, heroic men and strong, courageous women, along with liars, gossips, murderers and a multitude of secrets. 

The town is now called Midnight. So much more appropriate, don't you think?

Another bit of news--well, maybe more than a bit. Since this new series is so different from my LCR series, my publisher and I decided a new name would be in order. So the new series will be written under the name Ella Grace. How cool is that? A new website will be coming, along with new Facebook page, Twitter account. The whole shebang!

Christy Reece will write dark romantic suspense/action adventure books and Ella Grace will write steamy southern suspense. Double your reading fun! (:

As soon as the new website goes up, I'll be sure to let you know so you can check it out. Of course it'll be linked to so you'll be able to switch back and forth easily. And hopefully soon, I can show you the steamy HOT cover for MIDNIGHT SECRETS. Just be sure to have a fan and a cold drink close by!

Well, that's more than enough from me. This week I'm working on the outline for the second book in the Midnight series, along with writing more on an LCR novella. Plus, I'll be discussing the new website with my web designer, along with some major changes for Lots of exciting and fun stuff to do! However, I am anxious to get back into my reading mode and am looking to you to tell me what I should be reading. And if you have some movie recommends, I'd love to hear them, too.

Have a great week everyone!


Unknown said...

Big weekend here. My youngest is done with High School.. Though he will still have two more years before he gets his diploma (he is special needs) they still let him participate in the Grad ceremony. We saw Prometheus this weekend - very visually stunning movie. I am looking forward to reading again - between going to Lori Foster's get together and my folks being here I am way behind. I guess the one I am looking most forward to digging into is Erin McCarthy's Jacked Up. But LOTS of good books come out this month.

Crystal said...

Good morning Christy!
I love the new town name!! It does sound like it is the perfect fit for a small southern town full of dark secrets. Congratulations on getting Zach and Savannah in the hands of your editor. I think Ella Grace is a great southern name too.

We watched This Means War. I thought it was the perfect chick flick to make the hubby watch with me. There was action for him to watch and 2 sexy guys for me. lol

I read Sweet Release by Pamela Clare yesterday. I forgot I hadn't read this series by her. Of course it was a goon one.

Hope everyone has a good week!

KaKiJoKoJa said...

My favorite romantic series is Romantic series is Robyn Carr's Virgin River. Wonderful town, series, setting, great reads.

My favorite stand alone is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. WONDERFUL book!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Cindy! Congratulations to your youngest! Graduation ceremony is a wonderful milestone event. I'm sure there were lots of tears and picture taking. (:

Oh, Prometheus looks fabulous. I love those big blockbuster type movies with the stunning special effects. Just makes the popcorn taste all the better!

Thanks for the recommend. I don't think I've read Erin McCarthy before. Need to add her to my list.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal! Glad you like the name Midnight, Alabama. Think I'm going to have fun with it. I love the name Ella Grace too. It's funny, every time I hear that name, it's attached to babies or toddlers. LOL I may be the oldest living person with that name.

Oh, I want to see This Means War. That looked so good. I'm glad it's out on DVD now.

Isn't Sweet Release in the same series as Ride the Fire? I need to go back and read it. Ride the Fire was one of my all time favorite historical romances. Pamela writes amazing books!

Christy Reece said...

Hi ImzadiRose! I love the Virgin River series too. So fun and romantic. I'll have to look for The Night Circus. Not heard of that one. Thanks for the recommend.

Jackie P said...

Love the town name and your new name. It sounds like it is going to be something wonderful to read about.
For the life of me I can't remember everything I have read this week. I know we have seen "Act of Valor" and "One For The Money" that were pretty good.

Rachel Gibson's Rescue Me was good and I am finishing up Forged In Fire.

Sam said...

Lovely Monday morning to all!

Midnight is the perfect name for the new town. And Ella Grace,ahh, such a gentle, elegant name!

This past week I wrapped up the Fifty Shade Trilogy, and finished Kristen Ashley's Motorcycle Man.

My weekend included all emotions-loved ones living each day to the fullest and a most precious loved one passing on.

This week I want to open my book and be drawn in from the very first words. I want a series I can count on for suspense, romance, humor, the usual. A story that takes me away. I want to move on from this past week. Something to knock my socks off. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

oklanannie said...

