Monday, June 4, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your week and weekend? Anything exciting and fun? What about great books and/or great movies? If so, here's your place to give us the scoop and get the scoop, so please share!

My week and weekend was exhausting but good. Revising a manuscript can be such a joy or a major pain, depending upon which sentence I'm on. I love it when I come to a place and think, oh wow, this is really good. When did I write this? And then I'll go to the next page and want to kick myself for writing such crap. (:

However, I do love this book and my characters, so that's half the battle. To quote the fabulous Nora Roberts, "I can't fix a blank page." And believe me, there are no blank pages, so there's plenty to fix!

I have one week to go. My publisher gave me a few extra days on my deadline but I'd really love to get this baby in as early as possible. Therefore, Zach, Savannah and I are going to lock ourselves in a hotel room again and hunker down till it's done. Wish us luck!

Once I've sent MIDNIGHT SECRETS to my editor, I'll be sharing some information with you guys about the book and some changes that are coming...All good, I promise! Oh and if I can get permission, I'll share the cover. My, oh my, oh my, my, my! I'm so glad Zach Tanner turned out to be drool-worthy in the book because the cover is off the charts HOT! Seriously wondering how I can get a poster made of this cover. Colors are amazing and well the guy...LOL Okay, I'll stop talking about it and show you soon.

Even though I'm burning candles at both ends trying to polish this book up, I do have a recommendation for you. Last week, Love is Murder was released. It's an anthology of short stories written by some of the best romantic suspense authors today. I've only had the chance to read the first one, which is by Roxanne St. Claire--a Bullet Catcher's short story. I really enjoyed it!

Okay, it's a lovely rainy day here in Bama and I'm getting my chisel out to see if I can knock off a few pages of this book. The machete didn't work. In fact, I think I added about three pages from last week. Yikes!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Can't wait to see what you're recommending today!


jbiggar said...

Hi Christy, the new book is sounding great and I love posters, just sayin, lol. I read two great books this last week, the first was The Witness by Nora Roberts, I'm ashamed to say this was my first book of hers, oh my God, was it ever good! I'm now hooked. Secondly, I read one of my fav authors newest releases, Karina Bliss's Bring Him Home. This book brought tears to my eyes, a story of survival and second chances, truly great. I hope you have a wonderful week and don't give up on the poster idea! :)

krisgils33 said...

I'm at work and tired today. Spent the weekend at Lori Foster's RAGT and had a total blast! Met some amazing authors and connected with some amazing friends and book buddies. A good time was had by all. I didn't read a thing over the weekend!

Crystal said...

Good morning everyone!
Christy good luck with your revisions!! I can't wait to see this drool worthy cover. I agree with jbiggar a poster is a wonderful idea.

Last week I read two books by Karen Hawkins. A most Dangerous Profession and The Taming of a Scottish Princess. Both were good reads that I enjoyed.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

Good luck with your revisions. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the cover for Midnight Secrets!

I didn't read anything mind blowing this weekend, but right now I'm reading and loving Jill Shalvis's Lucky In Love.

Happy reading everyone!!

Jane said...

Happy Monday!

Rain, rain and more rain predicted in Northeast. Great reading weather.

I recommend Undertow, Riptide and Vortex by Cherry Adair. Fun romantic suspense.

Read Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis. Cute, fast read.

Also read The Sweet Gum Tree by
Katherine Allred. I liked the story but "SPOILER ALERT" it's in the first person. Can't say I'm a fan.

Happy reading week to all.

Linda said...

It is Monday already? For just having had a weekend off I feel like I have not had any time at all. Over the last week I read three books: Allison Brennan's Silenced, Cherry Adair's Vortex and Stella Cameron's Guilty Pleasure and have started Beautiful Sacrifices by Elizabeth Lowell. All are really good books. As for movies I have seen two in the last week as well.. decadent I know! Saw the Avengers (it was worth the 3D price) and Men in Black III. Really want to see Prometheus but that will have to wait for a bit as I am on call again this weekend.

KC said...

I read Hot Zone by Catherine Mann, He kills me, He kills me not by Lena Diaz and Slow summer kisses by Shannon Stacey.

Christy- Good luck on the revisions. Can't wait for the drool worthy cover.

Mary G said...

Yes that's so weird how we have no time to read at book conferences lol.

Great update on Zach Christy!

oklanannie said...

Had a huge thunderstorm roll through here in the wee hours of the morning. Three inches of rain in about 2 hours; power outages, and wind damage - - luckily on the other side of town from me! But scary just the same.

Read a new-to-me-author Lena Diaz and her book "He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not." A really good romantic suspense. It was a freebie on A really nice surprise read.

Another new-to-me-author Tammara Webber's latest release, "EASY". It's a YA novel with a powerful message regarding violence/rape on college campuses. The two lead characters are amazing. Highly recommend.

I can't wait to get my hands on Karen Rose's "No One Left to Tell" which releases tomorrow!!

Happy Reading!

Tara said...

HI Christy! Long time no post, but I have been reading the recommends during my travels.

So excited about your new book, can't wait!

I read Karen Robards, Sleepwalker and enjoyed it. Just starting Hush by Cherry Adair, so far so good.

Kris, so jealous, I have always wanted to attend Lori Foster's RAGT, glad you had a blast!

Anne, thanks for the reminder about the Karen Rose, I had forgotten it comes out tomorrow.

Happy summer reading everyone!

Ali Jane said...

Hi Christy, exciting news about the next book... I've finished ALL the LCR books now and can't wait for more! I hope some of the other intriguing characters like Aidan Thorne get a chance to shine...

@jbiggar, I'm reading The Witness currently! I've read nearly all Nora Roberts' suspense books (not keen on the paranormal/historical ones though) and am very much enjoying it. If you want to read more, I'd recommend Private Lives, Homeport and Carolina Moon - my three favourites. I don't know how she does it every year. All the stories are so very different...!