Lots of great news from you, Christy/Ella!! So excited about the new series and "Midnight, Alabama" sounds just perfect for the sultry little town. I'll pack my bags and be ready for my trip to Midnight in 2013!! Just "liked" your new Ella Grace FB page and will look forward to all the updates.

I just finished a new-to-me-author, Julie Michele Gettys' book "Della" -- WOW - I'm calling it a novel with personality. Extremely entertaining and the characters cleverly developed. It's an older book that has been updated and re-released. I never caught it the first time around so new to me. Romance galore and suspense in the corporate world!

Also finished Karen Rose's "No One Left to Tell" and as usual, another of her high-octane suspenses. She did turn up the romance in this one and did a good job of it. Hope she continues in this area with her next one as well.

That's it from Okie land! Storms are on the horizon. I'm going to run a few errands before they hit.

Happy Reading everyone!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie! Thanks for the kind words. I'm hoping you guys love the new direction but will hang on to loving Christy Reece's dark romantic suspense and the LCR series, too. (:

Oh, those are 2 more movies I'm dying to see! I think I need a whole week to just concentrate on all the movies I've missed this year!

Thanks for the recommends!

Hope said...

I love the pen name...very southern :)

Last week my baby graduated from the 8th grade. Makes me feel so old to have a child in high school and to know that I only have 4 short years before his wings are fully formed and off he will go.

I have several recommends this week. I am continuing on with my Kristen Ashley love fest and read Motorcycle Man (Tack's story) and am now on book 2 of her Burg series.

I read one that had been on my TBR pile forever, Irresistible Bachelor by JR Ward, LOVED IT, I have already downloaded the second in that series.

The Night is Mine by ML Buchman took me a while to get in to (like 100 pages) but I am glad I stuck with it. I ended up liking it in the end.

Finally, the novella by Pamela Clare, Skin Deep. Awesome as always.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Sam! Major (((hugs))) coming your way. Sounds like you had a tough week. And you've given us a great challenge. Okay Monday Recommenders! What books/series can you recommend that will hook Sam with the very first words, that includes suspense, romance and humor?

I'm going to recommend Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect. Definitely includes all three to the max, along with plenty of steam.

Sam, I hope this week is a good and restful one for you.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Anne! Thank you. Hope you all love Midnight, Alabama and all of her wonderful, quirky and evil characters!

Thanks for the recommend. Will definitely go hunt down Della. And I can't wait to get my hands on Karen Rose's new book!

Stay safe in the storms!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope! Thank you!

Congrats to your baby on graduating the 8th grade!

And thank you for all the fabulous recommends. Looks like you've had some great reads lately.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone!
Wow Christy - exciting news. Congrats for the new pen name - it sounds great and reading your description of that small town called Midnight makes me want to visit ("sexy, heroic men" - I don´t think there are any of those in the smalltown where I live, lol).

Last week I read another one of Joyce Lamgs books, "Caught in the Act" (loved it) and the sixth book in Marie Forces Gansett Island series " Season for Love" and loved to read about all the couples from the books before.

Hm, thinking hard about books for Sam that meet her requirements:
"Mr. Perfect" definitely fits and I think Linda Howards "Open Season" also meets the criteria.

Great on romance and humor are all of Jill Shalvis books and recently I really loved (and laughed a lot while reading it) "Deal with the Devil" by Diana Duncan .

Have a great week Everyone!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Thank you. I hope you love visiting Midnight, Alabama. LOL Those kinds of small towns are scarce here too. I've had a great time creating Midnight and other than the murderers, it would be a great place to live. (:

I've not heard of Joyce Lamb's Caught in the Act. Will definitely have to look for it. Love her books! And I'm way behind on Marie Force's books, but I will go ahead and get the 6th book in the series because she's one of my favorites, too!

Yes, Jill Shalvis's books would be a great recommend for Sam. Not had the chance to read Diana Duncan yet.

Thanks for the recommends!

Book Talk Romanc said...

Lots to write about today. Husband said I should start my own blog....thinking about it.

I am the director of our communities annual women's conference. All the churches in our little town participates so it can be a challenge. I spent last week writing my talk I am to give on Saturday morning. Today I tweaked it, at lunch dear Hubby said leave it along so I will :)

I did get to do some reading
I have read the "Instant" trilogy by Jill Shalvis. I really did enjoy them. I started on another series by Jo Roberson...The Watcher, The Avenger and The Traitor. I think they are a series guess I will find out. I started the first book Watcher.....all I can say if you want to relax and read this is not the book. If you like a nail biting what the heck was that book. There ya go. I am going to work on finishing it this week.
I have in the meantime started the book " Forged in Fire" by Trish McCallan.
Christy I am excited about the new name and book. Cannot wait for it to hit the kindle stands :)
Well can't think if much else. Have a wonderful week!!

KC said...

I downloaded the newest from Marie Force Season for love. It was really good. Under Fire by Catherine Mann, not sure if i recommended this last week or not, but it was pretty good.
I have been in a reading slump lately. hopefully I get some ideas today.

Christy- I like the new name. The supply of hot heroes is sadly lacking where I live. :) I think I'll need to visit Midnight soon.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Jeannie! You sound like one very busy lady. Hubbys can be helpful in the writing area, though I think I confuse mine a lot. (:

Best wishes for your conference and your speech on Saturday!

Wow, fabulous recommends! And thanks for the kind words on the new series. Can't wait till it hits Kindle stands too. (:

Alison said...

Hi Christy/Ella!

Love the new name! Can't wait to visit Midnight, Alamaba!

This past week I read and really enjoyed Elle Kennedy's Midnight Rescue. I also LOVED Jill Shalvis's Lucky In Love, one of my faves of the series!

Have a good week everyone!

Christy Reece said...

Hi KC! Hope you find a recommend here to get you out of your reading slump. Hate it when that happens.

LOL Yes, Midnight is full of gorgeous sexy men. Unfortunately people keep getting killed there too. Might have to put up a sign: WELCOME TO MIDNIGHT, ENJOY THE SCENERY BUT LEAVE BEFORE DARK. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alison! Thanks so much. Looking forward to you visiting Midnight. (:

I have Midnight Rescue on my Kindle and can't wait to get started on it. Looks so good.

Marta said...

Hi Christy,

I've had one of those non-stop week. My oldest did her confirmation, youngest her first communion also 5th grade graduation, my oldest turned 15 and we had a small party. I'm looking forward to my vacation time so I can read your "Sweet series". I've tortured myself long enough.

Congrats on getting Zach & Savannah on their way. You're such a tease on your blog. So much info yet not enough. Can't wait for the cover. Are you going to provide excerpts before the book is released? Pretty Please.......

Take care
Marta M

Christy Reece said...

Hi Marta! Oh wow, you had a busy week! You definitely deserve a great vacation. I hope the SWEET series is a great vacation read for you.

LOL I am a tease but I promise, I will deliver...soon! (:

Ronlyn said...

*waving hello*
I've been MIA for awhile, but wanted to pop in and wish you a very big congratulations on your new names...both yours and the towns.
No recs from me this week as I've been in a bit of a reading slump when I find the time to read. :-P
More soon,

Christy Reece said...

Hey Ronlyn! Thanks so much for the congrats on both names. Hope we can help you get out of your reading slump with some great recommends.

So glad you stopped by. We missed hearing from you!

Ella said...

I just discovered Laura Griffin's Tracers series! Finished the first book, Untraceable, on my lunch hour today. It was fantastic - very realistic characters who are tough and strong, and twists and turns all through the plot. Highly recommended.

I see Pamela Clare was already mentioned, but Sam - I'd say her contemporary series (the I-Team) has all those elements! Grabs you straight away and the dialogue is very funny too in places.

Christy, congrats on getting the book to your editor. Can't wait to read it... hope the editor is quick to get it to print!! Good new pen name too, but I am a little bias...

Christy Reece said...

Hi Ella! (Oh yes, I do love that name!) Laura Griffin is amazing! As is Pamela Clare's, both historical and I-Team series. I just finished her novella Skin Deep and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks for the congrats. Unfortunately everything moves kind of slow in publishing so it will be months before anything can be printed. However, I do hope to share some excerpts soon. (:

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